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Case Study No. 0773: Protectors of the Library of Infinity

Library of Infinity
"The Library of Infinity, containing all the knowledge of human experience.......the history of the entire cosmos! And now, it shall all be mine!"
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[scene opens in some unknown dimension, where the Library of Infinity is floating in the middle of space]
WOTAN: The Library of Infinity, containing all the knowledge of human experience. The history of the entire cosmos! And now, it shall all be mine!
[two giant statues standing in front of the library suddenly come to life, blocking his path]
WOTAN: Not even the Protectors can stand against the sorcery of Wotan!
[he shoots magic lightning bolts from his hands, destroying the Protectors ... however, before Wotan reaches the doorway, Doctor Fate and Batman appear from a portal]
DR. FATE: Sorry, but your library card's expired ...
WOTAN: Doctor Fate ... And I see you've brought a friend. How unfortunate, for both of you!
[he shoots a magic bolt that knocks both of them into the interior of the library]
DR. FATE: Wotan is unimaginably powerful. Even the helmet of Doctor Fate may not be enough to protect us from him.
BATMAN: It's not the helmet, Doc ... It's the man beneath it.
[Wotan uses his magic to create two "fire demons" out of the torches in the back of the library]
BATMAN: I'll deal with them! You take Wotan!
[he tries to explode the demons, but the various pieces just transform into even more demons ... so he runs around the library before eventually realizing that he can use the demon's own swords against them]
[cut to outside of the library, where Wotan is able to knock off Doctor Fate's helmet]
DR. FATE: Without your helmet, Fate, you are defenseless!
[Wotan laughs, but Fate just keeps punching him in the face until he goes down]
DR. FATE: I'd call those boxing lessons I got from Bats a pretty good defense ...
[Batman comes swinging into the scene]
BATMAN: Told you. It's not the helmet, it's the man.
[Fate takes his helmet and puts it back on]
DR. FATE: Maybe, but I prefer helmets to haymakers anyday!



Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: "The Eyes of Despero!"
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Library of Infinity exists in another dimension and does not the follow the normal laws of physics. The Library is said to contain all knowledge of the human experience and the history of the cosmos. The entrance is protected by two giant twin statues. The contents of the Library often make it a target for those seeking power. Wotan recently tried to enter only to be beaten by Dr. Fate.



"Batman: The Brave and the Bold"
Season 1, Episode 10
The Eyes of Despero!

The villain Wotan seeks out the Library of Infinity as it floats in limbo. Two gigantic guardian statues bar his path but he easily destroys them. However, Dr. Fate and Batman appear before him. Wotan smashes them into the laboratory and then summons fire demons. Batman takes them on while Dr. Fate engages Wotan. Using explosives, Batman shatters them apart but they only reform into more demons that overwhelm him. Batman tries to hold them off and finally grabs one of their own swords and uses it against them.

Outside, Wotan has bond Dr. Fate in mystical chains. The hero teleports away but Wotan matches him and knocks away the Helm of Nabu, the source of Dr. Fate's powers... until Dr. Fate punches him repeatedly.

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