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Case Study No. 0335: Tenhwa

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (38) The Librarian's Tale
Back at House of Ballads, we learn about THE LIBRARIAN
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[the player speaks with King Wencen]
KING WENCEN: Listen. Hallam and I have been discussing what has transpired in Uduath. You are needed for a very special quest, a song of your very own. You must travel to the home of Tenhwa, also known as the Librarian. It is an important journey, not without its perils.
[the player selects "Who is Tenhwa?"]
KING WENCEN: I know little about the Librarian, only that she and Hallam have spent many seasons studying the ebbing tides of magic and how best to preserve our ballads. She is an odd creature, quite aloof and reclusive. From what I've heard, she enjoys the scholarly arts of men, with all their brittle ink-stained quirks.
[the player selects "Where is Hallam?"]
KING WENCEN: Do not rouse your mortal worry for Hallam. He has left the Court seeking answers to our many questions. He will return in time. If someone is corrupting the songs of this great house, Hallam will find them. He is the Storyteller, and he knows our ballads better than anyone.
[the player selects "I'm ready"]
KING WENCEN: Go to Tenhwa's cottage in Haxhi. She will be waiting for you. Retrieve a ballad from her collection of Fae Cairns. It is called "The Hero and the Maid." Bring it to me, and guard it with your life. Its worth cannot be measured.
[the player selects "Ballads Library"]
KING WENCEN: The library is a collection of special Lorestone called Cairns, in which are kept the greatest of Summer Court ballads. As long as they are safe, so too are our songs. The Library was not Lord Ysa's idea but the inspiration of Hallam the White. He created the Cairns and cast the spell that protects them. The world is changing. Everyone knows it, even if some choose not to accept it. Even as Summer Court magic weakens, our Library of lore will remain strong.
[the player selects "Fae Cairns"]
KING WENCEN: I do not speak of magic with a knowing tongue, but I do know that the persistance of Fae songs is eternally linked to the enchanted Lorestones in which they exist. When mortals began to use magic to create, change and even destroy their own Lorestones, it was decided that the ballads of the Summer Court needed better protection. The Cairns are a new kind of Lorestone, Hallam's way of keeping outside influence from affecting our stories, from corrupting them as the days pass and seasons transpire.
[the player selects "Goodbye"]
KING WENCEN: Tenhwa is expecting you.
[the player looks at his Quests directory and selects "Two Knights and a Troll"]
NARRATOR: King Wencen has sent me to retrieve a Fae Cairn called The Hero and the Maid from someone named Tenhwa. She resides in the Ballads Library, located southeast of the House of Ballads, between Glendara and Haxhi.


[the player enters the Ballads Library and finds the young female librarian surrounded by a forcefield]
TENHWA: Welcome. Do come in. You must forgive my lack of hospitality. The Maid of Windemere and her minions have left me in a bit of a situation. Creth and Airmer could offer no remedy, but perhaps your mortal ingenuity will prevail where others have failed.
[the player selects "What happened?"]
TENHWA: The Maid paid me a visit this past evening. She and her accomplice, Nix the Troll, stole my most prized Cairns. All that work, and for what? With what I know, I should have expected an attack. Even this imprisonment spell ... it is the same she used in the ballad of "Two Knights and a Troll!" I can't recall the counter-spell, of course, as that Cairn was stolen. You must get them back, mortal. All of them. Especially the one you came for.
[the player selects "How do I find the Maid?"]
TENHWA: Her nearest lair is Sundur Caverns, where her minion Nix makes his home. It is a craggy pit in Haxhi. East.
[the player selects "Goodbye"]
TENHWA: See you soon.


