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Case Study No. 0795: "The Librarian, Starring Granny"

The Librarian
Clay Animation We made in Pottery Class
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["The Librarian, Starring Granny" appears on screen, then cut to claymation animation featuring a young girl sitting on her couch and reading a book, when the phone rings]
[cut to an elderly female librarian (orange skin, brown hair in a bun, googly eyes, blue dress) speaking into her phone]
[cut to the young girl shaking her head, then back to the librarian as she gesticulates wildly (obviously very angry)]
["Granny said 'Turn in your library books ... Or else.'" appears on screen]
["Later that afternoon ... " appears on screen, then cut to the girl with some friends in her house having a party]
["Later that night while Destiny was passed out ... " appears on screen, then cut to the girl and her two friends dancing to rap music (while the third friend is passed out on the couch)]
["Granny makes an unexpected visit" appears on screen, then cut to the librarian as she suddenly drops into the home from the ceiling (to the sounds of Drowning Pool's "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor") and shoots the girl in the head with a machine gun]
[the bullet (slowly) enters the girl's forehead and she falls down in a pool of "blood", then the librarian turns and shoots her blonde friend in the head]
[the friend falls in similar fashion, then the librarian jumps back and shoots the brunette in the left eye]
[the girl stumbles backwards before falling to the floor, then "Always turn in your library books on time!" appears on screen]
[cut to the librarian sitting on the couch holding her book, then there are several quick cuts to the bloodied bodies surrounding her (although Destiny is apparently still drunk on the couch with no visible gunshot wounds) before "The End" appears on screen]

Destiny Hall
Brandy Luther
Samantha Craven
Samantha Long
Libraian Granny



More disturbing than humorous, the policeman stereotype taken too far results in the pycho librarian, as seen in a claymation video depicting a librarian with a gun crashing a party and shooting everyone for failing to return library books.

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