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Case Study No. 0765: Lutanus

SplitPlaythru: Atelier Iris 2 - The Azoth of Destiny (010) Viese deciphers the secret of Share ring; Viese: 'N-no! You got it all wrong!'
This is a playthru for US version of the game. Atelier Iris 2 The Azoth of Destiny split infinity splitinfinity splitplaythru walkthrough babes
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[Viese speaks with the Mana Spirt of Water in the city of Noir]
NYMPH: If you need to research something, check the library. But only alchemists can use it whenever they want.
[she makes her way to Eden Temple and enters the main hallway]
KREUZ: Hello, Viese. The library is the first door to the left when you enter.
[she tries to open the door to the library]
VIESE: Huh? It's locked ... ? What am I going to do now?
SIREN: You wanna enter the library? Then, you should ask Lutanus.
KREUZ: Lutanus is in charge of the library. She just went shopping in Noir.
[she heads back to Noir, where she sees Lutanus exiting a store]
VIESE: Oh, Lutanus!
LUTANUS: Hi Viese, may I help you?
VIESE: I wanted to go to the library, but the door was locked ...
LUTANUS: Oh, I'm sorry. Here, please take this.
["Received 'Library Pass'!" appears on screen]
LUTANUS: Study hard.
VIESE: Thank you, I will.
[Lutanus leaves, so Viese heads back to Eden Temple and walks up to the library door]
VIESE: It opened.
[she enters the library, and walks towards a bookshelf]
VIESE: Hmm, I know it's around here somewhere ... Aha, here it is!
[Lutanus enters the library]
LUTANUS: Viese, did you find the book you were looking for?
VIESE: Yes, I did. Thank you. Um, do you mind if I borrow this for a while?
LUTANUS: Let's see, a book on ancient writing ... Sure. Oh, and feel free to stop by the library anytime you want.
VIESE: Really?
LUTANUS: Full fledged alchemists are allowed to read anything they want to. And, I'm always here, so you can ask me about anything.
["Received 'Petroglyph Manual'!" appears on screen]
LUTANUS: Now that you're a full fledged alchemist, I have some advice for you. You already know that you need a "Recipe" to make items, right?
VIESE: Right. The process of Synthesizing items is always written down.
LUTANUS: That's correct. Therefore, the number of "Recipes" an alchemist has is very important. You may find some surprising items to use as materials during Synthesis. Remember to look for new "Recipes." They are very important.
["Getting 'Recipes' is a key part of advancing the story. Be careful and don't overlook anything!" appears on screen]
VIESE: I understand! Thank you, Lutanus.
LUTANUS: Good luck, Viese.
VIESE: Now, back to the workshop.
[before leaving, the player talks to Lutanus again]
LUTANUS: Feel free to look at the books.
[she stops at one of the bookshelves]
VIESE: [reading] "If you apply a property review to the item you want to create, its power will double.
[she goes to another shelf]
VIESE: [reading] "Rearranging materials to add specific property reviews."
[she goes to another shelf]
VIESE: [reading] "Elementary Synthesis. Experimenting with Synthesis may result in new items."
[she goes to another shelf]
VIESE: "The most common elements in Mana Synthesis are Wood, Water, Fire and Metal. Don't waste them. You should always have plenty of these common elements."
[she heads for the door at the back of the library]
VIESE: Huh? It won't open. It must be locked.
[she walks back to Lutanus]
LUTANUS: How is the Synthesis going, Viese? The important thing is that you try your best.



Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny, released in Japan as Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana 2, is a console role-playing game developed by Japanese developer Gust for the PlayStation 2. The game was released in Japan on May 26, 2005 and in North America on April 25, 2006.