[the player returns to the Ballads Library after recovering the Cairns and defeating Nix the Troll]
TENHWA: Excellent! But, you've returned without the most important Cairn of all. Troubling, but that is a challenge for later. For now, you must break this cursed spell. As you've no doubt noticed, those Cairns are warded and will not reveal their secrets. They will, however, last an eternity. Perhaps even longer.
[the player selects "How do I use them?"]
TENHWA: Those Cairns are like Lorestones, but special. They are enchanted, and the only way to unlock their contents is to use the Echo Stone. The one in the next room is one of Hallam's early attempts, but it should work. Go listen to "Two Knights and a Troll." Find the words that will free me from this prison.
[the player selects "What is the Echo Stone?"]
TENHWA: It is a magical shrine specially created to hold the most glorious of Fae songs through tragedy and time. There is one in the other room.
[the player goes into the next room and activates the Echo Stone]
ECHO STONE: May the stone sing your song to the ages, may the breadth of time remember you. Listen, listen as the Echo Stone etches each ballad in memory.
[the player selects "Two Knights and a Troll, Part I"]
ECHO STONE: The story of two valiant souls I bring. Of the lords named Airmer and Creth, I sing. Two hearts united against common foes. The thoughts in mind of one, the other knows. Lord Creth, of Fae Knights most stoic and grave. Lord Airmer's hand and shadow, the Brave. And gentle Airmer, his equal in might. Dawn to Creth's dusk, day to his night. Here is the tale of how they stopped a Troll, the Maid of Windemere corrupted its soul.
[the player selects "Two Knights and a Troll, Part II"]
ECHO STONE: The troll named Nix had a most troubled heart. In nature was it displeased with its part. It hated its difference from the norm, and wished to shed its current form. In grief, it went to the Maid of Windemere. She motioned to Nix, and beckoned him near. "It is your wish to be human, I see," she whispered to the Troll in glee. "I shall grant your wish, and make you so." "You are a human now," she cackled. "Go!"
[the player selects "Two Knights and a Troll, Part III"]
ECHO STONE: And so the troll named Nix, to town it came. Never suspecting it was still the same. It crushed the road and split the wall, and Creth and Airmer were sure to fall. They faced the Troll and fought to no avail. The wise knights knew what was wrong in our tale. "The treacherous Maid of Winemere at play. We know in part what is wrong with this Fae." And so, Lord Airmer shouted to Lord Creth, "Challenge this troll to a dule to the death."
[the player selects "Two Knights and a Troll, Part IV"]
ECHO STONE: The troll, still under the wicked Maid's spell and was human, it thought, and all was well, rampaged through the countryside in joy, treating all as toys. Lord Airmer slowly approached him, and said, "If you are human, deal as such instead. Face us, if that is your fate. Duel us, and reveal the truth of your state." Then the troll and Fae did battle and fought; alas, all was not as the troll had thought.
[the player selects "Two Knights and a Troll, Part V"]
ECHO STONE: After he had won, Lord Creth said to Nix, with a mind to ease and a will to fix, "You are a troll, and that is good, my friend. You have no faults, no wrong to mend. But if it be your wish to join their kind, a better way you must find. There is naught wrong with following your will, as long as it does not bring others ill." Again the heroes of honor stayed true, the story of a Troll and the Knights two.
["Recite the counter-spell" appears on screen, so the player returns to Tenhwa]
TENHWA: Did you discover the words to the counter-spell?
[the player selects "But you've no faults to mend"]
TENHWA: I thought that was it. Apparently not.
["You have been cursed!" appears on screen]
TENHWA: Are you ready to speak the counter-spell?
[the player selects "You are human now! Go!"]
TENHWA: That's it! That's it!
[the forcefiled disappears]
TENHWA: Hear me, and don't forget a word. What Hallam feared is coming to pass. Somehow, using a new and twisted magic, the Maid of Windemere hopes to alter the Telling. At this moment, she possesses the single most important song in our canon, "The Hero and the Maid." If its story changes, we are all at risk. You must warn the House of Ballads. Time is running out ... for all of us.
[the player selects "What should I do?"]
TENHWA: Go, find Wencen and Hallam. It may already be too late.
[the player selects "Goodbye"]
TENHWA: I will sing of you, my friend.


From amalur.com:

The House of Ballads is a place where Fae heroes come to train before performing feats that make them into legends. These feats are stories written in song, which are given to each hero. The main goal for the House of Ballads is to repeat the past for the good of the coming future.


Mission 03
Two Knights and a troll

King Wencen will tell you to travel to a cottage in the north of Haxhi, where the Librarian resides. He wishes for you to retrieve a ballad from her collection of Fae Cairns called "The Hero and the Maid". Travel to the Library, unlock the door with the Ballads Signet Ring, enter and speak with Tenhwa, the Librarian, inside.

She tells you that the Maid of Windemere has left her in a sticky situation and that your mortal ingenuity will prevail over Fae's. There is a magical barrier surrounding her, which keeps her from moving and anyone getting close. If you try you will take a small amount of damage and be repelled backwards. Ask her what has happened to learn that the Maid and Nix the Troll have stolen all her Cairns that contain the counter spell. Without them she will not be able to recite it. After the talk with Tenhwa, you will set out to recover the Fae Cairns.

Make your way to the Sundur Caverns, which are located in Haxhi. Do not enter the Caverns just yet; instead go south of the mines to find the first Cairn on the side of a small cliff edge. Now go back to the Caverns and a group of Sprites will spawn; you can either fight them or just run right into the Caverns.

