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Case Study No. 0800: Eckart Brum

Let's Play Shadow Of Destiny Episode 4
In this Episode we will finish chapter 5, change the Museum to a Library, a mysterious woman will put poisen in the food, and we will find the antidote and learn a bit about margarette's family.
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[after eating a meal at the "Bar Zum Ei" (which he had no idea was poisoned), Eike Kusch exits the establishment and runs into Homunculus (a pale-skinned genie)]
HOMUNCULUS: Hello Eike, how are things going? Have you found anything out? That's an interesting book you have there.
[he takes the Digipad (a time-traveling device shaped like a book with a pentagram on the cover) out of his pocket]
[he tries to hand the book to Homunculus]
EIKE: Want to look at it?
[Homunculus steps back in fear]
HOMUNCULUS: Ugh! Please don't shove that near me. I ... I don't like the symbol on the cover.
EIKE: What, this? You don't like this pentagram kind of thing? You're a little strange.
HOMUNCULUS: Well, of course I am. In any case, I know the contents of that book. Doctor Wagner, who is mentioned in the book had a daughter, and she is a very significant figure to you.
EIKE: What? Like she's one of my ancestors?
[Homunculus chuckles and nods]
HOMUNCULUS: But you see, the Digipad is drawn to that age because of the link, whatever it is.
[he turns away]
HOMUNCULUS: Please, don't forget the red stone. I'm looking for it too, but I believe that you are the one who is fated to acquire it. Getting your hands on it will be a step towards avoiding your own death as well. Remember that, Eike ...
[he suddenly disappears]
EIKE: Hey! I need more--
[he looks around]
EIKE: Gone again. This is a really one-sided kind of relationship. Me, and the age this book talks about ... What's the connection?
[he suddenly doubles over in pain]
EIKE: What the? Oh, am I ... tired or something?
[he screams and falls over dead, then cut to a strange room where Homunculus is waiting for him]
HOMUNCULUS: Do you know what you died of?
EIKE: What?
HOMUNCULUS: It was poison. Probably from the sea hare. It uses the female of a type of sea slug as the basic raw material ... You can control the rapidity of the effect and the intensity of symptoms by how you blend it. I'd say that was the culprit, but you'll need to look into the details yourself.
[he glows red and disappears]
HOMUNCULUS: [from off camera] Why don't you try the library? Oops, I guess it's the art museum now ... See you around.
EIKE: "I guess it's the art museum now?" What does that mean?
["04.08.2001 09:12:00 PM" appears on screen, then cut to Eike back on Kirche Street outside of the bar (as the Digipad has resurrected him)]
EIKE: I'm going to go see Mister Alfred and the others again.
[the player selects the Digipad, and Eike is transported back in time]
["03.20.1902 10:40:33 AM" appears on screen, then cut to Eike in turn-of-the-century Germany on Ruckgrat Street, as everything (except for Eike himself) is in black and white]
[he enters the home of Alfred Brum, where a little girl is sitting on the couch]
SYBILA: What is it?
EIKE: Oh, nothing. Just came to talk, that's all.
SYBILA: Oh ... you can go anywhere you like, that's nice. I always have to mind the baby, so I can't go outside to play. Besides, Father will be busy changing the house around from now on.
EIKE: Is it pretty boring for you here, Sybila?
SYBILA: Yes ... just a little. Oh, don't tell Father. He'll worry, you see.
EIKE: It's okay, I won't tell.
[he kneels down next to her]
EIKE: Hey, Sybila, do you like cats? Kittens?
SYBILA: Yeah! I love kittens! Oh, are you going to get me one?
EIKE: I know someone who might be able to help. I'll ask him, if you like.
SYBILA: Really? A kitty?
EIKE: Okay, I'll bring you one soon.
[he exits the mansion, and finds Alfred standing outside]
ALFRED: I'm still not sure, you see.
EIKE: You don't want to turn it into a museum?
ALFRED: Well, I thought about that, but I've got a lot of books too ... A library wouldn't be a bad idea either, don't you agree?
[the player selects "I guess a library is better."]
ALFRED: Okay, you've helped me make up my mind. A library it is!
[the player selects the Digipad, and Eike returns to the present]
["04.08.2001 09:20:46 PM" appears on screen, then cut to Eike in the town square ("Marktplatz")]
[he enters the town's former art museum (now called the "Brum Library" thanks to his manipulation of the space-time continuum) and speaks with the owner (Alfred's descendant Eckart) in his office]
ECKART: Hi, what can I do for you?
EIKE: Well, I need a kitten.
[Eckart (who is petting a cat on his lap) sits up in his chair]
ECKART: You can take one? Great! Oh, that's just wonderful ... There, take the one sleeping in that basket. She's a nice cat.
EIKE: I appreciate it.
[he goes to the corner and takes a sleeping kitten out of the basket on the floor, as "Got kitten." appears on screen]
[he goes downstairs and checks one of the bookcases]
EIKE: [reading] "Is Being Busy Being Happy?"
[he checks another bookcase]
EIKE: [reading] "Taking Walks For Your Health."
[he checks another bookcase, then cut to Eike pulling a book off the shelf]
EIKE: [reading] "Sea Hare Poison. The female sea hare is very poisonous. The only way to survive poisoning is by taking the antidote. The person poisoned can only survive the number of days that the sea hare from where the poison was extracted had survived. After that time period has elapsed, the person poisoned will die instantaneously. Among the various antidotes, the best one is that derived from the male sea hare. If this is used when one starts feeling the effects of the poison, he will soon start feeling the curing effects. However, this poison no longer exists in our time. It is unfortunate that we can no longer feel the effects of this antidote ... "



