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Case Study No. 0337: R. Lee Ermey (Wannabe Librarian)

Peace and Quiet
NRA's 2012 Trigger the Vote campaign launches today! To kick off the campaign, the NRA Freedom Action Foundation is rolling out its first ad, "Peace and Quiet" featuring actor and former U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey. Gunny Ermey has starred in "Full Metal Jacket" as well numerous other movies, TV series and commercials through the years. Visit for more info.
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[scene opens with R. Lee Ermey (sitting at a desk and wearing a cardigan sweater) speaking directly to the camera]
ERMEY: After all my time as a Marine Corp drill instructor, I felt that I was ready for a switch ...
[cut to Ermey sitting at the front desk of a library, as an elderly male patron brings him a stack of books]
ERMEY: [in voice over] Something calm, quiet, and peaceful ... like a library.
[Ermey opens the first book on the top of the pile]
ERMEY: Three months overdue ... That'd be ninety four dollars.
[he pauses, then laughs]
ERMEY: Just kiddin'! Just try to do better next time, okay?
[cut to a young couple making out at the stacks, when Ermey quietly taps the man on the shoulder, points at them, smiles and calmly wags his finger]
[cut to Ermey back at the front desk, when he hears a cell phone ringing and looks over at a male patron answering his phone]
MALE VOICE: [from off camera] Hello?
PATRON 1: [into the phone] He kicked the door in, I said look, I told y'all I knew Chuck Norris ... Yeah, hold on, hold on one second, I got my special teams comin' down on the field.
[he looks down and flicks a paper football at a little kid sitting across the table from him, hitting him in the head]
KID: Ow!
PATRON 1: [yelling] Woo! Game over! In your face, kid!
[Ermey calmly enters the scene and (after smiling) puts his finger to his lips]
ERMEY: [quietly] Shh ...
[cut to Ermey back at the front desk (smelling a flower) when a young male patron (wearing a "Gun control ... means using both hands" t-shirt) throws a stack of books down]
ERMEY: Library card.
PATRON 2: Uh, I forgot it.
ERMEY: Driver's license.
PATRON 2: Nah, I walked here.
ERMEY: Voters' registration card.
PATRON 2: [pause] I'm sorry, voters' what?
ERMEY: You mean you're not registered to vote?
[the patron folds his arm and gets a smirk on his face]
PATRON 2: What's my one vote gonna do anyway, huh?
[Ermey's eye begins to switch, when he slams his hand on the table and stands up]
ERMEY: [yelling] Not registered to vote?!
[all of the nearby patrons look up in surprise]
ERMEY: But you think that wearing that tough-guy t-shirt is protecting your second amendment rights? Listen up! You get your butt over to that computer station right now, log onto triggerthevote dot com, and register to vote!
PATRON 2: [nervously] Yes sir ...
[he sits down at the computer and begins typing, as Ermey looks over his shoulder]
PATRON 2: [looks up] What about the rest'a you?!
[all of the nearby patrons jump up and rush to the other computers]
[cut to Ermey sitting in a chair at the front desk, holding an apple, and speaking directly to the camera]
ERMEY: Sure, I could go back to bein' a hard-ass, but right now I'm enjoying the peace and quiet here at the library ...
[the first patron (wearing a "Occupy My Doublewide" t-shirt) appears and slams a stack of books onto the desk, then smiles and holds up his "Voter Registration Card (Group Leader Randy)" card]
ERMEY: You and I gonna get along just fine ...
["Trigger the Vote" logo appears on screen]
ERMEY: [in voice over] Paid for by the NRA Freedom Action Foundation.



'Full Metal Jacket' actor urges supporters to 'trigger the vote' in NRA campaign
By Geneva Sands-Sadowitz - 02/15/12 11:15 AM ET

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is out with a new ad urging supporters to get out the vote for the launch of its Freedom Action Foundation "Trigger the Vote" registration drive.

Actor and NRA board member R. Lee Ermey stars in the commercial with his signature raised voice, yelling at viewers to "listen up" and register.

The ad, titled "Peace and Quiet," features Ermey — a former U.S. Marine who is well-known for playing the tough Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in the 1987 flick "Full Metal Jacket" — in a newfound career path as librarian.

Ermey remains calm and collected in his new role until he is set off by an unregistered voter wearing a T-shirt that says, "Gun control ... means using both hands."

"You mean you're not registered to vote?" asks Ermey in the ad.

"What's my one vote going to do anyway, huh?" he replies.

"Not registered to vote," yells Ermey. "But you think wearing that tough-guy T-shirt is protecting your Second Amendment rights? Listen up, you get your butt over to that computer station right now, log on to and register to vote."

The nonpartisan initiative is aimed at getting voters to the polls to elect candidates on both sides of the aisle that support the NRA's mission.

The president of the NRA's Freedom Action Foundation, Chris W. Cox, said the group is launching the campaign to encourage gun owners and supporters to participate in the political process in an opinion piece for The Daily Caller Wednesday.

"Too many Americans, for one reason or another, have chosen to sit on the sidelines by not registering to vote. Unfortunately, this includes too many American gun owners. It's part of my job to do something about that," wrote Cox.

The ad, which is part of the NRA's multimillion-dollar campaign, will air in select states across the country in a six-figure media buy, according to Cox.

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