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Case Study No. 0349: Canalave City Librarian

Pokemon Platinum - Sinnoh Region's Mythology
When you had a Arceus (from movie 12th event (From July 19th to September 30th in Japan) or Azure Flute wi-fi event) , a secret event will appear- a history lesson.
If you go to Oreburgh Mine with this Arceus in your party, you will see a Hiker whom is not normally in the area. Speak to him and he will give you a Flame Plate.

Here is what he say:

Hello, how do you do? I'm a student of philosophy.
If I had to explain very simply, I study how people came to be.
That could explain why I happen to be in Sinnoh.
In Sinnoh, there is a myth on how the world came into existence.
Investigating that myth may give me insight on the emergence of people.
I found something very interesting soon after arrival.
You may have it, if you'd like.

I'm told that Plate was created at the same time as Sinnoh.
The plate I found bears this inscription.
"The rightful bearer of a Plate draws from the Plate it holds"
The rightful bearer, I think, may point to the shaper of this world.
Oh, by the way, I'm only interested in the words and thoughts left behind. Physical artifacts like that Plate don't interest me once I've read them.
I hope we meet again somewhere.

Then, you go up to the 2nd floor of the Canalave City Library, you will meet this hiker again.
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[the player enters the Canalave Library and speaks with the female librarian at the front desk]
LIBRARIAN: Hello, this is the Canalave Library. Please keep quiet while you're on the premises.
[the player walks up to Lucian, who is standing in front of a bookshelf]
LUCIAN: Ah, hello. You're here to read, too? Books are wonderful things. The thoughts of people written in books stretch beyond time and space. I was just reading an analytical tome on humankind. It examines the human species from cultural and social perspectives. This is a thought-provoking quote: "It all began without humans. The end will also be without humans." The world we share with Pokemon ... does it exist for us? I imagine we'll see each other again at the Pokemon League. Take care.
[Lucian leaves, so the player walks up to the second floor of the library, where a hiker stops him]
HIKER: Well, hello! We meet again! After we parted, I went from Oreburgh, to Hearthome, Celestic, then Eterna. Yes, the town and cities surrounding the foot of Mt. Coronet. Why the fascination with Mt. Coronet, you may ask? Well Mt. Coronet happens to be called "The origin of Sinnoh." I learned many things on my journey. Would you like to hear them?
[the player selects "Yes"]
HIKER: The way I see it, our world began when the spirit within people was born. When that spirit came to be, there followed awareness about the world. Within the newborn spirit, time and space were intertwined as one. People and Pokemon, too, were but the same presence. As I understand it, people and Pokemon shared the spirit and awareness. They should have understood and accepted each other then.
[the hiker looks around]
HIKER: Because they shared the same spirit, people and Pokemon intermingled. People took the place of Pokemon, and the opposite also held true. That interpretation could give us an idea about how our world came to be. A Pokemon is said to have shaped this world ... Could that Pokemon be the physical form of the original spirit?
[the hiker looks around]
HIKER: Hmm... The spirit came to be, and from it, time and space were born ... That seems to point to legendary Dialga, the Pokemon of time, and Palkia, the Pokemon of space ... And they lead back to Arceus, the Pokemon that made them arise. Isn't this interesting? Would you like to hear some more?
[the player selects "Yes"]
HIKER: Oh, there were also Plates, weren't there? One Plate read, "Three beings were born to bind time and space." Those three beings I read to mean the three Pokemon of the lakes. It's about Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf. The myth describes how they gave spirit to the world, shaping it. But it all starts with Arceus, the first. It is known as the Original One.
[the hiker turns and looks at a nearby bookshelf]
HIKER: Oh, by the way, I wrote down the words engraved on those Plates. I summarized them in a book and donated it to this library. There it is in that bookshelf. I'd be pleased if you'd read it.
[the hiker turns back around]
HIKER: I have to say, I'm glad I came out to Sinnoh. I suppose I'd better be off in search of new myths in faraway lands. It would be nice if our paths were to cross again.
[the hiker leaves, and the player looks at the book on the bookshelf]
["Sinnoh's Beginning as Told on Plates. This is a collection of engravings from ancient Plates found in Sinnoh." appears on screen, and the player begins reading the book]
LUCAS: "The Original One breathed alone before the universe came. When the universe was created, its shards became this Plate. The power of defeated giants infuses this Plate. Two beings of time and space set free from the Original One. Three beings were born to bind time and space. Two make matter, and three make spirit, shaping the world. The powers of Plates are shared among Pokemon. The rightful bearer of a Plate draws from the Plate it holds."
["Lucas returned the book to its place" appears on screen, as the player walks up to the third floor and looks at another bookshelf]
["This book is titled 'Sinnoh Region's Mythology.' Want to read it?" appears on screen, and the player selects "Yes"]
LUCAS: "Sinnoh Region's Mythology. Long ago, when Sinnoh had just been made, Pokemon and humans led separate lives. That is not to say they did not help each other. No, indeed they did. They supplied each other with goods, and supported each other. A Pokemon proposed to the others to always be ready to help humans. It asked that Pokemon be ready to appear before humans always. Thus, to this day, Pokemon appear to us if we venture into tall grass."
[the player moves on to another bookshelf]
["This book is titled 'Sinnoh Myth.' Want to read it?" appears on screen, and the player selects "Yes"]
LUCAS: "Betray not your anger, lest ??? will come. Weep not with sorrow, or ??? will draw near. When joy and enjoyment come natural as the very air, that is happiness. Let such be blessed by the hand of Master ???. Those words were spoken often as customary."



The Canalave Library (Japanese: Mio Library) is a location in "Pokemon Diamond", "Pearl", and "Platinum."

It is the only library in the region of Sinnoh and it has shelves of books, containing the myths of Sinnoh. It can be found on the north-west of Canalave City and it is the place the player, the rival, Lucas/Dawn, and Professor Rowan meet up before the player goes to Lake Valor.

Canalave Library is a small library. There are shelves and shelves of different books surrounding several reading tables and chairs. There is a sign that informs people that eating and drinking are prohibited. Not much happens on the lower floors, however people can be seen here reading about Pokemon and other books.

The upper floors of the library have the same layout as the lower floors, except that most of the books on the bookshelves can be read. These books are very philosophical and go in-depth into the history and existence of the Pokemon world as known. These books are considered Sinnoh myths, that many people, such as Cynthia, believe and study by. These books include, the Sinnoh Myth, which refers to Mesprit, the Sinnoh Region's Mythology, which explains why wild Pokemon appear in grass, the Sinnoh's Myth, which explains the existence of the lake guardians, the Veilstone's Myth, which tells a story about a young swordsman encountering Giratina, The Original Story, which explains the origin of the Pokemon world, A Horrific Myth, which tells a horrible tale about the lake guardians, and several other Sinnoh Folk Tales.

After Byron is defeated in the Canalave Gym, the player's rival sentences the player to the Canalave Library, before meeting up with Professor Rowan and his assistant to head up to the top floor to investigate strange happenings, when suddenly a huge explosion occurs from Lake Valor which could be heard all the way from the library. While everyone escapes before the aftershock occurs, everyone leaves the library for good.

Once the player has become the Champion, Lucian can be found in the library, choosing out a new book, since he had just finished his last one before being challenged in the Pokemon League.

In Pokemon Platinum, after acquired Arceus, a Hiker, as it seems, appears in the Oreburgh Mine admitting to being the author of all of these books. However, after telling his tale, he will leave the mines, and can be found again in the Canalave Library to give the player more information on Arceus.

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