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Case Study No. 0312: Linda Hosch

Students' Quick Action Helps Save Librarian
First graders at Piper Elementary School are being honored for their quick response to get help after the school librarian collapses during story time. KMBC 9's Maria Antonia reports.
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["KMBC News 9 Kansas City" appears on screen, as news anchors Larry Moore and Kelly Eckerman speak directly to the camera]
KELLY ECKERMAN: They're only in first grade, but they sure know what to do in an emergency.
LARRY MOORE: This Friday, Kansas City Kansas firefighters will be among those recognizing some young Piper Elementary students, as KMBC 9's Maria Antonia shows us tonight, they jumped into action when an educator started having health problems.
[cut to Maria Antonia standing in an empty gymnasium]
MARIA ANTONIA: We are at the Piper Elementary School Gym, and this place will be packed on Friday when emergency crews show up to congratulate some first graders who helped save their school librarian.
["12036 Leavenworth Rd" appears on screen, as footage is shown of Jocelyn Ward in her classroom teaching]
MARIA ANTONIA: [in voice over] We met Misses' Ward's first grade class at the library.
JOCELYN WARD: "Lunch" ... How do we spell it?
MARIA ANTONIA: [in voice over] They know how to spell and how to act fast. They did when Linda Hosch, their librarian, started having problems while reading to them two weeks ago.
["Patrick McCallop, fast acting first grader" appears on screen, as the young student is being interviewed]
PATRICK MCCALLOP: She was sitting in the chair ... then suddenly, she just passed out. And, um, I was running to the office. I got the desk person, and I got the nurse.
["Lydia Vogel, fast acting first grader" appears on screen, as the young student is being interviewed]
MARIA ANTONIA: [in voice over] Both Patrick and Lydia made their move.
LYDIA VOGEL: And my heart told me to go to the office and get help.
[cut to the school nurse as she is being interviewed]
ANN RATCLIFF: I think they're awesome, because they were calm, they were able to get help with the secretary when she sent them to get me. They were able to tell me that Miss Hosch wasn't talking to them anymore.
[cut back to footage of Miss Ward's class]
MARIA ANTONIA: [in voice over] They may be too young to spell a word like "defibrillator", but the school has one and used it.
[cut back to the school nurse]
ANN RATCLIFF: She stopped breathing, we started CPR, and then we had to put the patches on her and give her a shot ... but by then, the students had been taken out of the library.
[cut back to Patrick]
MARIA ANTONIA: [in voice over] All of the students remained calm from the beginning, when Patrick went for help.
PATRICK MCCALLOP: The reason why I did it was because my dad is a cop, and so I wanted to help people.
[cut back to Lydia]
MARIA ANTONIA: [in voice over] They've remained calm since.
LYDIA VOGEL: I've been praying for her.
[cut back to the school nurse]
ANN RATCLIFF: I do believe it was a cardiac incident.
[cut back to footage of Miss Ward's class]
ANN RATCLIFF: [in voice over] I don't believe we would be having the outcome with Linda without their quick response.
[cut back to Maria]
MARIA ANTONIA: The librarian won't be here on Friday when Patrick and Lydia and their classmates are recognized for helping save her, and that's because she's still recovering right now. At Piper Elementary, Maria Antonia, KMBC 9 News.
[cut back to the news room]
LARRY MOORE: Maria, thank you. That librarian is in a hospital, but her son is expected at the assembly, where Kansas City firefighters and the Red Cross will be among those recognizing the first graders for their actions.



Piper 1st-Graders Help Save Librarian
Woman Collapses During School Story Time

POSTED: 12:54 pm CST January 25, 2012

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A group of first-grade students at Piper Elementary will be honored for their quick thinking and heroism on Friday, two weeks after they got urgent medical help to their school librarian.

The students are in Jocelyn Ward's class and were hearing stories in the library on Jan. 10 when librarian Linda Hosch collapsed and stopped breathing.

"She was sitting and passed out," said student Patrick McCallop. "(We) ran to the office and got the nurse."

School officials said the children remained calm. A few of them went to see if they could help Hosch and a few of them rushed to the office to get help.

"My heart told me to go to the office and get help," said student Lydia Vogel.

"The reason I did it is because my dad is a cop," said McCallop.

Staff members came to the library and began to administer CPR until firefighters arrived to take over. Hosch was rushed to a hospital, where she is recovering. Students were taken out of the library once the adults arrived so that they couldn't be scared.

The Kansas City, Kan., Fire Department, the Wyandotte County Chapter of the American Red Cross and Hosch's family will commend the students for their actions during an all-school assembly scheduled for Friday.

"They do believe it was a cardiac incident," said school nurse Ann Ratcliff. "I don't believe we'd be having the outcome with Linda without their quick response."

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