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Case Study No. 0768: Danielle Adams

Librarian Danielle goes skydiving on 7/31/2010
I did it! I jumped out of a plane. And I had a blast doing it. However, when you watch this video, remember I was VERY nervous, so I smiled once and then it just stuck on my face (yes, Mom, a face CAN freeze like that, it just takes gut-wrenching terror to do so).

Thanks to Phil Roberson, a staff videographer at Skydive Pepperell for taking this video!
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Skydive Pepperell Presents
Danielle's Skydive

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[scene opens (on the ground) at the Skydive Pepperell facility in Massachusetts, as the camera zooms in on the day's list of jumpers ("82. Harris Dinga, 83. Danielle Adams, 84. Salo Lopez ... ")]
[cut to a young female librarian being fitted with a parachute]
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Hey Danielle, what're you about to do?
DANIELLE: I'm about to jump out of a friggin' plane!
[she laughs]
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Jump out of a plane?
DANIELLE: Yeah ...
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] What're you, crazy?
DANIELLE: A little bit ...
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Then you'll fit right in around here, alright?
[he high fives her]
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Good god, what gave you this wild idea?
DANIELLE: I don't know, just--
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Just time to do it, huh?
DANIELLE: Just time to do it ...
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Alright, and you picked a great day for it, right?
DANIELLE: Beautiful!
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Good! You a little excited?
DANIELLE: Little bit ...
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Little scared?
DANIELLE: A lot scared!
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Cool!
[she laughs]
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] I'll see you on the plane, see you in the air!
[cut to footage of Danielle boarding the plane and waving to the camera, then cut to inside the plane as it takes off]
[cut to footage of Danielle getting some last-minute instructions from her tandem jumper]
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Hey Danielle, you're at seven thousand feet! Only a few thousand more to go ... How ya feelin', girl?
DANIELLE: Scared spitless!
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Yeah well, that's kinda normal I think, right?
DANIELLE: Yeah ...
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] But you got Keith on your back to cover things for ya!
[she gives him a thumbs up]
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] So you stay close to him and things will probably be alright ...
[she laughs]
DANIELLE: I don't think we can get apart ...
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] No, not easily! So, you scared at all?
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] No, I was askin' Keith this time ...
[she laughs]
KEITH: Just a little bit ...
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Yeah.
KEITH: Kinda high up here ...
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Okay, well, you stay close to Danielle and she'll take care'a you, alright?
[he turns to Danielle]
KEITH: Alright, take care'a me, man!
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Good!
DANIELLE: Alright!
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] So I got one more question for the both of you ...
DANIELLE: Sure ...
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Are you ready to sky dive?
KEITH: Yeah!
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Woo hoo!
[cut to Keith and Danielle as they dive out of the plane, with Hoobastank's "Pieces" playing in the background]
["Let's see that again ... " appears on screen, then cut to a slow-motion replay of the jump, then the cameraman's parachute opens and he slows down]
PHIL: [from off camera] Right on, Danielle! Great skydive, girl, that was dynamite ...
[the cameraman lands (as P.O.D.'s "Alive" plays in the background), then Keith and Danielle make their landing]
PHIL: [from off camera] Right on, Danielle! How much fun was that, girl?
DANIELLE: The best!
PHIL: [from off camera] You did a great job up there ... Keith, you weren't so bad yourself!
KEITH: You got lucky on that one ...
PHIL: [from off camera] You mowed a little lawn on the way in though, didn't ya?
DANIELLE: A little bit.
PHIL: [from off camera] Good ... Hey Danielle, congratulations, welcome to skydiving!
[she gives a thumbs up]
PHIL: [from off camera] Whoo!

Skydive Pepperell

Video by Phil Roberson
Copyright 2010



Meet my wonderful sister-in-law, Laura. She is awesome, and one of the things I like about her is the advice she gives. One piece of advice that always comes back to my mind is "no regrets." Great advice to be sure, and it's certainly helped me during certain parts of my life. These last few days, I've been thinking about what it really means to live life with no regrets. Here are my thoughts:

Living with no regrets doesn't mean you lead a perfect life or that you won't make mistakes along the way. Making mistakes is part of being human. And there are always outside sources that will impact our vision for our perfect world. So part of living with no regrets is to be able to bring yourself back up when bad things happen--it's about being able to move on and set things right as much as you can. There are some things that are out of our control, so we can't harbor bad feelings that will prevent us from moving on and being happy. No regrets.

I also think part of living with no regrets means we have to be willing to take some risks. I'm not saying everyone should go skydiving or something like that (although, if you've always wanted to then go for it!). I'm thinking more along the lines of emotional risks--risks that won't kill you... Anyway, if those risks turn out poorly, then pull yourself back up again. Don't let hurt feelings stand in your way of moving on and doing bigger and better things.

Sometimes I wonder if I make sense... But there you have it. A brief overview of my thoughts.

Have a wonderful day!

Danielle Adams has been an employee of Harvard College Library since 2005, most recently as technical services librarian for the Lamont Unit of Cataloging Support Services. She holds a BA in English Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, and an MSLIS from Simmons.

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