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Case Study No. 0353: Mr. Gregory

Psych 101 - Episode 1 - The Librarian
A down on his luck LA psychologist is forced by circumstances to hold therapy sessions in his car.
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Psych 101
Created by Marty Colasuonno

[scene opens with two men sitting inside of a car]
MR. GREGORY: Thank God you came, Doctor Bode! Let's go!
DR. BODE: You left ten messages on my machine saying you were gonna commit suicide ...
MR. GREGORY: Yeah ... What I meant to say was, I need a ride to work.
DR. BODE: What?!
MR. GREGORY: I, I can't drive today because they're predicting an earthquake, and I don't want my car to get crushed in some underground garage. Besides, it's been two weeks since my last session.
DR. BODE: Mister Gregory, I told you, I'm not seeing patients right now.
MR. GREGORY: Yeah yeah, I know. Your office burned down ... I've got so much to tell you, can we get going?
DR. BODE: Mister Gregory, you're not listening! I have no office, therefore I have no place to see patients! My-my wife cheated on me, froze my assets, ruined my credit ... My life's in shambles! I-I can't see patients right now!
[cut to Dr. Bode driving down the highway]
DR. BODE: Okay Mister Gregory, what's on your mind?
MR. GREGORY: My boss. Oh, he's the biggest a-hole on the planet ... "You talk too loud!" "Don't play your harmonica!" "Don't wipe your boogers under that chair!"
DR. BODE: Remind me again what you do ...
MR. GREGORY: I'm a librarian.
[cut to a closeup of Mr. Gregory]
MR. GREGORY: Your wife really screwed you over, didn't she?
DR. BODE: I shoulda seen it coming ... Who spills mayonnaise on the back of their jeans?
[Mr. Gregory stares out the window and says nothing]
DR. BODE: I'm gonna recommend that you see my colleague, Doctor Caesar. He's an excellent therapist.
MR. GREGORY: I don't want another therapist, I want you ...
DR. BODE: [yelling] Fuck you!
[camera pans around to reveal that he's actually yelling at the driver in front of him]
DR. BODE: Fucking asshole! Fuck you!
[Mr. Gregory just stares ahead and laughs nervously]
DR. BODE: [pause] I'm sorry ...
[they start moving again]
MR. GREGORY: Why don't you see patients outta your home?
DR. BODE: Because I live at a Motel Six!
MR. GREGORY: Well then, why don't you do this?
DR. BODE: [agitated] Do what?
MR. GREGORY: Have sessions in your car. It's like, fifty minutes in traffic to downtown. Same as your sessions. You could charge them cash so your wife can't get her hands on your money. Plus, you can tack on thirty-nine cents a mile for gas and wear-and-tear.
DR. BODE: Wow, that's a really interesting proposition, Mister Gregory ...
MR. GREGORY: Then it's settled?
DR. BODE: Yes, it's settled.
[Mr. Gregory laughs, but then the car jostles and he looks out the back windshield]
DR. BODE: [pause] Oh my God ...
MR. GREGORY: You ... ran over a squirrel! A poor little defenseless squirrel!
[he begins pawing at his seatbelt and whimpering]
MR. GREGORY: Oh, I'm gonna need another session this afternoon ...
DR. BODE: Really? This afternoon? Listen, not to be indelicate, but y'know ... it's just a squirrel.
MR. GREGORY: Yeah, I know ... but I need a ride home from work.

Michael McCarthy as Dr. Bode
Wade Kelley as Mr. Gregory

Norman Siderow

Written and directed by
Marty Colasuonno

Director of Photography
Luke Stern

Lyle Such

Production Assistant
Tyler Eastman

Special thanks to
Jamie Colasuonno
Darin Barri
Dave Poncia

Copyright 2009
Marty Colasuonno



Psych 101 is a webseries starring Michael McCarthy as a down on his luck LA psychologist is forced by circumstances to hold therapy sessions in his car.

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