Advancing into the Caverns, you will meet Sir Airmer. Talk to him to learn that the Maid of Windemere is nowhere to be found, and then tell him you are looking for the Cairns. He will tell you that he has managed to find one of the Cairns, and that the Maid has left the area. She did, however, leave behind her companion, Nix the Troll, and Airmer wants you to join him in the battle against the beast. In this same area there is a hidden Pile of Rocks that you can loot. Take the western route until you can go either north or south: going south will net you another hidden Pile of Rocks, and north will lead you deeper in the Caverns.

You will soon come across some Bears that are not too difficult to take out with the help of your two new companions. Loot the chest to the west and continue north. Before long you will run into a group of Barghest. Pick them off one by one and make sure to grab the third Cairn before leaving the area along the eastern path.

A short distance along this path there will be a branching path leading to the north where you can fight some optional enemies if you wish. Otherwise continue following Airmer along the main route. A group of Sprites will ambush you as the path turns to the south, appearing in front and behind you, so make sure you are ready to face them. After repelling the first Sprite ambush, continue along the Cavern a short distance where, just as the path turns back to the east, another one awaits. Once these ambushers have been defeated, continue on to the east and retrieve the fourth Cairn.


From trueachievements.com:

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Developed by 38 Studios
Published by Electronic Arts
Genre: Role-Playing - Action RPG
Platform: Xbox 360


The next quest Two Knights and a Troll, naturally has more of the same fighting as you've come to expect. This one sends you to the Ballad Library to collect some of the ballads. Once you arrive the librarian will be under a type of curse and will tell you the ballads have been taken. You will go to retrieve 2 of them but will ultimately only get the Two Knights and a Troll ballad (in 6 parts). Anyway once you retrieve these you can return to the library and speak to the librarian. She will then have you use the Echostone to learn a counter spell to free her. Use the echo stone, then speak to her again choosing the "human" option (I forget the actual dialogue line, sorry). She will then be freed and send you back to the House of Ballads to tell the king that the Hero and the Maid ballad has been stolen by the Maid herself.

Upon your return you will learn that the entire court has been kidnapped by the Maid of Windemere. She will ultimately serve as the final boss for this quest line. For now accept the next quest titled What Lies Beneath. This quest will find you heading to a mission where you will be asked to speak with one of the brothers of the mission. Upon entering the bukhouse and heading upstairs you will see he has been murdered. Speak with some of the other brothers to eventually learn you need to investigate the well in town. You will descend the mission's well and have to search out 4 crystals. You will find 3 then confront the murdering brother for the 4th. If you pass the Persuasion check he will remain alive, otherwise kill him. Either way you will obtain the Whistle, which will appear as an item in your inventory (and totally reminds me of the flute from the original Legend of Zelda). I recommend you add this item to the radial bar as you will use it quite a bit later on. For now, just play it and follow the quest marker that appears to the final crystal. Note that the marker only appears for a few seconds (highly annoying) but you can play the Whistle as often as you need. Once you have all the crystals return to Hallam the White and the quest will be complete.


From wikia.com:

Two Knights and a Troll is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Two Knights and a Troll is the third quest in the House of Ballads questline.

You are tasked with a ballad of your own this time. Seek out Tenhwa in the Ballads Library between Webwood and Haxhi. Tenhwa is in quite a bind but you can lend her a hand in a bit. Head to the upstairs room and loot the Fae cache for the Skill Book (Dispelling). On the 1st floor you can loot the Treasures of Meropis off the desk before heading out to Sunder Caverns in north Haxhi.

Outside of the caverns you can find Two Knights and a Troll Part I book lying on the ground. Enter Sunder Caverns and talk to Sir Airmer to receive part V of the series. Go west and north to find two Bears and a chest then take a detour west to find three more bears. Continue north and slay the Barghest then snag part III from the middle of the room. As you move east you can take yet another detour north and fight off some Barghest before continuing. As you leave the next room a group of Sprites will surround you, so don't get surprised.

Follow the path past another group of Sprites and up part IV. Turn the corner and go a little ways down the corridor to find Nix the Troll. A few Sprites spawn so put your focus on them while your Fae partners hold off Nix. Fight Nix like any other Troll and he will soon go down, dropping part II to complete the Cairns. Loot the two chests to the south and make your way back to the Ballads Library. Use the Echostone in the next room over and play all the parts of the ballad. Recite the counter-spell and return to the King at the House of Ballads. The Maid of Windemere has taken over and Hallam has a plan should you choose to accept it.

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