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Case Study No. 0771: Staff of Unnamed Library (Charmed)

Alyssa studying in the library
From that show where she was a witch, or something (dang she looks good in glasses!!!!)
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[scene opens inside the college library, as the camera slowly zooms in on Phoebe sitting at a table surrounded by books]
MALE LIBRARIAN: [from offcamera] I've checked everywhere in the reference section ...
[Phoebe is louding chewing potato chips, then she sees a female student looking at her from another table, and stops]
PHOEBE: [whispers] Oh, I'm sorry ...
[the student picks up her own bag of chips]
CHARLENE: I won't tell if you won't.
PHOEBE: Hey, hi. I'm Phoebe.
CHARLENE: I'm Charlene. Actually we've met. We even carpooled. Metaphysics 301, remember?
PHOEBE: Oh, that's right and your dad is the professor of that class, right?
CHARLENE: Yeah, dirty rat, he gave me a C. We don't get along ... in anything. Even metaphysics. But I'm hoping that'll change when I finish my thesis, get published. He'll finally have to take me seriously. I'll quit before I start telling you about my mother.
PHOEBE: No, it's okay. I've been studying here for so long, it's nice to have someone to talk to. So what's your thesis about?
CHARLENE: It's about the existence of demons in our world.
PHOEBE: [tries to hide her surprise] Demons?
CHARLENE: Yeah, I've been researching for five years, to prove that they're not just myths like my dad thinks. That they actually really exist. I've got proof right here.
PHOEBE: [nervously] Huh. That's very interesting.
CHARLENE: But you believe in them too, don't you? I mean, you seem to in class. Certainly knew a lot about them.
PHOEBE: Uh, it's really late, um, and I really gotta go ... Okay. It was really nice talking to you Charlene. Take care, okay?
[she leaves]
CHARLENE: Okay, see you around.
CHARLENE: Bye bye.
[Charlene gets up and heads for the stacks, where she pulls out a book entitled "Encyclopedia of Demons", when she is startled by the face of a man on the other side of the shelf]
CHARLENE: [gasps] Sorry. Scared me ...
[she turns to leave]
LIBRIS: Wait ...
[she turns around, and the Libris pulls her into a dimensional rift created in the bookshelf]


[outside the library, Phoebe notices a crowd of people and police, when Morris walks up to her]
MORRIS: Don't tell me. Demons, right? Or is it, uh, warlocks this time?
PHOEBE: What are you talking about, Darryl?
MORRIS: You're not here because of this?
PHOEBE: No, Darryl. Contrary to popular belief, not every crime in this city is demonically-related ... or Halliwell-related for that matter. I was on my way to the library. What happened?
MORRIS: A college student. She was decapitated and her body was dumped here.
PHOEBE: A college student? Any idea who?
MORRIS: Charlene Hughes.
PHOEBE: Ugh, Charlene.
MORRIS: You know her?
PHOEBE: I saw her last night in the library.
[cut to inside the library, where Phoebe puts her bag on a table and takes out a book, then Charlene suddenly appears in front of her]
CHARLENE: Hey, Phoebe.
[Phoebe slumps into her chair in surprise]
CHARLENE: Do you have an aspirin? I have a splitting headache.
PHOEBE: Charlene? Uh, you're supposed to be, uh ...
CHARLENE: Supposed to be what?
[a male librarian pushes a book truck right through her, which she doesn't seem to notice, as Phoebe raises her eyebrows]


[Phoebe is discussing the problem of Charlene's ghost with Piper]
PHOEBE: I am dealing with a ghost who doesn't know she's a ghost. She thinks she's still alive.
PHOEBE: Charlene. She's a student that I know ... or knew. The police found her body behind the library. About twenty feet away from her head.
PHOEBE: So I went back to the library, and I saw her ghost. You know, and I tried to tell her but I ... I just couldn't.


