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Case Study No. 0774: Molly McGrew

Wild About Books (Unabridged) Audio Book
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Librarian Molly McGrew introduces birds and beasts to this new something called reading....
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It started the summer of 2002,
When the Springfield librarian, Molly McGrew,
By mistake drove her bookmobile into the zoo.

Molly opened the door, and she let down the stair,
Turned on the computer, and sat in her chair.

At first all the animals watched from a distance.
But Molly could conquer the strongest resistance.

By reading aloud from the good Dr. Seuss,
She quickly attracted a mink and a moose

A wombat, an oryx, a lemur, a lynx,
Eight elephant calves, and a family of skinks.



"Wild About Books" by Judy Sierra and Marc Brown
Release Date: August 10, 2004 | Age Level: 3 and up | Grade Level: P and up

"It started the summer of 2002, when the Springfield librarian, Molly McGrew, by mistake drove her bookmobile into the zoo."

In this rollicking rhymed story, Molly introduces birds and beasts to this new something called reading. She finds the perfect book for every animal - tall books for giraffes, tiny ones for crickets. "She even found waterproof books for the otter, who never went swimming without Harry Potter." In no time at all, Molly has them "forsaking their niches, their nests, and their nooks," going "wild, simply wild, about wonderful books." Judy Sierra's funny animal tale coupled with Marc Brown's lush, fanciful paintings will have the same effect on young Homo sapiens. Altogether, it's more fun than a barrel of monkeys!



If you're looking for a book that's going to make your kids giggle, Friday's Early Readers Club is for you.

Children's author Judy Sierra is well-known for her funny retellings of folktales. Her newest work, "Wild About Books," is an improbable story about zoo animals learning to read. It hit store shelves last week, and Sierra visits The Early Show to talk about it.

"Wild About Books" tells what happens when a local librarian drives her bookmobile to the zoo. The picture book is dedicated to Dr. Seuss and her rhyming prose is reminiscent of his work.

"More kids learn to read because they love Dr. Seuss' stories than because they study flashcards," Sierra pointed out.

The book takes inspiration from Dr. Seuss in more ways than one:

* The hero of Dr. Suess' "If I Ran the Zoo" was named Mr. McGrew. The librarian in Sierra's book is Molly McGrew.

* Dr. Suess grew up in Springfield, Mass. Sierra's book takes place in a town called Springfield.

* Dr. Suess did his first drawings at the local zoo; Sierra's book is all about the zoo.

But in the end, the book is really an homage to librarians and others who get kids interested in reading. Sierra's main goal was simple: "Tell a really improbable story that makes kids laugh."

The illustrations in "Wild About Books" also give kids reason to giggle. They are done by Marc Brown, the famous author/illustrator of the "Arthur" series. It is his first non-Arthur project in over 10 years.

It's aimed at kids ages 4 to 8.



As the zoo's residents eagerly descend on the bookmobile, their species-appropriate selections will elicit chuckles from kids: a monkey grabs for a banana cookbook, two crocodiles open Peter Pan to the page featuring the croc that swallows a clock, giraffes pore over "tall books" (devoted to basketball, redwood trees, skyscrapers) and hyenas read joke books. Sierra's cleverly rhymed verse includes many playful embellishments, such as "Raccoons read alone and baboons read in bunches./ And llamas read dramas while eating their llunches." The critters then become wild about writing as well and pen so many new books that the librarian enlists their help to build a library branch at the zoo. Packed with funny flourishes, Brown's atwork reflects a loose, free style; his bustling paintings capture this endearing menagerie's antics. A winning paean to reading and writing. Ages 4-8.

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