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Case Study No. 0323: Langley Public Librarian

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Weird sceince
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[scene opens with Stan at the animal hospital, sitting at the bedside of his pet dog (who has suffered a horrible accident), when the veterinarian walks in]
VETERINARIAN: You're still here ...
STAN: Of course I am! What did you find out? When's the surgery?
VETERINARIAN: Surgery? Uh, Mister Smith, I know this is hard, but Kisses is not going to recover from this accident.
STAN: [angrily] You're real quick to give up on this dog, aren't ya, Doc? What's your hurry? You gotta get your report card outta the mailbox before your folks get home? Look, it's obvious I'm gonna have to cure the dog myself! I'm going Lorenzo's Oil on this one!
VETERINARIAN: You're going to fix him?
STAN: Why not me? What, you don't think I can do a major surgery because I'm not a doctor like you? You sound a lot like my tailor, who also didn't think I could do things on my own ...
[he leaves (as the veterinarian notices that the back of his pants are missing), then cut to the Langley Public Library ("Expect to read next to a homeless guy") for a montage of Stan studying canine physiology set to Oingo Boingo's "Weird Science"]
[cut to a haggard-looking Stan drawing diagrams on the wall of the library (with various pages ripped out of biology books pinned to the wall) as the older female librarian looks on from the reference desk ... She eventually turns to the security guard (who is sleeping in a chair next to her) and tries to shake him awake]
LIBRARIAN: Come on, he's defacing the walls! Do something!
[the guard groggily wakes up and (without leaving his chair) wags a finger in Stan's direction]
LIBRARY GUARD: Oh no you don't ... Nuh uh. You don't do that ... around here.
[he closes his eyes and falls back asleep]



"Stan's Best Friend" is the fourteenth episode of the seventh season of the animated comedy series American Dad!. It aired on Fox in the United States on March 18, 2012. The episode plot mainly revolves around Francine buying Steve the dog he's always wanted and Stan becoming attached to that dog.

Joe Lo Truglio as Freddy
Kristen Schaal as Librarian
Amy Sedaris as Dr.Lizzy
George Segal as Bernie
Andrea Martin as Penny

When Steve does his regular nagging for a dog, much to Stan's annoyance, he reminds Francine of when Stan's father left, his mother tricked Stan into killing his dog Freddy. But when Francine gets him one named Kisses anyways, Stan reluctantly accepts it. Unable to sleep, Stan gets up to watch some TV and Kisses decides to join him and Stan becomes attached himself. But when a hot air balloon full of pirate cats lands on Kisses, crushing him, Stan takes him to a vet that can only keep him barely alive. Francine tries to talk Stan into letting Kisses go but Stan refuses to allow another dog to die. Desperate to have Kisses active again, Stan tries to study how to fix Kisses on his own at the library but all he is able to do is find a flyer for Dr. Lizzy's alternative pet care. Stan takes Kisses to Dr. Lizzy who ends up creating a monster, sewing Kisses' eyes where his testicles used to be, among other unnatural "improvements". The family is horrified as Stan wants to hang on to his dog until the spirit of Freddy tells him it's ok to let Kisses go. Stan sends Kisses off to Heaven with a bang, blowing him up with dynamite where Freddy introduces him to cute female dogs and monsters that have to be destroyed.

Meanwhile, thinking about Kisses own mortality makes Jeff and Hayley start thinking about a will. At Bernie the lawyer's, they don't think they have much to worry about until Jeff reveals he was a multimillionaire widower with a step-daughter named Patricia and a former cook for the band Blues Traveler and owned the rights to their first album. However, he gave the rights to his step-daughter as a fiftieth birthday present. Hayley insists they get them back. But when they take their lawyer Bernie to Patricia's house to force the handover of the album master tapes, he ends up proposing to her for her money. Patricia's happy just to have a chance for some sex. As Hayley is aggravated at letting the money slip though her fingers, Jeff offers to pay for Patricia's and Bernie's wedding.



The Langley Public Library ("We Still Have Microfiche For Some Reason") is where Francine finds out about the murder of Anne Flemming in "Not Particularly Desperate Housewives." Another patron, Marvin, becomes slightly angry with Francine when she makes too much noise finding out about the murder while he is trying to vote girls 'Hot or Not' on the library's computer.

In the episode "Stan's Best Friend", Stan visits the library ("Expect to read next to a homeless guy") to do research on how to save his dog Kisses, and the librarian wants to kick him out for writing on the walls. However, the library's security guard doesn't bother waking up to deal with it.

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