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Case Study No. 0329: Unnamed Female Librarian (Michelob Light)

Michelob Light The Librarian 2003 0 30 USA Ad
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[commercial opens with a young man walking into the library, as an attractive female librarian (blonde and wearing glasses) watches him from the front desk]
[cut to the man walking through the stacks, as the librarian follows and tries not to make it obvious that she's watching him]
[the librarian takes a book off the shelf and, while the man is distracted, walks behind him and slips the book into his backpack]
[cut to the man trying to exit the library, when the alarm sounds ... Confused, he turns and looks at the librarian (who is back at the front desk) and she smiles]
[cut to (apparently) later that night, as the man and librarian are sitting at a bar ... She playfully hits him in the head with that same book, then they stare into each other's eyes as she seductively takes off her glasses]
[cut to a bottle of Michelob Light being put on the bar, as "Nice Finish" appears on screen]



Michelob Light Has 'Nice Finish'
August 05 2002

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners tells stories backwards and introduces a new tagline, "Nice finish," in its first advertising for Michelob Light, sources said.

Three new TV spots are in rough-cut form and await client approval. They open with people drinking Michelob Light at a bar and then retrace the drinkers' steps leading to their arrival, according to sources involved in producing the work.

"The idea was that people would get the double entendre: It's a nice finish to the terrible day you've had and a nice finish to the beer as well," one executive said.

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