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Case Study No. 0322: UCLA Librarian (Lite Bite)

LITEBite #7: Dude, Where's My Book?
Dude, Where's My Book?! Using the Online Catalog (2:30minutes)
Get some good-looking help finding College Library books.

LITE (Library Instruction To Everyone) Bites are short videos created by Diane Mizrachi, reference/instruction librarian in the UCLA College Library. These videos were designed by Jeff Warden and his student production team with the help of Stephen Sherwin of College Library. The videos are for UCLA undergraduate students, and were created under the generous auspices of the UCLA Office of Residential Life (ORL). Each short video tells the tale of various UCLA Library services with a humorous, fun theme.
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Lite Bite 7
"Dude, Where's My Book?!"
Using the Online Catalog

[scene opens with two male students sitting outdoors]
JESSE: Dude, where's my book?
CHESTER: Where's your book, dude?
JESSE: Dude, let's ask that hot librarian chick!
CHESTER: Yeah ...
[cut to inside the library]
JESSE: Woah!
[they approach a young female librarian sitting at the front desk, who flips her hair back as Jesse looks at her over his sunglasses]
JESSE: Hello, bodacious library babe! Can you tell us how to find our book?
[cut to a slow-motion shot of the librarian flipping her hair, as Prokofiev's love theme plays]
LIBRARIAN: Well, the catalog is the best place to find books, as well as journals, movies, and online resources.
JESSE: Awesome! Can you show us how to use it?
[cut to the same slow-motion shot of the librarian flipping her hair]
[she hands them a piece of paper]
LIBRARIAN: First, let me give you this. And if you have any questions, just ride on the road to research.
[he gives her the thumbs up, then cut to the two of them sitting in front of a computer]
JESSE: Okay dude, wadda we do?
CHESTER: Alright ...
["Go to" appears on screen]
CHESTER: First, go to www dot library dot ucla dot edu.
JESSE: And then?
["Click Search and Find" appears on screen]
CHESTER: Click link "Search and Find."
JESSE: And then?
["Click UCLA Library Catalog" appears on screen]
CHESTER: Click link "UCLA Catalog."
JESSE: And then?
["Type keywords in search box" appears on screen]
CHESTER: Type your keyword into the search box, dude. Duh!
JESSE: Okay, "surfing with hot chicks" ...
["Surf ... ing ... with ... HOT CHICKS!" appears on screen]
CHESTER: Right on!
JESSE: Woah! Located in "Pow-ell Library" ...
JESSE: Book call number "GV840" ... Yeah!
CHESTER: Alright, sweet ...
[he suddenly gets a confused look on his face]
CHESTER: Woah wait ... You can call a book?
JESSE: Well, no. No, dude. Bookshelf, dude, bookshelf!
CHESTER: Ohhhh ... Alright, let's go man.
JESSE: Alright.
[cut to the two students standing in the stacks, as Jesse pulls a book off the bookshelf]
JESSE: Woah, here it is dude!
JESSE: Wait a minute, this whole shelf has books about hot surfer chicks!
[they give each other the fist bump, then cut to the students walking out of the library with their book and laughing]
CHESTER: Happy studying!
JESSE: Happy studying!
[they give the camera a thumbs up, when two other male students jump in front of them and yell "Happy studying, y'all!"]

Created by
Diane Mizrachi

Written by
Alicia Leung

Supervising Producer
Jeff Warden


Jonathan Crisman
as Jesse

Jeff Trotter
as Chester

Natalie Kamper, MLIS
as Hot Librarian

Directed by
Jeff Warden

Camera by
Ruben Rodriguez

Sound by
Eddie Aros

Music by
Jonathan Crisman

Edited by
Jonathan Crisman

Assistant Editor
Jazzmin Mason-Berry



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.

* How to Find Your Course Reserve Materials (two minutes)

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* What you can do in the middle of the night at Powell (two minutes, thirty seconds)
Attractions of Night Powell, the extended-hours reading room

* CLICC (one minute)
Software, hardware, and other features of the College Library Instructional Computing Commons (CLICC)

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* The Librarian of Oz (two minutes)
Learn to have a heart and a brain on the "Road to Research" information literacy tutorial.

* Dude, Where's My Book?! Using the Online Catalog (two minutes, thirty seconds)
Get some good-looking help finding College Library books.

* Survivor (two minutes, fifty-one seconds)
Using powerful tools to help you get off that research paper island

* Nightmare On Term Paper Eve (three minutes, fourteen seconds)
Don't be caught napping! Tips for keeping information organized

* Evaluating Web sites with Elvis (two minutes, twenty-five seconds)
If the Web says Elvis is alive, it MUST be true!

* Chalk Talk (four minutes, fifty-one seconds)
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* Indiana Bruins (4:18 minutes)
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* The Anxiety of Searching for a Book (two minutes, sixteen seconds)
You are not alone! Many students become anxious when looking for their books in the library. Commiserate with fellow Bruins.

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