Thursday, February 21, 2013

Case Study No. 0803: Unnamed Female Librarian (Just For Laughs Gags)

Silent Library Fail
1:23 At a silent library, victims are asked to insert a book into a shelf. Easy enough. Unfortunately, everything goes to hell as soon as they try to fit the book in! Shelves fall all over the place, books fly away, people shoot disapproving looks, someone cries "Oh the humanity!"

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[scene opens with a young female librarian (blonde hair, glasses, dress suit) shevling a book on a bookcase marked "K-M" ... except that the bookcase falls over and knocks the other ones down dominoes-style (as the librarian puts her hands over her mouth and stares at the camera with a "shocked" expression)]
[cut to an elderly female patron walking into the "library" (which looks more like a warehouse with some bookcases) and walking over to the librarian (who's now seated at a desk) ... she points to the "K-M" bookcase, then cut to a female stagehand who pulls a rope attached to the top of the bookcase (which will cause it to tip over)]
[cut to an African American female patron placing the book on the shelf, then trying desperately to grab the bookcase as it tip over (but she is unable to stop it as it falls over and knocks down the other bookcases)]
[cut back to the elderly female patron as she places the book on the shelf, then cut to the stagehand as she pulls down the bookcase (the patron, who obviously can't see what the stagehand is doing, puts her hands on her head in shock as she assumes that she's the one who's caused all of the bookcases to fall over)]
[cut to reaction shots of several other patrons after they have seemingly knocked over the bookcase]
[cut to another African American female patron trying to reshelve the book, only to have the bookcase tip over and take out the other ones (as the librarian looks on in "shock")]
[cut to another female patron with a horrified look on her face, as she watches the bookcases tumble over one after the other]
[cut to another female patron reacting to the damage caused, when the female librarian points to the hidden camera and laughs (bringing a look of relief to the patron's face)]
[cut to more reaction shots of the librarian revealing the prank to the patrons]



Just for Laughs: Gags (JFL Gags) is a silent comedy/hidden camera reality television show that is under the Just for Laughs brand. In 2000, JFL Gags began airing on French Canadian network Tele Quebec. In the following years, the show was picked up by TVA, CBC and The Comedy Network in Canada, BBC1 in the UK, TF1 in France, ABC and Telemundo in the United States.

This series' format is the typical hidden camera comedy show, playing silly pranks on "unsuspecting subjects" (played by actors) while "hidden" cameras capture the people's response. This show plays music in the background, but does not contain any sound or dialogue other than brief sound effects and laughter. It is mostly filmed in Downtown Montreal and rural Quebec although some segments have been filmed in Mexico. British and Asian versions have been produced in the UK and Singapore respectively. In 2011, the show also spawned a spinoff called Just Kidding which consists exclusively of kids playing pranks on adults.

With its silent format and no translation required, Just for Laughs Gags has been purchased for use in over 100 countries throughout the world as well as in airports and airlines.

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