[Phoebe is looking around the library, when Charlene suddenly appears right next to her]
[she gasps in fright, as the heavy-set African American female librarian (sitting at the front desk) gives her a quick annoyed look for the outburst]
CHARLENE: Sorry, didn't mean to spook ya.
PHOEBE: So to speak ...
[the librarian again looks up, and sees Phoebe - apparently - talking to herself]
PHOEBE: Uh, Charlene, how are you feeling? Do you feel any ... different?
CHARLENE: Oh, my headache. Oh, I guess ... Yeah. I mean, I just feel kinda weird in general.
PHOEBE: I think that's to be expected ...
[she looks over and sees the librarian staring at her]
PHOEBE: Oh, I ... I think she's mad at us. Why don't we go over here, so we can talk and not disturb anybody?
[they head towards the stacks]
CHARLENE: Is something wrong, Phoebe?
PHOEBE: Um, yes, Charlene, actually there is something wrong. I, I think that the reason that you've been feeling so weird lately is because uh, you're ... you're a ghost.
CHARLENE: Excuse me?
PHOEBE: Yeah, I know that this sounds crazy and it's probably really hard for you to accept but think about it, Charlene. When was the last time you ate something, or were hungry for that matter, or slept? I mean, are you tired right now, Charlene? Are you even tired?
CHARLENE: Okay, what're you saying?
PHOEBE: I am saying that I think a demon killed you last night. That's what I am trying to say. And the only reason I can see you is because I'm a witch and I'm supposed to help you.
CHARLENE: I think you're the one who needs help, not me.
[she turns to leave]
PHOEBE: Look, you don't believe me, try picking something up. Now, you know as well as I do that neophyte ghosts can not channel their anger into moving material objects. Try picking up a book. See for yourself.
[she reaches for a book on the shelf, but hesitates and then turns back to Phoebe]
CHARLENE: This is ridiculous! I am not dead. I've got a full life ahead of me and I will finish my thesis and I will be published!
[she leaves]
PHOEBE: Charlene ... Charlene, wait!
[Charlene runs off, and Phoebe sighs in frustration, then notices a notebook on the table in front of her]
PHOEBE: Hmmm ...
[she begins reading Charlene's notes, then suddenly has a vision of herself being killed by the Libris, causing her to loudly gasp for air when the vision ends]
PHOEBE: Oh ...
[she waves her hand as a sign of apology, as the librarian sits back down, still with an angry look on her face]


From wikia.com:

"Ex Libris" is the 41st episode of the American television show "Charmed".

Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) is studying in the library and notices Charlene (Rebecca Cross) at the next table. Charlene believes that demons exist and that she has proof. Charlene notes that Phoebe seems to believe in demons, and Phoebe becomes uncomfortable and excuses herself. Charlene goes to the stacks and finds the "Encyclopedia of Demons". She pulls it out and sees a grotesque face on the other side. A figure shimmers from the stack and pulls Charlene into it.

Later, the police have found Charlene's decapitated body. Phoebe is passing by and Darryl talks to her. She denies being there just for this, but says that she saw Charlene in the library the night before. Phoebe then sees Charlene's ghost in the library and doesn't know what to say. Charlene seems unaware that she's dead.

An overly perky ghost of Charlene startles Phoebe at the library, drawing nasty looks from the librarian. Phoebe leads Charlene into the stacks and explains that Charlene is a ghost. Phoebe points out that Charlene hasn't eaten or slept lately. Charlene does not believe Phoebe, and runs off. Phoebe finds Charlene's notebook, and sees her death at the hand of a sickle-wielding demon.

Phoebe has found the demon in the Book of Shadows. It is a Libris, a demon who attacks humans who have found proof of demons. Prue looks for a truth spell to use on Gibbs, but Phoebe talks her out of it. Phoebe and Prue talk about Cleavant Wilson, and the pain of a father's loss. They wonder if their own father misses them as much. Charlene passes through a window and tells them that she saw her own funeral. She had never seen her father cry so much.

Piper returns to the manor and her sisters and Charlene urge her back out again. They go to the library. Phoebe notes the accuracy of Charlene's notes. Charlene leads Phoebe to the spot where she was taken. With Piper and Prue watching, Phoebe pulls down the Encyclopedia of Demons. Nothing happens at first -- and then Libris appears and pulls Phoebe into the stack. Charlene dives in after her, but Prue and Piper are too far away. The two find themselves in the basement, where Libris conjures a sickle. Charlene distracts Libris and grabs his sickle. Her scream leads Piper and Prue to place them in the basement. Prue astral-projects and says a spell to vanquish Libris, who leaves his sickle behind.

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