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Case Study No. 0789: Rod Masters (Wannabe Librarian)

Male Stripper Diary Extra: Sexy Librarian Extended Cut
Chicago male stripper Justin (stage name Rod Masters) tries out his sexy librarian costume to the dismay of his photographer.

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["Diary of a Male Stripper Extra: Sexy Librarian Extended Cut" appears on screen, then scene opens with male stripper Rod Master standing in a studio (wearing a shirt but no pants) while his cameraman Kenn takes photographs from off camera]
ROD: Alright, here's my next look. Are you ready?
KENN: [from off camera] Yeah, I'm ready.
[he slowly puts on a pair of glasses]
ROD: Sexy librarian, oh yeah!
KENN: [from off camera] That's the best you have?
[he starts unbuttoning his dress shirt]
ROD: Well, I mean--
KENN: [from off camera] No.
ROD: I don't wear glasses ...
KENN: [from off camera] No. No.
ROD: No?
KENN: [from off camera] No.
ROD: But, I mean, y'know. Women are always talking about--
KENN: [from off camera] No.
ROD: Sexy ...
KENN: [from off camera] See, yeah.
ROD: Yeah?
KENN: [from off camera] Women would, if you were a woman wearing glasses, that would be sexy.
ROD: But, you don't think this works?
KENN: [from off camera] Right now, I don't think Stephen Hawkings is doing strippers at work right now.
ROD: He's a scientist, I'm talking library, like ...
[he pulls the glasses down the bridge of his nose]
ROD: Like, yeah!
KENN: [from off camera] No. No.
ROD: Feeling it?
KENN: [from off camera] Bill Gates ... Yes, I'm feeling it really well. Yeah.
[he takes off his jacket and throws it on the ground]
ROD: Like this, kinda, y'know? He takes off his clothes for the day ... Dewey Decimal!
KENN: [from off camera] No.
ROD: Feelin' it? No?
KENN: [from off camera] No.
ROD: No?
[he takes off the glasses in defeat]
ROD: Well, alright. Well, it's just an idea, man ...



Time to give you guys the inside scoop on episode six of my diary and the featured photoshoot! I think this is the best video so far.

It's so hard to know where to start. I had a TON of fun with the costumes, and I think some of them are going to be very valuable as I move into private parties. If I had to rank the costumes in order of sexiness, I'd go with this:

1. Sexy Librarian
2. Sexy Yogi
3. Sexy Angel
4. Patriotic Hockey Player
5. Christmas Boxer Extravaganza
6. Sexy Cowboy
7. Sexy Army/Navy/Marines Guy
8. Mardi Gras Guy
9. Sexy Sailor Boy

Now you're probably thinking to yourself, "but Rod, I didn't see half those costumes in the video!" Well, don't worry--Alex has more videos of the photoshoot that will be coming out over the next few weeks, so you'll get to see ALL of my costumes. They are sooooo hot!!

Also, you'll note in the video that my photographer, Kenn (the best photog in the biz!), said he didn't like a few of my costumes--specifically the sexy librarian, sexy army/navy/marines guy and the angel costume. I gotta tell you guys, he was just giving me a hard time!!! No way anyone would think those costumes weren't sexy. Look how high I have them ranked in my list.

If you've got any ideas for a costume, feel free to leave a comment. I've got a few new ones up my sleeve that I'll unveil in the coming months, but for the next few weeks, enjoy my photoshoot videos!

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