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Case Study No. 0347: Kooey T. Goose and Billiam Crock

Better Library Inductions For New Readers & Students
Kooey and Randy return to consider some helpful tips for librarians faced with the challenge of inducting new students to the mysteries of the libraryverse.
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[scene opens with two handpuppets (Kooey T. Goose and Randy T. Weasel) talking directly to the camera]
KOOEY: The introduction of new students or readers is, for many librarians, one of the most challenging times of the year.
RANDY: Yeah, well, that's because you always bore them to death with pointless information ...
KOOEY: Actually Weasel, for once, you have a point.
RANDY: I do? Oh, quick, call the Drudge Report!
KOOEY: Many librarians make the fatal error of assuming the more they say during induction, the less the reader will have to ask later ...
[cut to a crocodile handpuppet speaking with a group of new students]
BILLIAM CROCK: Ah, welcome to this short introduction to your library. Well, let's start with the single most important item you need to know ... fines.
["5 dull minutes later" appears on screen]
BILLIAM CROCK: Now, some of you might be wondering about what're those funny numbers on the book spines? Well, let me tell you all about my very special friend Mister Dewey, and his frap-tabulous classification scheme ...
["7 thrilling minutes later" appears on screen]
BILLIAM CROCK: So, as you can see, that's the first couple of hundred class marks. Mmm, exciting stuff, eh? Yes, now, let's delve on into the 300s and see what mysteries we can uncover ...
["15 numbing minutes later" appears on screen]
BILLIAM CROCK: And so, that's all the basics out of the way. So, uh, let's turn then to how to borrow a book ...
[cut back to Kooey and Randy]
RANDY: Make him stop! My tiny weasel brain started to explode right about the 170s ...
KOOEY: Indeed. Total information overload going far beyond the readers' immediate needs. Inductions should be short, to the point, cutting out the chaff whilst leaving in only prime real meat!
RANDY: Mmm! Ah, otherwise, you'll find that all the folks will remember from the session is that librarians are very boring people who drone on and on and on about irrelevancies ...
[he turns towards the goose]
RANDY: Looking at no one in particular here ...
KOOEY: Harumph! Now remember, the key to attention and retention is relevancy. What I need to know today, I'll remember. And what I need to know about for next week, I'll worry about later and just switch off.
[cut back to Billiam]
BILLIAM CROCK: Now, next year, you'll need to search the databases. So, uh, let's look at my seventeen-point guide to how Boolean operators work!
[the crowd boos]
BILLIAM CROCK: Um, would anyone here like to know where the computers actually are?
[the crowd cheers, then cut back to Kooey and Randy]
KOOEY: I always remember the rule of three. The three things every reader should take away from the induction, even if they don't pick up on anything else.
[cut to Randy speaking to the group of new students]
RANDY: So, remember kiddy-winks ... Libraries are dull, boring, and pointless places that you'll be forced to visit ad nauseum!
["1) Dull 2) Boring 3) Pointless" appears on screen]
RANDY: Now, as for the librarians themselves--
[Kooey appears]
KOOEY: Stop that! This is not what I mean at all! They should remember ...
["1) Catalogue 2) Opening times 3) Ask a librarian" appears on screen]
KOOEY: The catalogue is the first place to look for anything that's a book, what the opening hours are, and they can ask a librarian anything!
RANDY: Anything? Oh, really? Well, uh, what's the average air velocity of an African swallow?
KOOEY: Uhhhh, I don't know. I'll have to go and ask somebody ...
[the goose slowly waddles off]

Kooey T. Goose
Randy T. Weasel
Billiam Crock

A Weasel Televisual Enterprises Production
(c) 2008

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