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Case Study No. 0790: "Hitchcock"

LibVid Tweets
The LibVid Awards' very first tweet.
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[scene opens with a closeup of the unseen male librarian's computer screen, on the webpage "Edit Post - The LibVid Awards" (libvidawards dot wordpress dot com slash wp-admin slash post dot php?action=edit&post=134)]
HITCHCOCK: Hi, everybody! Here at the LibVid Awards, we like to show you as many exciting new videos as we can ... so it seemed odd to be doing a new post that didn't have a video. That's why you are now seeing us put up our very first post that will also be a tweet! So let's go ahead and do that right now!
[the mouse cursor moves over to the "Publish" button]
HITCHCOCK: We're publishing our post ... waiting, and waiting, and waiting.
[the screen changes to show a "Post published" message]
HITCHCOCK: Alright, it's posted. Now let's head over to Twitter ...
[the cursor moves over to another tab in the browser, as the screen changes to the "libvidawards" Twitter page (twitter dot com slash libvidawards)]
HITCHCOCK: And our Twitter username is "libvidawards" without that space or a hyphen. And I am going to reload it ...
[the cursor moves over to the "reload" button, as the new tweet appears ("Tweet Tweet. Tweet Tweet.:")]
HITCHCOCK: Hey, there we are! Our very first post! Thus ends my time among the Twitter-less. Never thought this day would come. Okay, thanks for joining us, and we'll be bringing you more of the best library videos on the web ... Bye!



We know you have so many questions about The LibVid Awards. Well, this blog is way too new to have a full FAQ section (and thanks to Unshelved, I mostly think of Frequently Asked Questions as a cool tee-shirt slogan) so we'll just start with this.

Q. Who are you guys?

A. Shhh! It's a secret. We are three wacky reference librarians (Hitchcock, Coppola, Inarritu) in the Mid-Atlantic region who know how hard it is to make a good video and think that those who manage to pull it off should get a little credit.

Q. Then why don't you use your real names?

A. Three words: Witness Protection Program. Actually, we feel that being anonymous is important for what is, at least partly, a review site. Just like the restaurant critic who dons a disguise before trying that hot new gastropub, we don't want to feel like we have to laud someone's work just to avoid hurting their feelings. And disguises are fun.

Q. How are videos nominated?

A. Two ways really. We find some of them ourselves and others are recommended to us by good people like you.

Q. Do you really want nominations from your readers?

A. Yes. We search pretty hard for the right videos to highlight but we'd never be able to cover everything out there without your help. If you see something you like, please tell us. Even if it is your own work.

Q. Do you post everything submitted?

A. No, but we do look at everything. Some videos look great but aren't really breaking new ground. Others have great stories, are well acted, and approach resources in interesting ways but have terrible sound quality or shaky camera work so the message is obscured. We try to look at overall quality when selecting what we post even though a video may only be nominated in one category.

Q. When will the final LibVid Awards winners be anounced?

A. A good question. Because this is our first year we will see how long it takes to collect enough nominations for the awards to be meaningful. I can say that we will be asking for your input on who the winners will be when the time comes.

Q. Will an internationally known accounting firm be tallying all the votes collected?

A. No. We have already embezzled away all the funds earmarked for hiring accountants.

Q. There are some hilariously bad library videos out there, how come you aren't posting them?

A. It's just not our style. We aren't out to slam anyone just to get our snark out. Doing this right can be hard and if someone out there is trying, that's great. With practice they'll get better and then maybe we'll post their stuff.



Tweet Tweet. Tweet Tweet.

That's right. You know what that means. The LibVid Awards is officially tweeting starting in 3,2,1... Our Twitter username is libvidawards (oh how clever we are) so if we start getting the feeling that we are being followed, we'll know that it's ok. It's just you.

And while we're making a rare video-free post, we may as well remind you that we accept nominations from our readers. In fact, we love nominations from the rest of you and OPOW probably wouldn't mind if we spent less time scouring YouTube for library gems.

Have you made a stellar video yourself? Have you found one on another library's site that you liked so much that you linked to it on your own library site? Did that cute/hip librarian you met at that conference last year put up a great video tutorial that you've watched 1,000 times and think is ready for LibVid Award fame? Did you see one that explains using Map Term to Subject Heading in PsycINFO on OVIDSP in a really painless way? Seriously, did you? Then we want to hear about it.

nominations [aT] libvid-awards [dot] com

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