Felt and Viese, alchemists-in-training living on the floating continent of Eden, are the main characters of the game. The game begins with Viese becoming a full-fledged alchemist. She proceeds home to tell Felt the news, but he is nowhere to be found. After finding Felt at the Belkhyde Gate, a sealed gateway to another world, they go to a forest so that Viese can make a pact with one of the Elemental spirits living there. Along the way, they came across the Azure Azoth, a sword placed in Eden in ancient times by an unknown force. No one has ever been able to pull the sword from its resting place, although Felt tries daily. After making the pact with the spirit, Eden starts to shake. Throughout the entire island, holy grounds of the Elemental spirits disappear. Felt and Viese decide to head to the Mana Temple and report the damage; however, before they can get there, Felt hears a strange voice calling him from the Azure Azoth. Felt tries to pull the sword out once more and succeeds.

Supporting characters in the game include Kreuz, the head of the Eden Temple (He is the one who certified Viese as an alchemist. He later allows Viese into the inner library.) and Lutanus, a wise Darkness Mana who maintains the Eden Temple library (Viese and other alchemists often turn to her for advice. She has an obsession with finding the origin of Mana and Lilith. It is also said she can get quite angry if you interrupt her reading.).



Lutanus is a Darkness Mana who tends to the Eden Temple library. She is obsessed with finding the roots and origins of Mana and their mother, Lilith.



Exit the house, and make your way to Eden Temple. Try to open the door on the left, but it will be locked. Talk to Kreuz, and he will say that Lutanus has the key, but she went shopping in Noir. Go back to Noir, and approach the first door on the left.

Lutanus will appear and give you the Library Pass. Go back to the Temple and open the door. Examine the shelf to get the Petroglyph Manual, then leave the library and head back to the workshop in Noir. View the scene, then leave the town.


The scene will switch to Viese now. Lutanus will come in and say that Kreuz wishes to see Viese as there is new information about the Azoth. Go to Eden Temple and talk to Kreuz, and he will unlock the door in the library for you.

Open the chest and Viese will make a pact with Faustus, the Dream Mana. Climb up one floor and examine the shelves here, then climb up to the top floor and examine the book to learn the recipe for Grappling Hook.

Return to the workshop, and Viese will study the book from the library. Soon, you will get the recipe for Viese Charm. Synthesize the Grappling Hook, then use your elements and make some more.



Viese decided that she needed to find something more she could do for Felt.

VIESE: Oh, sorry ... Felt's mission is a constant battle ... We'd never know if he failed. I know he's doing it to save Eden, but ...
IRIS: Are you worried about brother Felt?
VIESE: Huh? I guess I am worried ... Come in!

Lutanus the librarian came by her house with a message from Kreuz.

LUTANUS: Hello Viese.
VIESE: Oh, Lutanus. What brings you here?
LUTANUS: Well ... I'm here to deliver a message from Kreuz. There is new information regarding the Azoth. Please stop by the Eden Temple when you get a chance.
VIESE: New information?
LUTANUS: Yes. Please excuse me, I have other business to attend to.
VIESE: New information about the Azoth ... This new information may help Felt. Okay. I can worry about Felt later. I hope he returns to Eden safely ... I will do whatever I can to help him do that.
IRIS: I'll help too.
VIESE: Great. Then we should go to the temple together.
IRIS: Yay!


KREUZ: Viese, you came. Huh? Who is this?
VIESE: Oh, her name is Iris. She's been staying at my house for awhile now ... You hadn't heard about her?
KREUZ: No, I haven't heard anything about her. So, her name is Iris ...
IRIS: ...
KREUZ: Oh, I'm sorry. Did I scare her?
VIESE: Oh, no. She's just shy ... Anyway, I heard you had new information about the Azoth ...
KREUZ: Oh, yes. Please come with me.

Kreuz led her to the library, where a locked door had previous barred her way.

KREUZ: Normally, I am the only person allowed to enter this room ... But, these are special times.
VIESE: What is this place?!
KREUZ: This is a secret library that contains alchemy techniques of the highest level. What I wish to show you lies at the deepest part of the library.

And down in the library's depths there was indeed a book about the Azoths.