"Shadow of Memories" (Shadou obu Memorizu), also known as "Shadow of Destiny" in North America, is an adventure video game developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo for the PlayStation 2. Originally released for the PlayStation 2, it was later ported to the PC and Xbox in 2002 by the now-defunct Runecraft company.

The objective of Shadow of Memories is to guide player character Eike Kusch through the fictional German town of Lebensbaum (Life's Tree) as he travels through time to prevent his murder and unmask his murderer. The game takes place in three parts: a prologue, eight chapters, and an epilogue. In the prologue and each chapter, Eike dies, is resurrected by the non-player character Homunculus, and travels back in time before his death with the intent of changing events to prevent it. Shadow of Memories lacks traditional action elements, and Eike cannot attack nor does he have a bar displaying his health. The digipad, a time-traveling item given to Eike by Homunculus, requires energy units, which the player can find scattered around the town. The gameplay primarily consists of time-traveling through the different eras, finding items, and interacting through dialogue with the non-player characters. Actions taken in one time period affect future ones; for example, if Eike removes a seal from the squire's manor in 1580, the seal will not appear in the present era.

Additionally, the game keeps two digital clocks: one depicting the time in the present-day era and another for whichever era Eike time-travels to. The amount of time Eike spends in the different eras also passes in the present-day one.[1] The cut-scenes and dialogue takes up varying amounts of in-game time. When the clock arrives at the time of Eike's death, the chapter restarts; however, if Eike is not in his time period at the time of his death, the game ends.

Set in a fictional German town named Lebensbaum (Life's Tree), Shadow of Memories revolves around a 22-year-old man named Eike Kusch, who dies in the beginning of the game from being stabbed after leaving a small diner. However, he is resurrected by Homunculus (voiced by Charles Martinet in English), a djinn or genie, who offers to send him back in time to prevent his death and gives him the time-traveling digipad. Eike explores four eras—2001, 1980, 1902 and 1580—as he attempts to unmask his killer and figure out a way of stopping his own murder at various points in the present. Along the way he encounters several characters: Dana, a modern-day waitress whom he accidentally brings back to the year 1580 and loses; the present-day fortune teller, who tells Eike the hour of his death; Eckart Brum, the curator of a private art museum who lost his wife in a shooting; Dr. Wolfgang Wagner, an alchemist living in 1580 with two children, Hugo and Margarette; and Alfred Brum, the great-grandfather of Eckart.

Given a red stone by Dana, Eike follows the Homunculus' instructions to give the stone to Wagner. Time-traveling ten days later, Eike discovers that the result of Wagner's experiment destroyed the lab and caused Hugo, already upset by his mother's death, to build a time machine and track Eike down with the intent of killing him. Depending on the player's actions, Hugo holds either Margarette or Dana hostage in the present and plans to use the red stone, revealed to be the Philosopher's stone, to resurrect his mother.

Shadow of Memories consists of eight endings, with six available at first. The last two must be unlocked by achieving the first six. The endings are presented in an alphabetical format, A–E, with B having two variations, and then two "EX" endings. In all endings, he discovers that Homunculus was using him to ensure that he would be "created" (actually unsealed) by Wagner, and returns the digipad to him.

