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Case Study No. 0330: Unnamed Female Librarian (Kes)

kes library scene
hope youn enjoy this funny scene from ken loach masterpiece
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[scene opens with Billy trying to enter the public library, but he is stopped by the young female librarian at the front desk]
LIBRARIAN: Hey, are you a member?
BILLY: What do you mean?
LIBRARIAN: Are you a member of the library?
BILLY: I don't know about that. I only want a book on falconry, that's all.
LIBRARIAN: Well, you have to be a member, to take a book out.
BILLY: But I only want one.
LIBRARIAN: Well, have you filled one of these forms in?
[she slides a piece of paper across the desk to Billy, who spends a long time trying to read it]
LIBRARIAN: Well, you're not a member then. You'll have to take one of these home first, for your father to sign.
[she hands him another piece of paper]
BILLY: My dad's away.
LIBRARIAN: Well, you can wait 'til he comes back home, can't you?
BILLY: I don't mean that, I mean, he's left home.
LIBRARIAN: Oh, I see. Well in that case, your mother will have to sign it for you.
BILLY: Aye, but she's at work and she'll not be home 'til tea time and it's Sunday tomorrow.
LIBRARIAN: There's no rush, is there?
BILLY: [pauses] I've never broke a book, you know. I haven't torn it or--
LIBRARIAN: Well, look at your hands, they're absolutely filthy! We'll end up with dirty books that way.
BILLY: I don't read dirty books!
LIBRARIAN: I should hope you don't read dirty books, you're not old enough to read dirty books!
BILLY: My mum knows one of the people who works here ... that'll help, won't it?
LIBRARIAN: [gestures towards the piece of paper] No, that doesn't help at all, you'll still have to have the back signed. To be a member you'll have to have somebody, over 21, who is on the Borough electoral roll, to sign it for you.
BILLY: Ah well, I'm over 21 ...
LIBRARIAN: You're not over 21.
BILLY: But I vote.
LIBRARIAN: You don't vote!
BILLY: I do! I vote for my mum. She doesn't like voting so I do it.
LIBRARIAN: You'll just have to wait for it, won't you?
BILLY: Where would I find a book, then? In a shop, like?
LIBRARIAN: Well you'd have to go down the street, there's a second hand bookshop there. You'll find some down there.



KES (1969). A young layabout, no-hoper boy from the poorest part of Nottingham, England, discovers an interest in birds of prey when he takes a kestrel chick from its nest. This is his first real interest in anything and it could presumably turn his life around. He goes to the public library to get a book on hawks but the haughty librarian (Zoe Sutherland) sends him away because he is dirty and obviously irresponsible -- not the sort of client she wants to deal with. This short scene does not offer a positive image of service or compassion.

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