KREUZ: This is the back.
VIESE: "Master Alchemists of the Slaith Era" ...
KREUZ: It begins on this page ... "Palaxius is considered by many to be the greatest alchemist who ever lived. But, the greatest alchemist isn't necessarily the most skilled at alchemy. The most skilled at alchemy is none other than his apprentice, Elusmus. With these two masters working together, alchemy advanced faster than any other time in history. However, the Azoths that they created ended that prosperity in an instant. Palaxius created the 'Crimson Azoth.' And Elusmus created the 'Azure Azoth.' The Crimson Azoth decimated an entire region, resulting in Lake Midgard's creation. A winter-like hardship followed this tragedy of alchemy."
VIESE: Palaxius and Elusmus ...
KREUZ: I know a little about Palaxius. He's a master alchemist with many accomplishments to his name. But ...
KREUZ: They say that he was very dangerous, and would do anything to attain his goals ... This "Crimson Azoth." It's very likely that it was born from his own insanity.
VIESE: ...

With that, Kreuz left Viese with access to the library, hoping it might help her help Felt.

KREUZ: Viese, I shall allow you to have full access to this library.
VIESE: Are you sure?
KREUZ: If Felt's report is correct ... then he may be facing an extraordinary enemy. You are the only one who can help him.
VIESE: I understand. Thank you.
KREUZ: Well, I'm going back upstairs.

There was an odd chest nearby.

VIESE: I wonder what's inside this treasure chest.

But its contents were even stranger than its existence at all in such a place.

FAUSTUS: Ahhhh! I'm finally free!
VIESE: Who are you?
FAUSTUS: I am Faustus, the Dream Mana. We were playing hide and seek when I got stuck in that box. You're a real lifesaver!
IRIS: Your tail is too long for your body.
FAUSTUS: Yes, I know.
VIESE: ...
FAUSTUS: Oh, I know. Miss Alchemist, will you make a pact with me?
VIESE: Are you sure?
FAUSTUS: Absolutely. I can't risk getting stuck in that box again. And, hide and seek is all we play. Please ...
VIESE: Mana, the father of power ... the mother of life ... The source of all nature. I, Viese Blanchimont, have pledged to uphold the sacred tenets of Lilith. In honor of that pledge, I have come to form a pact with Faustus, the Dream Mana!
SYSTEM MESSAGE: Received the mark of the Dream Mana, the "Dream Gem!"
FAUSTUS: Dreams are a part of the human condition. My power lies within them.

Viese also found a book on a material most rare, Hexi Glass.

VIESE: What is this? "A Study of Hexi Glass Crystal"? "The Hexi Glass Crystal is made naturally through the build up of air. It is a rare crystal that can only be found at the top of windy hills. Hexi Glass improves a body's reaction time." Hmmm, Hexi Glass improves reaction time ... This could be useful! I'll borrow this book, too.

And there was also a suspiciously timely book that explained how to produce a very useful, indeed vital item indeed.

VIESE: "Alchemic History," huh. It looks like this book has some useful recipes written inside it ... I better check it out.
SYSTEM MESSAGE: Received "Alchemic History!" You now have the recipe for "Grappling Hook!"

Upstairs, Lutanus was reading at work yet again.

VIESE: Ha, you're reading books at work again.
LUTANUS: Yes. I still have a lot of books to catch up on.
VIESE: Have you learned anything new since last time?
LUTANUS: About Mana? No, not really. Some books say that Mana came before humans ... But I just don't know. And I might not even find what I'm looking for after reading every book here ... After all, it's humans who wrote the books.
VIESE: Yeah, you may be right.
LUTANUS: But, I'm not going to give up. Even after I've read every book. It doesn't take a Creation Mana to want to know everything about the past. Mana live much longer than humans ... But even we will be gone someday. By that time, I'd like to know all about Mana and this world ... And write it all down in a book somewhere.
VIESE: That's a wonderful goal ... I hope you achieve it.

Viese and Iris had finished their business at the temple, and prepared to head home.

VIESE: Now that we have some new recipes, do you want to go back to the workshop?
IRIS: Yes.

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