In Ending A, Eike discovers that Homunculus switched the infants Dana and Margarette, making modern-day Dana actually Margarete Wagner and medieval-Margarette actually Dana Brum. Furthermore, it is revealed that the fortune teller is the trapped, disembodied spirit of Hugo's mother, Helena Wagner, brought back after a failed attempt by Hugo to revive her. Homunculus creates a puppet resembling Wolfgang Wagner to attempt to dissuade Hugo from his plans, and after a short discussion, the puppet and Hugo disappear in a haze of smoke. Homunculus reveals he couldn't call up the spirit of the real Dr. Wagner-as Eike had requested-because he was not dead. While returning the digipad to Homunculus, Eike accidentally drops the device and kills him. Sometime later, it is mentioned that Margarete is now reunited with her biological parents, the Brums, who adopted her, though it appears that none of them are aware of their true relation to each other. Depending on the outcome of a certain time-travelling sub-quest, Eckart's wife and Margarete's mother, Miriam Brum, may or may not be alive as well (she was implied to have been killed by a seemingly stray bullet while taking a walk with her baby, in the original time-line). While meeting up in the square, Eike and Margarete return to the spot where Homunculus died, only to discover a full-grown tree which contains the Philosopher's stone.

Ending B contains two variations: B1 and B2. In B1, Eike discovers the fortune teller's identity and convinces Hugo to enter the hut to meet with her; Helena causes the building to collapse, killing Hugo, who agrees to commit suicide in order to be reunited with his mother (though it is not mentioned if her spirit is actually freed by this). He then returns Margarete to the past in which she grew up (though the present is actually her birth-era). B2 sees Hugo attempt to abandon Margarete in the present, only to have Eckart subdue and scold him (neither he nor Margarete are aware of their true relation to each other). Hugo apologizes and returns to the past with Margarete. Both variations conclude with Eike's decision to have a drink at the bar in celebration of living.

In Ending C, Eike travels to 1580. Hugo searches for his father's research while an elderly Hugo appears with a time machine and offers to teach him to use it. When Eike reveals his presence in an effort to stop young Hugo from listening, the older version panics and tries to escape up the stairs. Margarete gets in his way, and he threatens and tries to strike her with his cane. Hugo rushes to stop him, and the two make contact, causing both Hugos cease to exist due to a dimensional paradox. Margarete collapses, and Eike returns to the present, where he gives the Digipad back. After Homunculus' departure, Eike lies down in the street to look at the stars, only to be run over by two drunk men in a car.

In Ending D, Eike enters the ruined lab and burns Wagner's notes about the stone, just as Hugo and Margarete enter. Unable to read the burned notes, Hugo apparently never learns about what his father was working on and thus never desires revenge or create a time machine, causing the Hugo and Margarete in the present to disappear. Hugo then decides to live his own life. It is revealed that Homunculus is actually a djinn or genie imprisoned in the Philosopher's Stone, and not at all an artificial lifeform created by Wolfgang Wagner. Wolfgang realizes that he has ultimately wasted his life and neglected his wife for nothing. Extremely depressed, he wishes to be young again like Eike (who he had met earlier and who impressed him with his youth), so as to have "do-over". Homunculus grants his wish in gratitude for being unsealed but after Wolfgang tries to reseal him with a pentagram, he curses him "to suffer the eternal night of youth": eternal youth coupled with perpetual recurring amnesia. Eike is then revealed to be a de-aged twenty-something Wolfgang Wagner who permanently loses his memories on a periodic basis.

In Ending E, Eike asks Dana, the actual Margarete Wagner (his biological daughter, based on Ending D, though neither is aware of this), to return with him to the present in which she grew up, and she agrees. She is held hostage by Hugo (again, neither of them nor Eike are aware of their true relation to each other). Eike goes to get Margarete and brings her to the present, where she slaps and scolds Hugo. Tearfully, she tells him she can try and be more like their mother was to them and take care of them both. Hugo apologizes, then returns to the past with Margarete, who had managed to warn Eike about Hugo's plans. Eike then walks Dana home after returning the digipad to Homunculus. It is made clear Dana only thinks of him as a father-figure, prompting the two to laugh and joke around. This is most likely to avoid speculation about a romance blossoming between the two, due to them actually being father and daughter. In a flashback, it is shown that Homunculus made Wagner disappear(possibly killing him), after he had wished never to see the creature again. It is possible this is not actually a flashback, but an epilogue, revealing what happens after Eike gives Dr. Wagner the stone, which contains the Homunculus he sealed away in another timeline. This also explains how Eike is able to encounter Homunculus in the ruins of Wagner's house after the experiment fails and why he did not recognize him.

