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Case Study No. 0315: Brother Donatus

Robin Hood - The Scientist
The Adventures of Robin Hood is a popular British television series comprising 143 half-hour, black and white episodes. It

starred Richard Greene as the outlaw Robin Hood and Alan Wheatley as his nemesis, the Sheriff of Nottingham. The show aired

weekly between 1955 and 1959 on ITV in London in the UK and on CBS in the US. The show followed the legendary character

Robin Hood and his band of merry men in Sherwood Forest and the surrounding vicinity. While some episodes dramatised the

traditional Robin Hood tales, most episodes were original dramas created by the show's writers and producers.

Richard Greene, born, August 25, 1918, passed away, June 1, 1985 (age 66)

Tonight's Story "The Scientist"

Richard Greene ... Robin Hood
Alexander Gauge ... Friar Tuck
Alan Wheatley ... Sheriff of Nottingham
Archie Duncan ... Little John
Miles Malleson ... Albertus
Charles Lloyd Pack ... Abbot
Paul Hansard ... Gervaise
Willoughby Gray ... Roger of Danby
Peter Bennett ... Librarian
Victor Woolf ... Derwent
Andrew Crawford ... Hugh
Edward Mulhare ... First Soldier

Directed By Terry Bishop
Screenplay Written By Neil R. Collins
Executive Producer Hannah Weinstein
Producer Sidney Cole
Cinematography By Ken Hodges
Film Editing By David Hawkins
Assistant Director Chris Noble
Original Music By Edwin Astley
Art Direction By John Blezard

Original Air Date: October 8, 1956
Season 2, Episode 2
Production Co: Incorporated Television Company (ITC), Sapphire Films, Yeoman Films Ltd.

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[Friar Tuck is visiting a local abbey, when the Sheriff of Nottingham arrives with a warrant for the arrest of a scholar and scientist named Albertus]
SHERIFF: I hold a warrant, signed by Prince John, for the arrest of a traitor named Albertus. Is he here?
ABBOTT: We harbor no traitors here.
SHERIFF: You swear to that?
ABBOTT: In the name of the faith.
SHERIFF: Then I'll not waste time in a search ... but I also have an order to examine the books in your library.
ABBOTT: [shocked] The books? By what right?
SHERIFF: Books can commit treason as well as men.
ABBOTT: [looks to the heavens] The saints preserve us ... Oh tempera, oh mores.
FRIAR TUCK: Oh, indeed.
[the abbott shoots Friar Tuck a knowing look, then casually reveals the whereabout of Albertus in Latin]
ABBOTT: En biblioteca magista scientia es ...
SHERIFF: No Latin! What are you saying?
ABBOTT: Uh, merely an expression of my surprise.
FRIAR TUCK: Uh, if you'll excuse me Father, I must be getting along ...
ABBOTT: Yes, of course, of course. They will take care of you in the kitchen.
FRIAR TUCK: Uh, in the kitchen.
[he leaves, then sneaks his way past the sheriff's guards into the library, where he finds the middle-aged male librarian and goes to shake his hand]
FRIAR TUCK: Ah, Brother Donatus, I understand that you have a guest staying--
DONATUS: [slowly] Friar Tuck.
FRIAR TUCK: Uh, yes yes, I am.
[he looks around the library nervously]
FRIAR TUCK: A guest staying here, a master of science from Oxford ...
DONATUS: [slowly] Welcome.
FRIAR TUCK: [realizing that the librarian is a bit slow-witted] Thank you, my quick-witted friend. Who is--
[he looks over and sees a man sitting at a table writing]
FRIAR TUCK: Ah, excuse me.
[the librarian shrugs and moves on, as Tuck rushes over to the man]
FRIAR TUCK: Albertus of Oxford?
[he nods, as the librarian looks over at the two with a quizzical look on his face]
FRIAR TUCK: Come with me!
[they head for the window and climb out, just as the head abbott and the sheriff enter]
SHERIFF: The library, Father Abbott.
[the sheriff spies the librarian, and menacingly approaches him]
SHERIFF: What works have you here by Albertus of Oxford?
DONATUS: [backs away] By Albertus? May I ask who--
SHERIFF: You may not ask anything, just answer.
[the abbott motions behind the sheriff's back for the librarian to keep quiet, but he doesn't understand]
DONATUS: We have an excellent copy of his magnum opus.
[he points to a scroll on the table, which the sheriff snatches up]
DONATUS: With annotations and addenda by the author.
ABBOTT: [takes the scroll] I'll take charge of this, Brother Donatus.
SHERIFF: Annotations?
DONATUS: Uh, in the margins.
SHERIFF: They only go halfway down the page.
DONATUS: [smiles like an idiot] Come back in a few days. He's still writing them!
SHERIFF: [shoots a dirty look at the abbott] "He's still writing them" ... Where is he?
DONATUS: Well, he uh ... [he smiles again] He must've gone out for a breath of fresh air.
[the sheriff runs to the window and sees Friar Tuck and Albertus escaping]
SHERIFF: [yelling to his guards] After them!



The Adventures of Robin Hood
Air Date: October 8, 1956
Season 2, Episode 2: "The Scientist"

Albertus the scientist has invented a terrible bomb, and is afraid his idea will fall into the wrong hands. How can Robin, an outlaw, help a man who keeps such close company with the king?

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