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Case Study No. 0344: Metro City Librarian

Let's Slay Nightshade part 3A
Nightshade talks to a dead guy, beats up British OddJob and saves a cute little kitten... What else will we see in this game? Oh and a Curator... cool...
Special thanks to The Nightshade Hideout for the comic book ad
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[the superhero Nightshade explores an abandoned mansion, which contains a large grandfather clock]
NARRATOR: It's the second largest clock Nightshade's ever seen! The only one larger was in "Nightshade and the Mystery of the Extraordinarily Large Clock" ... Keen! The hands seem to be stuck.
[the player selects "Operate" and "Clock"]
NARRATOR: Huge bouncing froggies! The hands move! Cool!
[this causes the fire in the nearby fireplace to extinguish, as the player selects "Examine" and "Logs"]
NARRATOR: Nothing unusual here.
[the player selects "Operate" and "Logs" (causing the logs to disappear and revealing a hole in the ground), then selects "Examine" and "Hole"]
NARRATOR: Wow! It's an incredibly obvious secret exit!
[the player selects "Operate" and "Hole", as Nightshade enters an underground passageway which contains a bookshelf, so the player selects "Examine" and "Books"]
NIGHTSHADE: Gosh! What an interesting book on Egyptology! I bet this will come in handy! I'd better take it.
[the player selects "Examine" and "Books"]
NARRATOR: Let's see here ... "Attack of the Giant, Rabid Vampire Elvis Clone" ... "Learn to Speak Spanish Like an Italian" ... "I Was a Teenage Swamp Monster From the Pit" ... "Transcendental Sky-Diving." My, what varied taste the owners of these had.
[Nightshade exits the mansion and makes his way towards the Metro City Library, where two squirrels are running around outside, so the player selects "Examine" and "Squirrel"]
NARRATOR: This squirrel looks very hungry.
[the player selects "Talk" and "Squirrel"]
SQUIRREL: Overthrow the government! Let us rise up and ... Er ... Squeak?
NIGHTSHADE: If there's one thing I can't stand, it's anarchic squirrels.
[the player selects "Use" and "Food" and "Squirrel"]
NARRATOR: Nice Nightshade feeds the pretty squirrels.
[the squirrels runn off screen, then return and drop an item on the ground in front of Nightshade, so the player selects "Examine" and "Amulet"]
NARRATOR: It's a sacred "Rat Guard (TM)" Amulet of Baast.
[the player selects "Pick Up" and "Amulet", then enters the library where a female librarian is shelving books, so the player selects "Examine" and "Woman"]
NARRATOR: My, what a pleasant young lady.
[the player selects "Talk" and "Woman"]
[Nighshade goes to the backroom of the library (which contains a bookcase), so the player selects "Examine" and "Books"]
NARRATOR: One of these books looks strange ...
[the player selects "Operate" and "Book", causing a secret panel to slide open on the adjacent wall ... Nightshade enters the room (which contains another bookcase and a scroll embedded within the opposite wall), and the player selects "Examine" and "Scroll"]
NARRATOR: Now there's something you don't see every day! It's a sacred Papyrus of Tanis (TM). Lots of pictures! Cool!
[the player selects "Examine" and "Books"]
NARRATOR: One of these books looks strange ...
[the player selects "Operate" and "Book", and a secret panel opens on the opposite wall, leading Nightshade back to the hidden bookcase underneath the mansion]