The EX Ending has two variations. Awakening from his first death with all his memories, Eike gets the red stone from the diner before Dana comes looking for him. He can either give Dr. Wagner the stone, which allows him to make an elixir and heal Helena, or die in the bar fire to enter Homunculus' dimension and throw it at him, causing him to cease to exist as a result of coming into contact with himself. Both result in Eike fading away. Regardless of either choice, the final scene is the same. A young man who resembles Eike is walking through the streets in present day and struck down like before. The object turns out to be a soccer ball that hit him, and the man returns the ball to a boy similar in appearance to Hugo.



Shadow of Memories takes place in a small German town called Lebensbraum during March of the year 2001. Here are some of the characters you will meet.

Eike Kusch
Eike Kusch is the character that we play in the game he is a intelligent man who must use the DIGIPAD and some help from a mysterious being named Homunculus. Although he trusts Homunculus he still thinks that there is something evil about him. During his journey he will meet more strange characters that will affect his fate.

Dana is a shy and nieve waitress working at the Cafe Sonne in the small town of Lebensbraum. She seems to have a crush on Eike and likes to talk to new people. Although she is very mature for her age she can't seem to help being self-centred sometimes. She has no friends or family and thinks nobody would notice if she disappeared. She lives in a world that she feels she does not belong in.

Very little is known about Homunculus other then that he is a mysterious genie that has the power to defy time and gives a bit of that power to Eike in the form of the DIGIPAD. Suggesting from his clothes and his earring he probably originates from the Middle East.

Although he may seem nice he is in fact evil seeming as he has no emotion.

Eckart Brum
Eckart is the owner of the local museum which holds several pieces of art belonging to some local artists and photographers. Although he is alone(due to his wife's death twenty years ago),his cat has just had many kittens which can be seen playing or lying down all over the place. His daughter has gone missing(the same day his wife was killed)and he still longs for her to come back. He seems to be hiding a dark secret from Eike.

Miriam Brum
This is Eckarts deceased wife who was killed while walking down Haupstr on a cold day in 1980,while carrying her new-born daughter home. In chapter 6 you can prevent her from being killed yet still you cannot save her child for some strange reason. When you do save her you will be able to meet her again later in the game. Doing this will increase your percentages in chapters 6&7.

Alfred Brum
Alfred is Eckarts great-grandfather who lives in the 1900s and lives in the Mansion. With his wife recently deceased he can't decide what to do with his house and wonders if he should sell it.

He lives with his daughter Sibylla who looks after his younger son. He is a gentleman who is a friend with everyone in the village. It is only through Eikes actions that he thinks that turning it into a museum or library.



12. Chapter 5: The Fated Hour is 10:30. 93% completed.

(Note: The man and woman that are looking for each other are STILL looking for each other here. They're so upset, but I STILL can't figure out what to do! The man in near the North Gate and the woman is near the Old Alchemist's House.)

You can chat with the townsfolk if you'd like, but ultimately go to the Bar Zum Ei. You need to eat. If you did the alternate Chapter 1 ending, you'll get a FREE MEAL! And another cut scene to add to your %s! Uh oh, what did that lady put in your food? Wait a minute...that was a WHITE sleeve that put the poison in your food, not a pink! Well, you eat it anyway and walk outside. You died again, didn't you?

When you gain control again, go back into the bar a few times and talk to the guy. You'll actually see a cute picture of his grandkids! Go to the Museum and talk to Eckart. Library or Art Museum? Maybe that's what Homunculus meant! Go to the early 1900s (black and white). (If you didn't do Chapter 4, you'll see all the cut scenes from it when you talk to Alfred Brum.) Tell Alfred Brum that you think a library would be the better choice. Talk to Sybilla again. She wants a kitten? Hey, didn't someone offer you a kitten before?

Do one of 2 things here. Either, you can travel to the present and go to the library/former museum to read the book, or you can skip it for now and travel to Margarete's time and follow from there. If you want to read the book, go into the room to the left of where you came in and read the book that's blinking blue. Ignore your Digipad for a second and run to Mr. Eckart's office upstairs. Ask for a kitten, talk to Eckart again, and return to Sybilla. Give her the kitten and she's so thankful. It's cute. (Note: If you want, hold off on giving the kitten to Sybilla until a later chapter to boost its %s.)

