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Case Study No. 0304: Eugene the Librarian

Britains Got More Talent - Series 3 - Episode 6 - Eugene the Librarian
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[scene opens with a gangly looking man (with buck teeth and thick glasses) sitting backstage]
STEPHEN MULHERN: [in voice over] And someone hoping they have what it takes to get them through to the next round is ... Eugene.
[cut to Eugene speaking directly to the camera]
EUGENE: My name's Eugene, I'm thirty-seven, I'm a librarian.
[cut to Stephen and Eugene backstage]
EUGENE: [shakes his hand] Pleased to meet you.
[cut back to Eugene speaking directly to the camera]
EUGENE: I've come here today to share my passion for poetry with all who want to listen. I understand that the judges aren't great fans of poetry, but I feel I have the personality and the charisma to win them round.
[cut to Stephen and Eugene backstage]
STEPHEN MULHERN: What about the "girl" side of things?
EUGENE: I've always been a magnet to the ladies.
STEPHEN MULHERN: Yeah? You got a girlfriend?
EUGENE: Not yet.
STEPHEN MULHERN: Right. What sort of girl would you look for?
EUGENE: One that says "yes."
[cut back to Eugene speaking directly to the camera]
EUGENE: I'm gonna go out there, on that stage, and I'm going to be a white knight on the stallion of poetry.
[cut to Eugene on stage in front of the three judges and the studio audience]
EUGENE: Good evening.
SIMON COWELL: Hello, what's your name?
EUGENE: My name's Eugene.
SIMON COWELL: Alright, do you wanna get on with it?
EUGENE: I'm here tonight to share with you my passion. Poetry.
[Piers Morgan immediately presses his buzzer, but Eugene provides no reaction and simply continues his act]
EUGENE: May I present to you my ode to "Britain's Got Talent" ...

"You'll never make it through," they said
"They're bound to choose another.
"You are a loser, always were."
So I said, "Thank you mother."
But I am no contortionist
I can't juggle with a ball.
I haven't got a friendly pet
I've got no friends at all.
Or I could do some magic.
Oh, that much is clear
For when I enter a crowded room
The girls just disappear.
It doesn't really matter, though
'Cause I'll try any trick
Just to get me on the show
To tell Piers he's a ... A genius with his finger on the pulse of popular culture.
I may go through tonight, or not
Of that I do not know.
But at least I can say to my girls
That Daddy's given it a go.

[the audience applauds wildly]
EUGENE: Thank you very much.
SIMON COWELL: I'm gonna hand over to someone who may wanna start with a little apology ... Piers.
PIERS MORGAN: [laughs] I'm sorry, for buzzing you. Uh, because actually, that was a very funny act.
AMANDA HOLDEN: I thought it was very well-written, and you made me laugh.
SIMON COWELL: It's the first time that anyone like you's ever had a standing ovation, so that was pretty remarkable.
EUGENE: Thank you very much.
SIMON COWELL: Piers, yes or no?
PIERS MORGAN: Uh, I'm going to say yes, Eugene.
AMANDA HOLDEN: I'm gonna say yes.
SIMON COWELL: Eugene, you got three yeses. Congratulations.
[cut to Stephen and Eugene backstage]
STEPHEN MULHERN: Congratulations.
EUGENE: Thank you very much.
EUGENE: Can't believe I managed to turn Piers around.
EUGENE: And he apologized.
EUGENE: No one's ever apologized to me ...
STEPHEN MULHERN: Have they ... have they not?
EUGENE: For anything they've ever said. And they've said some things.
STEPHEN MULHERN: Have they? Well, like what?
EUGENE: Not nice things.
STEPHEN MULHERN: Give me an example.
EUGENE: I'd not like to go into it right now.
STEPHEN MULHERN: Okay, sorry. Do you reckon you'll get to the semi?
EUGENE: I've already had a standing ovation from two thousand people. I can die happy now.
STEPHEN MULHERN: Nice to meet you.
EUGENE: And you.



This is Adam Gitlin - although you may know him as Eugene the Librarian, the nerdy poet who created quite a stir on this year's Britain's Got Talent show on ITV.

Mr Gitlin, a dentist (the teeth in the picture are fake) who lives in Plymouth, went on the programme to help establish himself as a stand-up comic.

His alter-ego, an amusing, self-deprecating poet, received a standing ovation, was described by judge Simon Cowell as "pretty remarkable" and has since attracted more than 2.1 million viewers on YouTube.

Although Mr Gitlin, 37, did not make the final 40, he is more determined than ever to do comedy poetry and is now planning his comeback in the next series of the hit show.

He tells People: "I'm definitely going to have another go next year. I have had some great feedback from the show.

"My routine has been the 15th most viewed audition on YouTube."

He says: "I was always worried the judges wouldn't realise I was in character. I am Eugene the whole time I am on stage. I don't think it would have been credible if I had taken time to put on the glasses and put in the fake teeth."

The father-of-two was watching Britain's Got Talent with his daughters last year when he decided to enter. "I thought: 'I could do better than that.'

"I would really like to do more stand-up but it is such a hard game to get in to."

Mr Gitlin works at the Maple Croft Dental Practice in East Looe, Cornwall. He attends Exeter Synagogue.


  1. He was absolutely brilliant! The act was perfectly executed. He took a stab at Piers. Oddly enough Piers buzzed him, which must have been unexpected...then when 'Eugene' roasted him he was twitching like several hundred watts of electricity were traveling his spine...then Eugene saved the day saying that Piers had his finger on the pulse of popular culture. I almost felt sorry for Piers. The condescending Simon Cowell didn't miss a beat with his disdainful looks, and even after he noted the humor, he still said: this is the first time someone like you has ever had a standing ovation. I think Eugene embarrassed them so bad that he was dropped. I cannot even find the episode posted on Youtube by BGT. Dr. Adam Gitlin is a riot!

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