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Case Study No. 0354: Unnamed Female Librarian (California Raisins)

California Raisins Rap - Books Check Em Out Ad from 1991
An old commercial for public libraries featuring the California Raisins rapping "Books (Check Em Out)".
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[scene opens inside a library, as the claymation California Raisins appear and begin rapping]
RAISIN: Books, check 'em out! Books, check 'em out! Pick up a book! You got a fantasy?
[a book opens up and the Raisins begin breakdancing on it]
RAISIN: Imagination can take ya to where ya wanna be! Are ya curious? How can ya find out? Books, check 'em out! Books, check 'em out!
[the Raisins jump off a pile of books and begin "free falling"]
RAISIN: Read about stars and cars! Play electric guitars! Or cops that work hard, patrollin' the boulevard! The heavyweight champ and his craziest bout ... Books, check 'em out!
[the Raisins land on a book and continue dancing, then they scatter when an unseen female librarian reaches in and stamps the book]
RAISIN: Books, check 'em out!
[the book (with the spine title reading "Check 'Em Out!") slams shut, as "A public service message from The American Library Association" appears onscreen]
RAISIN: [from off camera] At your library.



California raisins star in TV spot for libraries and literacy
Emergency Librarian;Nov/Dec90, Vol. 18 Issue 2, p75

"Books -- Check 'em out!" is the message of a television public service advertisement starring the California Raisins rapping for reading on behalf of the American Library Association (ALA).

The 30-second spot was released to national networks and 600 local stations in time for airing during the Library Card Sign-Up Month in September.

The spot, produced in claymation by the Will Vinton Studio, has the Raisins rapping and dancing for reading. Similar commercials produced for the California Raisins carry a $300,000 price tag.

The spot marks the second year of cooperation between the California Raisin Advisory Board and ALA. Last year the Raisin Board developed a free reading incentive program for children in cooperation with ALA. The project included a survey of children's attitudes toward reading and a tour by the "California Raisins" of nine libraries in major cities.

California Raisin Reading Club materials were distributed free to some 6,000 school and public libraries. More than a million children participated, with some 67,000 qualifying as "Top Raisin Readers".

California Raisin Reading Club materials are still available through the ALA Graphics Catalog.

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