You can visit the Bar Zum Ei of this time and talk to the guy, if you haven't already. He'll give you coffee, as long as you pay him...What, forgot your wallet? Oh well, he's nice enough to start a tab for you. Let's see if we can find something else to pay him with. (Note: You can either do this now, or in a later chapter. Just in the later chapter, if you already have the egg clock, you give it to him right then instead of running a tab.)

Travel to Margarete's time now. Go to the Butcher's Shop and get some scrap meat, if you don't have it already. Go in City Hall and show the lighter and cell phone to the guy in the back room. Now run to Margarete's house and give the dog the meat. Enter. What happened here? Just grab the lab key and go back to earlier in the week.

Go to the middle of the square and see a cut scene of 2 kids making fun of Hugo. You can also go in City Hall and talk to the mean guy in there. Show him the lighter and cell phone. You can also go to the Alelier and talk to Karl Franssen. He'll ask you what to paint. Go back to Margarete's house and down to the lab. Speak with Dr. Wagner. When you go to leave, you'll find a very long cut scene where you get the antidote and a long walk with Margarete. Now, if you didn't read the book yet, you'll get control of Eike just as he sees Dana. Go to the Alchemist's House and talk to Dr. Wagner twice. Then go back to Margarete in front of the Lord's Manor. Afterwards, you'll have to make your first important choice of the game.

If you tell her you think she's your ancestress, you'll be able to get endings A, B, C.

If you say nothing, you can get endings D, E.

When you leave the house, go back in. Give Margarete the chocolate/cake thingy. Didn't I tell you to give it to a girl? (You can get more meat here if you want...I don't know what it does.) Now go back to the present and if you didn't read the book, do it now. Then travel back to Margarete and get the antidote. Go back to the present again and use the antidote before the timer runs out.

To get higher %s in this section: Make sure you skip Chapter 4 once to get all those cut scenes with Alfred Brum and Sybilla. Also, make sure you run a tab in this era once. Get the meat in this era once. Die in the present a few times, even with the antidote. Talk to the Fortune Teller again after she tells you the fated hour. I think it raises %s if, when you get the choice of what to say to Margarete, and it gives you 2 chances, (A=you think she's your ancestress, N=say nothing) you say A/A, A/N, N/A, N/N.



Brief recap time! Eike has arrived in Mr. Eckart's tower of seclusion, at one in the morning, after receiving a mysterious phone call that gave few details, because Mr. Eckart badly needed his book back, now. Eike's favorite murder defense method, crowds, will be unavailable in the middle of the night at the single most secluded location in the city.

So I have a good feeling about this chapter!

Eike: Damn! I'm locked in!
[Eike climbs to the top of the library tower, and looks at an old rope]

Near the top of the tower... the single most hated item in the game!

Eike: Mr. Eckart? Are you there?
[an unseen person reaches in and pushes Eike over the railing, killing him]

You could say that.

[Eike meets Homunculus in the afterlife]

Homunculus: Oh dear ... But this may be the chance that you're looking for. This attack takes place indoors, which means that the killer is in there with you. If you can somehow fool the killer, you may be able to catch him. Can't you do something to make sure you don't fall off, without alerting the killer to that fact? You've got a bit of time. Good luck.

Homunculus is always on top of things. He's come up with the perfect way to find out who's trying to kill me! All I have to do is lure him close enough to try to kill me, and save myself after he reveals his identity! I'm so lucky to have a buddy like Homunculus looking out for me.

Wait, hold on a second... we've established that, even without the digipad, Homunculus can travel through time and space. And he has that window that lets him watch Eike, and can remember the various deaths of Eike ...

Just tell me who's killing me, you prick.

Razza frazza manipulative son of a bitch... I don't think I like him anymore.

[Eike returns to the tower]
Eike: It's locked. I don't really want to think about it but - Can the person who's trying to kill me be - Mr. Eckart ... Is it? Is that possible? And why would he ... ?

Opportunity, evidence, but no motive.

Anyway, with the digipad, we now have access to the previous night. There's not much in town to do... the fortune teller just sniggers at you for being in the wrong time period, and the bar has the movie director and a silent guy. Only thing to really do here is check out the tower.

