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Case Study No. 0793: Librarian Larry

Librarian Larry presenting Toon Tutorial to me o_O
What the fuck.
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[in this hacked version of the "Tutorial Tom" scene from the game, the player is standing at the front desk of Toontown Library, as Librarian Larry explains the tutorial for the game]
LARRY: These are Cogs. They are robots that are trying to take over Toontown.
[a picture of various Cog robots appears above Larry's head]
LARRY: There are many different types of Cogs, and they turn happy Toon buildings ... into ugly Cog buildings!
[the picture changes to show colorful cartoon buildings (music store, garden shop, seafood restaurant), which transform into black-and-white "scary" buildings (museum, bank, skyscraper)]
LARRY: But Cogs can't take a joke! A good gag will stop them.
[the picture changes to show a cartoon dog spraying a Cog robot in the face with a seltzer bottle]
LARRY: There are lots of gags, but take these to start.
[gags are added to the player's inventory]
LARRY: Oh! You also need a Laff meter! If your Laff meter gets too low, you'll be sad!
[the smiling cat face in the lower left-hand corner is highlighted, as the meter goes all the way down to "0" (changing the cat face green with X's for eyes)]
LARRY: A happy Toon is a healthy Toon!
[the Laff meter fills back up, then Larry's eyes suddenly grow comically wide as he looks at something off camera]
LARRY: Oh no! There's a Cog outside my shop! Help me, please! Defeat that Cog!
["Wanted: A Flunky" appears on screen, then the player throws a wedding cake at Larry's face]



"Disney's Toontown Online" (commonly known as simply Toontown) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game created by The Walt Disney Company and billed as the first such game intended for kids and families. Designed for children as young as seven, but also played by teens and adults,[4] the depth of the game's content has drawn in many older players. Toontown's 3D virtual world takes its theme from the colorful style and humor of classic animated cartoons, packaged into an online game experience that its authors claim is social and kid-safe.

The game was rated "E" (Everyone) by the ESRB for "Cartoon Violence" and "Comic Mischief". In simple battles, any Toon can walk in on the battle and participate, provided there aren't already four Toons doing so. For building and boss battles, the boss battles held inside Cog HQs (permanent Cog headquarters), the participating Toons must all enter at the same time, after which the building is sealed until the battle ends. Players can also purchase "doodles", virtual pets the player can name and train to do various tricks. Trick phrases are purchased from the Cattlelog to be taught to the doodle. Doodles help restore a Toon's Laff points when told to do a trick. They can also be called forth during a battle using the SOS button to raise you and your team mate(s)' Laff.

Gags are items that are used by Toons to defeat Cogs in battle. There are seven total types of Gags - called gag tracks - each performing various tasks and having various strengths and weaknesses. The tracks are as follows: Toon-Up, Trap, Lure, Sound, Throw, Squirt, and Drop. Each Gag track has seven Gags which must be earned, each level Gag being stronger than the last. All Toons start out with the Throw and Squirt Gag tracks. Through ToonTasks, Toons are given the ability to train for other gag tracks. For instance, early on in the game Toons have the choice to acquire "Toon-Up" or "Sound" Gags - Toon-Up being able to heal other Toons in battle,and Sound being able to attack the Cogs using loud noises, but Sound gags don't take a lot of damage. A bit later, "Lure" and "Drop" Gags- Lure drawing in the Cogs individually or as a group, disabling the Cogs' ability to attack, and Drop being able to attack cogs from above (ex: dropping a piano on a cog). Free players can train for Toon-Up or Sound gags, but membership is required to use all gag tracks, other than Squirt and Throw gags. All players can only have 6 gag tracks, meaning they must choose one track that they must go without. Sometimes players choose to go without many tracks, but develop the gags they do have very quickly. (these toons are known as "ubers").

Advancement in the game requires completing "Toontasks", tasks or "missions" assigned by the non-player characters scattered about Toontown. Every Toontask has an award for completion, such as additional "laff points" (equivalent to the player's "health"), jellybeans (the in-game currency), and a variety of other benefits. Tasks range from simple delivery missions to defeating Cogs. The easiest tasks are in "Toontown Central" where all Toons start out, while some of the more challenging tasks are at "Donald's Dreamland" and "The Brrrgh". Some tasks are required for a Toon to advance in the game, while other tasks are optional, giving the player extra jellybeans or tickets for new clothes. Completing a task also heals any damage the player has taken.

Some tasks are designed to encourage teamwork between strong Toons and weaker Toons. For example, a strong Toon may receive a task to help low-level Toons defeat Cogs or Cog buildings. To further promote teamwork and helping others to complete tasks, the game allows each Toon to teleport (using a portable hole) to the exact location of a friend, even if that friend is in another district (server). This portable hole can become extremely useful, especially if you get lost.

According to the story of Toontown, the Cogs are joyless robots who only think of business and never of jokes, bent on forever changing Toontown to a gray place where no fun exists. Cogs come in four types: Bossbots (wear brown suits, symbol is a tie), Lawbots (wear gray suits, symbol is a gavel), Cashbots (wear dark green suits cobered in dollars, symbol is a dollar sign), and Sellbots (wear maroon suits, symbol is a bar graph). Cogs come in varying strengths, ranging from the "Level 1" Cogs (which have 6 hit points), to strong "Level 12" Cogs (which have 200 hit points). Bossbot HQ also accommodates "v2.0" Cogs, which are regular Cogs that become "Skelecogs" when its outer shell is destroyed (Skelecogs are incomplete cogs). Other types of cogs are goons, which are like patrols but can be stunned when jumped upon.

When summoned, Cog "invasions" take place in which the only Cogs that appear are the invading type of Cog unless in a Factory, Mint, DA Office, and Golf Courses. An invasion is either randomly chosen or can be summoned by a Toon as a reward for defeating the C.J. Skelecogs may have a special event for one; but goons do not have invasions.

There are also four cog bosses, the VP (Senior Vice President), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), CJ (Chief Justice), and CEO (Chief Executive Officer), and the COO (Chief Operating Officer) the bosses of Sellbots, Cashbots, Lawbots, Bossbots and all the Cogs, respectively.



There are two librarian characters in "Toontown Online."

Librarian Larry (a maroon cat) runs the Library in Toontown Central, the main "hub" of the game world.

Drowsy Dennis (a purple duck) runs the Lullaby Library in Donald's Dreamland. Sadly, there are no books here to check-out.

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