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Case Study No. 0786: Neb-ka-n-ra

Let's Play Titan Quest: Immortal Throne [PC][HD] - Part 62: The Library of Rhakotis
Leave the slums and head for the library. Bet you don't hear that phrase too often...
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[the player enters the front entrance of Rhakotis Library, where he finds the male librarian cowering in the corner]
NEB-KA-N-RA: I thank the gods that you are here! I have done everything I could to keep the beasts from the library, but now these things are everywhere, even in our archives below. These monsters are burning and destroying everything, with no respect for the knowledge our sacred scrolls hold. Please stop them!
[the player makes his way through the library archives, destroying monsters along the way, and (once he recovers the Scroll of Invocation) returns to speak to the librarian]
NEB-KA-N-RA: Thanks to your help, we may recover a small portion of the library's priceless wisdom. We may restore it to its former glory someday.



"Titan Quest" is an action RPG developed by Iron Lore Entertainment. It was released worldwide by THQ on June 26, 2006.

Players take on the role of a hero, fighting monsters in three ancient, classical world settings including Sparta/Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt and the Silk Road/Asia. The game was conceived by Age of Empires co-creator Brian Sullivan and uses ragdoll physics, full lighting effects, day-night cycles, accurate ancient world mythology, modern 3D graphics, unique treasures, and rapid gameplay. There is also a sophisticated world editor for players to create their own custom worlds, mods, and quests. The game contains over a thousand pieces of usable equipment, both common and rare, for the player to loot. Titan Quest gets significantly harder throughout the experience, which requires the player to make good skills and attribute point choices even at the beginning of the game.

Titan Quest is based on the end of communication between the gods and humanity. The main character (whose name and sex can be chosen by the player) begins the quest on a dirt road near a small village named Helos. The world has been overrun by beasts and creatures (drawn largely from mythology) that are terrorizing the countryside wrecking harvests, burning temples, invading villages and cemeteries, besieging cities etc. After being sent on a mission to Delphi by the Spartan general Leonidas, the story revolves around the fictional order of Prometheus and their efforts to restore balance to the world. The hero finds centaurs, harpies, automatons, spiders and scorpions, yetis, undead soldiers and other such monsters derived from myth, relentlessly guarding the way and trying to prevent him from reaching the next village or town. The hero must occasionally face stronger 'miniboss' monsters, usually as part of a side quest. Bosses also appear at intervals generally guarding a main quest item, transportation device, quest NPC etc. The player faces a boss enemy (called telkines) at the end of each 'act' (Greece, Egypt and The Orient) and faces a final boss enemy at Mount Olympus, the Titan Typhon.



The Rhakotis Library is where Imhotep wanted you to retrieve the Scroll of Invocation, the first part of the main quest in Egypt (Act II). The library can be reached by exiting the Rhakotis Slums to the west.

Library Archives
Enter the library, there's a Rebirth Fountain at the entrance. Shortly after you'll meet Neb-ka-n-ra, the head librarian, who is chased by monsters (he cannot die, though). Talk to him to get some additional information about where the scroll can be found.

Down the stairs you'll find the Library Archives, consisting of a number of connected rooms. You need to progress clockwise to get to the stairs leading further down to the vault. In the first rooms you will encounter lots of Jackalman. As you progress, you will also encounter small groups of undead (Shades, Desecrated Dead) popping out from the ground.

Library Vault and Boss Fight
The stairs down lead to the Library Vault, the fairly small second level. In the first two rooms you might encounter Beetles and/or Crypt Worms. Especially the latter ones can be dangerous in numbers, so be careful. Behind the huge door you'll find the first boss, Scarabeus the Desert King (see his article for some strategies on how to defeat him).

After defeating Scarabeus, the large doors will open and you may proceed to the north-eastern room to retrieve the Scroll of Invokation from the statue. Taking the scroll will open an exit in the north-eastern wall, leading to the Hathor Basin, where you need to go in order to get to the Temple of Ptah (Imhotep wanted to meet you there).



Neb-ka-n-ra is the head librarian of the Rhakotis Library. He'll let you know that the Scroll of Invocation can be found in the archives below -- along with a host of nasty jackalmen.

You should know the drill by now. Whenever you see a door, that means a boss is close by. This door will open when you click on it, but it will close and lock behind you after you've gone through, and it will only open again after you've defeated Scarabaeus.

Scarabaeus the Desert King is a big scarab. He'll poison you, which will slow you and damage you, and he'll also summon smaller scarabs to help him out. If you kill the summoned scarabs, then Scarabaeus will just summon more, so kill all but one of them and then concentrate on Scarabaeus. When Scarabaeus dies, the doors to the room (#2 and #4) will open.

Picking up the Scroll of Invocation will update the main quest "The Blindness of the Gods" and cause the exit door (#6) to open.

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