Eike: Isn't there any way to get in without Mr. Eckart knowing ... ? This is an old lock. Maybe I can get a hold of the key.
[Eike travels back to 1902 and finds a duplicate key to the library's tower (as well as the rope when it was brand new), so he travels back to the previous night and unlocks the door to the tower]
Eike: Since I'm going to be shoved off here ... I can tie one end of a rope to this railing and grab the other end tomorrow before I get pushed off. That way, I shouldn't fall - I hope it works ...

I dunno, man. When you got pushed off, you were a long way away from the tower wall.

[after using the brand new rope and tying it on the railing, Eike climbs down the stairs and eavesdrop on Mr. Eckart in his office talking on the phone]
Mr. Eckart: ... You're sure about that? ... She's alive? All right ... Yes, he did say he was coming over tomorrow ... for sure. Yes, yes, I know ... I won't tell anyone.
Eike: Who's he talking to?

That's a pretty damning phone call. On the one hand, now we're sure it's Mr. Eckart doing the pushing... because of the blackmail! On the other hand, we know there's another person behind the murders.. because of the blackmain! So this really works on multiple levels.

Back in the present, with six seconds to live, Eike scurries over to the rope and hits X. I believe if you don't make it to the rope, when you die Homunculus chides you for setting up a way to escape death and then not using it. No need to suffer that.

It takes Eike a while to get to the top. Presumably, by the time he's done, Mr. Eckart has found out he didn't die. So much for your brilliant plan of catching the murderer in the act, trapped in the room with you, Eike.

[Eike enters Mr. Eckart's office]

Eike has finally cornered his murderer! This time the attack went off, he wasn't scared away. We were in a secluded location, only one man could have done it... the mysterious Mr. Eckart! Reasons aside, we KNOW he tried to kill Eike, and he had a shitty rope in his tower to mock me. TO MOCK ME! Time to give that bastard a PIECE OF EIKE'S MIND.

Mr. Eckart: Hi.
Eike: Mr. Eckart, you ...
Mr. Eckart: A girl's comb ... This belongs to you?
Eike: Mr. Eckart-
Mr. Eckart: I asked you whether this was yours.
Eike: Yes ... someone gave it to me. But we need to-
Mr. Eckart: Here. And is this person important to you?
Eike: Well ... you might say that.
Mr. Eckart: I see ...
Eike: Mr. Eckart, there's something I need to ask you.
Mr. Eckart: I'm sorry. Truly, truly sorry ... Blackmail ... Our daughter ... went missing 20 years ago. It was Dana's return for your ...
Eike: So you were the one that stabbed me too?
Mr. Eckart: No, I don't know anything about that. You may not believe me, but that's the truth.
Eike: What? So there's someone else trying to kill me too ... ? Then ... who were you talking to on the phone?
Mr. Eckart: I honestly don't know. It sounded like a young man. He said he'd call again once you were dead ... Don't worry. After all, I told you all this, didn't I? I won't make any more attempts on your life, and I plan to give myself up to the police. Forgiveness I can't ask for, but I am sorry ...
Eike: No, that's all right. I'm still alive and besides, it's the fault of whoever is really behind this. Please don't blame yourself too much, Mr. Eckart.
Mr. Eckart: That comb - it made me realize something. There are people in your life who care about you - such an obvious fact, really. No one is alone, and for every death, there's hell to pay for everyone around them ... Sometimes, it isn't just memories that are left behind, it's pain, and sorrow. I should know better than anyone else ... After everything I went through all those years ago, I still- I am so very sorry ...
Eike: It's all right, really.
Mr. Eckart: You see, 20 years ago, on the day that our little girl went missing, there was a man on the scene. And he looked exactly like you.
Eike: Oh ... but-
Mr. Eckart: I know. I know it wasn't you. It was almost 20 years ago. It's just plain impossible. But this man was there that day, and he fled the scene. There were no other suspects, and in the end, the police thought this guy had gotten away with it. You can imagine how surprised I was when I first saw you here. I even thought that maybe you were that man's son ...
Eike: My parents-
Mr. Eckart: Yes - you told me some time ago. You didn't remember them at all ...
Eike: No ...
Mr. Eckart: Even if he was your father, it makes no sense for you to be burdened with his sins. I knew that - God knows I thought about all this enough times - but I have to admit that I could never quite reconcile the facts and my feelings. I am sorry, Eike ...
Eike: It's all right, Mr. Eckart, really ... Anyway, I should get going ...
Mr. Eckart: Already?
Eike: I have to find out who's doing this.
Mr. Eckart: Yes ... If there's anything I can do to help, let me know. I'll do everything in my power.

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