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Case Study No. 0783: Lisa M. Stasse

Part-Time Librarian, Full-Time Novelist
Lisa M. Stasse has wrapped her life around the creation and digitalization of books because of her love for reading. In addition to being a librarian at the Digital Media department of Powell Library, Stasse has had her first young adult novel, "The Forsaken," published this past summer. Sit down and hear about how inspiration became a reality for Lisa by clicking the video above.
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["Daily Bruin Video" appears on screen, as the scene opens with Lisa M. Stasse ("Librarian for Digital Media Collections") speaking directly to the camera]
LISA: I am a reader. I would say that comes first, and one subset of that is the love of books, and another is like the creation of books.
["Lisa Stasse is not only a librarian" appears on screen, then cut to Lisa sitting at a table and signing copies of her book]
["She is also a novelist" appears on screen, then cut back to Lisa speaking directly to the camera]
LISA: I really didn't think I could finish something and, um ... so my husband was the one who was really urging me to go ahead and finish it. I wrote, like, sometimes just half a page, but I did sit down and write everyday.
[cut back to Lisa signing copies of her book]
LISA: [in voice over] The main thing that I learned is just how much you can get done, if you do a little bit everyday.
[cut to Lisa speaking in front of a group of students in the UCLA Library]
LISA: [in voice over] "The Forsaken" is young adult. Um, I think that it's one genre in literature that's really vibrant. It started actually with an image. Um, it was a dream I was having, and I ... it was a nightmare. I woke up, I was terrified!
[she laughs]
LISA: [in voice over] "What crazy stuff am I dreaming now? Where did that come from?" Then I was like, "Ooh, that's a kind of a good image, like this, y'know, woman running in this sort of wild jungle and these black-robed figures coming after her. And then later that week, I was talking to a friend of mine whose younger sister was getting ready to take the SAT.
[cut back to Lisa speaking directly to the camera]
LISA: So I was like, "Oh, what if I, like, really made it like extremely scary? If you like failed the SAT, you got kicked outta society and your whole life was over!"
[cut back to Lisa signing copies of her book]
LISA: [in voice over] Um, and so that's how those two things sort of ... they got sandwiched together and that's where I started from.
[cut back to Lisa speaking directly to the camera]
LISA: Working here has been pivotal to my even writing anything at all. I mean, I think I'm really lucky because I work in the library, and so the library has been very excited to have somebody who writes books as well as loves books.
[cut back to Lisa speaking in the UCLA Library]
LISA: [in voice over] I write in the morning before I come into work, and I think in some ways, knowing that I don't have to sit there all day and write, helps me to write better ...
[cut back to Lisa speaking directly to the camera]
LISA: Or enjoy it more, or just continue to do it.

Video by Hannah Jacobs
(c) Daily Bruin Video 2012
video [at] media dot ucla dot edu


From lisamstasse.com:

Lisa M. Stasse was born in New York, and has since lived in Spain, Russia, Hawaii, and North Carolina. She graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Government and English lit, and is currently a digital librarian at UCLA. Lisa loves watching science fiction movies, cooking Spanish food, and dancing around her house to 80's music. She lives in Santa Monica, California with her husband and their two-year-old daughter. All three of them are learning how to surf. Say hi at lmstasse[at]yahoo[dot]com.

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