Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Case Study No. 0339: Josh Hanagarne, the World's Strongest Librarian

Enter the Librarian
Video about working at the library and sneaking kettlebells in. The reference to the "Evil Russian" during storytime refers to Pavel Tsatsouline of Russian kettlebell infamy. It's the name he gave himself, and is in no way meant to insult Russia or Russians.
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["Working a lot can make it hard to train, especially when everyone is so needy." appears on screen]
["My day consists of ... " appears on screen]
["Doing favors ... " appears on screen]
[cut to male librarian Josh Hanagarne typing on his computer, when an unseen female patron asks him a question]
PATRON: [from off camera] Hey, um ... Can you just wave my library fine?
[he picks up a pen and taps on a sign - sitting next to a kettlebell on the desk - which reads "100 swings, $1.00 off your library fine, no exceptions"]
["Finding books for people" appears on screen]
[cut to Josh lifting kettlebells as he browses the stacks, then he stops and holds one kettlebell over his head as he bends down and grabs a book off the bottom shelf]
["Educating the PTA" appears on screen]
[cut to Josh standing in front of a blackboard (which reads "Reading + TGU = Awesome!") and speaking with an unseen audience]
JOSH: Now come on, listen. You guys are completely misunderstanding me. I'm not saying that reading isn't great, I know it's great. It's just that it's not everything there is in life. There's also, for example, the Turkish get up. Observe ...
[he lies down on the ground and lifts a kettlebell over his head before getting back up]
JOSH: Reading's all fine and good, but why settle for "okay" when you can have "awesome?"
["Storytime" appears on screen]
[cut to Josh reading a book to a group of unseen children]
MOTHER: [from off camera] That's not how the story goes!
JOSH: Kids, that's exactly how the story goes. Now, if I may continue, ma'am ...
[he starts reading]
JOSH: "All the bad children were taken away to an RKC weekend, where the evil Russian forced them to do one hundred snatches in five minutes."
MOTHER: [from off camera] Nobody can even do that!
[he pauses, then holds up five fingers]
JOSH: Five minutes, kids.
["Personnel problems" appears on screen]
[cut to Josh sitting in his office, when an unseen female colleague knocks on the door]
LIBRARIAN: Hey Josh, I'm not feeling very well. Can I go home early today?
[he gets up and rips a phonebook in half]
JOSH: How you feeling now?
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] Little better.
JOSH: Thought you might ...
[he hands her the phonebook pieces]
JOSH: Put that in the recycling bin on your way out.
["Do what you can, when you can ... " appears on screen]
["Get stronger. Get smarter. Live better. Every day." appears on screen]



Nobody special. I'm just a guy who can't get enough of this stuff and has a simple philosophy of life: Don't make anyone's day worse. Make it better when you can, but first do no harm.

I am also an aspiring strongman, bookish nerd, devoted family man, tearer of phonebooks and humble librarian. A tall, thin paradox wrapped in thick glasses.

I got into lifting weights during a decade-long battle with Tourette's Syndrome. You can read up on TS, or you can watch Deuce Bigalow for a spot-on description of what TS is NOT. Training at a furious pace was a welcome distraction. As time went by, the distraction became my passion, my entire way of living and viewing life.

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