[Nightshade enters the Metro City Bookstore (where a female assistant is sitting in front of the cash register), so the player selects "Talk" and "Shp. Asst"]
NIGHTSHADE: Greetings, lowly book seller.
SHOP ASSISTANT: Greetings yourself, bozo.
NIGHTSHADE: I seek to purchase a book.
SHOP ASSISTANT: Amazing. This is a book store, so I guess you got that right. Did you have any particular book in mind?
NIGHTSHADE: Yes. I would like the Egyptian Book of the Dead.
SHOP ASSISTANT: That'll be two dollars. An excellent choice, bozo.
NARRATOR: The shop assistant hands you the book.
[Nightshade walks up to the bookcase behind the counter, and the player selects "Examine" and "Books"]
NARRATOR: Hmmm. Let's see here ... "How to Bonsai Your Pet" ... "A Field Guide to Molluscs" ... "101 Ways to a Slimmer Tibia" ... "Across the Andes by Gerbil" ... Nope. Nothing here at all interesting.
[Nightshade exits the bookstore and makes his way back to the library, where he approaches the librarian and the player selects "Use" and "Dead-Bk" and "Woman"]
LIBRARIAN: Sorry, this isn't a library book ... Hey! Yes it is! This book has been missing for eight years!



Nightshade is an action-adventure game released in 1991 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was developed by Beam Software and published by Ultra. The game was meant to be the first part in a series, but no sequels were ever made.

The game takes place in a fictional urban city called Metro City. As the story unfolds, the city's local superhero named Vortex is outnumbered by gangs and killed. With the city's protector murdered, the crime grows rapidly. Soon enough the city's crime lords start fighting over control of the city, until a villain named Sutekh takes control, combining all the gangs into one. With the city completely overrun by Sutekh and the other crime lords (Rat King, Goliath, Lord Muck, and Ninja Mistress), it is soon devoured in crime. A vigilante named Mark Gray (alias Nightshade) decides to step up and take the law into his own hands, vowing to rid Metro City of crime.

Outside of the occasional violence, the game is actually somewhat light in tone (even Nightshade himself is constantly being called "Lampshade" by everybody) and rife with various popular culture references. The ending gives credit to people for the "bad jokes".



This is a walkthrough for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game called Nightshade. Technically, the game is Nightshade: Part One: The Claws of Sutekh. But since Part Two was never made, it's simply called Nightshade.


"That's my home, Metro City. Quiet place. Good city. Good people. Good future. But as time passed, bad seeds started to grow, and Vortex, Metro City's protector, was outnumbered. Even with the help of the local police, Vortex was no match for the growth of corruption.

With Vortex gone, the criminals moved in like a cancer, eating through the city's heart. Day by day, Metro City was getting worse. Without Vortex to combat crime, things started to get out of hand. Crime feeds upon itself like rats fighting over cheese. Pretty soon the crime bosses began to fight over control of Metro City.

Then, something began to change. The gang wars stopped. There's someone new in town. Someone organizing all the criminals. He's the one I want. He's the one who wants to kill my town.

Someone had to do something!

Someone had to take Vortex's place. Someone had to stand up to Sutekh. It's time to put a stop to this plague. It's time for Nightshade."


Vortex: Former protector of Metro City. He was killed by criminals, and looks a lot like The Flash.

Sutekh: Ruler of the criminals that are overrunning Metro City. Nightshade's plan is simple: defeat Sutekh. Sutekh, for some reason, is really into ancient Egyptian things.

Nightshade: A shady man who wears an overcoat. He's determined to save the day by stopping Sutekh. It's strange that Nightshade looks more like a criminal than Sutekh does.


Librarian: It'd be nice if you could talk to her, but talking in the library is about as allowed as running near the pool.


Enter the shop here. Examine the books for sale. Great jumping jellyfish! The Egyptian Book of the Dead is for sale! Examine it again. Hey, it's a library book, written by Metro City's very own Professor Sandleford!

Use the money on the girl at the counter (she seems to have mistaken Nightshade for a clown) to buy the book. Exit the store.


Enter the library (G2). Use the Egyptian Book of the Dead on the librarian, and she raises your popularity. Go to the back room.

Examine the books on the back shelf. One is weird. Operate it (it's a green book) and a hidden doorway appears. Enter it.

The scroll is in this room. Use the dome on the scroll to protect it.

We're not done with the library yet, though. Examine the books in this room. Operate the strange one (on the left, it's a red book) to open the door.

Go through the door, and examine the shelf of books. Nightshade picks up a book on Egyptology, enabling him to read hieroglyphics. Cool!

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