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Case Study No. 0766: "Eager Librarians"

Eager Librarians 5 FINAL sound and score YouTube sharing
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[scene opens with two male librarians standing behind the main desk at Yale University Library, talking to an unseen patron]
LIBRARIAN 1: Okay, um, Charles Lindbergh ...
LIBRARIAN 2: Oh, childhood.
LIBRARIAN 1: Growing up in Missouri.
LIBRARIAN 2: Didn't he learn how to fly in Nebraska?
LIBRARIAN 1: Airmail service?
LIBRARIAN 2: Spirit of Saint Louis?
[they both look at each other and smile]
[cut to a shot in front of the desk, which reveals that the patron is a little girl]
LIBRARIAN 1: Well, you're going to need Burgh ...
[the first librarian takes a book and puts it on the desk]
LIBRARIAN 1: Joyce Milton ...
[he puts down another book]
LIBRARIAN 1: Brendan Gill!
[he puts down another book]
LIBRARIAN 2: Of course!
LIBRARIAN 1: And you're going to need a bibliography ...
[cut to a shot of the little girl nodding, as the two librarians converse with each other]
LIBRARIAN 2: Oh, and we've got all the papers down there in Manuscripts and Archives ...
LIBRARIAN 1: Yeah, and should we talk to Judy Schiff?
[the second librarian chuckles to himself]
LIBRARIAN 2: Oh, I love Judy Schiff ...
LIBRARIAN 1: Plus all of the stuff in the Beinecke ...
LIBRARIAN 2: Mmm-hmm!
[they both turn to the little girl, who is smiling]
LIBRARIAN 1: So, uh, is that enough to get you started?
LITTLE GIRL: Thank you!
[she runs off, as her father reaches over and takes the books]
FATHER: Thanks, it's her first book report. She just loves airplanes.
[they both give him a nervous smile, as he walks off and joins his daughter walking through the library]
ANNOUNCER: Any excuse to help a member of the Yale community.
[the screen fades to black, as the Yale University Library logo appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: The eager librarians at the Yale University Library.
["inform" appears on screen]



Yale Library Development Campaign Commercials - "Eager Librarians"
Xander Dominitz, Director/Producer
Bob DeVito, Co-Producer/Stills Photographer

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