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Case Study No. 0327: Unnamed Female Librarian (Wild Arms)

Wild Arms Walkthrough Part 6 - Cecilia
Sorry about the parts being so short. My watch broke so I had to go without a stopwatch.


- Began Cecilia's Prolouge

- Got the Stop Watch Tool
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Wild Arms is a role-playing game developed by software company Media.Vision and originally released in Japan in 1996 for the Sony PlayStation video game console and was later translated and released in North America in 1997 and Europe in 1998 by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Taking place in the fantasy world of Filgaia, Wild Arms follows the adventures of a band of miscreants and adventurers called Dream Chasers who scour the world in search of excitement and fortune. The player assumes control of a young boy named Rudy who has the ability to operate powerful weapons called Ancient Relic Machines (ARMs), forbidden remnants of a lost age that resemble guns. Along with his companions Jack and Cecilia, the group must use their respective skills to navigate through the vast wastelands and dungeons of Filgaia and prevent an otherworldly threat from reviving their lost leader and destroying the world.


Wild Arms takes place in the world of Filgaia ("Fargaia" in the original Japanese version), a fantasy world modeled closely after the American Old West and Medieval Europe. The Wild West motif is present throughout the entirety of the game, and though several different landforms and climates exist across the entirety of the world, vast deserts, wide gorges, canyons, and sparse grasslands make up the majority of the landscape. A number of towns and villages exist, some containing old-world European architecture and castles, while others resemble early American frontier towns and trade posts. Technology at the time of the game is set around the early Industrial Revolution, with advancements such as motors first coming into use. A recurring theme throughout the game is destructive technology such as guns and firearms being seen as dangerous and therefore forbidden technology that is feared by the general populace. Since most of the world's most advanced technology existed centuries before the start of the game, archaeologists and engineers are essentially one and the same; rediscovering old technology as they find new applications for it.


Cecilia Lynn Adlehyde is a young mage who has spent most of her life studying at the Curan Abbey magic school. Her 17th birthday at the beginning of the game marks her official ascension into the Adlehyde royal family and departure from the school. Before she is able to leave, however, she is contacted by a mysterious voice who beckons her to a hidden library deep within the abbey. It is there that she confronts and defeats a demon using her fledgling magic skills, and frees a powerful entity known as a "Guardian" from a sealed book. The Guardian informs Cecilia that her royal blood allows her to be a medium between the real world and the spirit dimension occupied by the avatars of all the world's elemental forces, and that she will be instrumental in securing the future and reconstruction of the barren planet. Throughout her life she has disliked being just a figurehead - being known as "Ceceila the princess" and not as "Ceceila the girl". One of her reasons for joining Rudy and Jack was so she would not be lonely. It is hinted that she may be in love with Rude.



Oh... Innocent One.
You can feel my mind in

Girl: Me...? Are you calling me...? It's dark in here. I can't see...

[lights began to flash around her, and the voice begins to speak to her
once again.]

Take my wishes to your heart,
Innocent One...

Tell me your name...
We will again be bound by
the ancient contract.

Girl: Who are you? I'm not the one you want!

Tell me your name.

Once again, the world is being
engulfed by darkness.
Tell me your name.

Girl: ... ...My name is...Cecilia.

[a large, dark form appears in front of her]

Girl, Cecilia...
Let go of your ego...
The power is in the book....

[The form disappears in a flash of lights]

Cecilia: ... Who are you...?

Cecilia... the Innocent One.

The class is over...

[Cecilia suddenly awakes to find that she is in a desk in one of her magics classes in Curan Abbey]

Cecilia: Huh? What happened?

Classmate: Aren't you turning 17 today? You need to work on not being so spaced out.

Classmate 2: Aren't you supposed to go back to Adlehyde when you turn 17? I worry about the future if our princess has mental problems.

Cecilia: Gee... You guys are being really nice to me today.

Classmate 2: You're going back to Adlehyde soon, aren't you? You should say farewell to everyone...

Cecilia: Yeah, I need to do that...

Classmate: ... Are you done yet?

Classmate 2: Stop procrastinating. Get going!

Classmate: Everyone will appreciate your visit.

[To start saying her goodbyes, she wanders off to the library where a brunette stops her in her tracks.]

Librarian: Cecilia! Good timing. I know you'll help me out. I was sorting the books, but I ended up making a mess. I'm terrible at this. Anje, the magician, has a magic [Pocket Watch]. Please, Cecilia. Get the watch from Anje and help me clean the library! The watch will reverse time and put all the books back on the shelves.

[Cecilia goes to find Anje and hopefully borrow the mystical Pocket Watch.]

Anje: Good timing. Please take a look. This is the [Guardian Stone]. It responds to the power of the Guardians. According to my studies, the [Tear Drop]has some connection to them. Push the Tools button near the desk and use the [Tear Drop]. The [Guardian Stone] should respond. If you do this for me, I shall give you my [Pocket Watch].

[Cecilia approaches the table with the Guard Stone and shines the Tear Drop; the stone glows.]

Anje: Just as I thought, there's a definite reaction! Your [Tear Drop] crystal and the Guardians are linked in some way. The [Tear Drop] is the secret treasure of the Adlehyde family. That's why the stone glowed. This will help so much in furthering my research. You can have my [Pocket Watch]. It's very useful.

[Cecilia receives the Pocket Watch.]

Anje: By using the [Pocket Watch], you can go back in time. You can reconstruct broken boxes and reset objects that are stuck in place. It may not always be effective, but its magic is worth repeating.

[Now that Cecilia has the Pocket Watch, she goes back to the library and speaks with the librarian, who is standing at the door.]

Librarian: So that's Anje's watch. Please use it to fix up this mess. I'll go over to Sister Mary and make some excuses. I'll be right back. Cecilia, I'm counting on you, OK?

[Cecilia enters and walks towards the pile of books strewn all over the ground.]

Cecilia: I hate to use magic for a purpose like this, but...

[Cecilia uses the Pocket Watch; suddenly, all but one book is left on the ground.]

Cecilia: Wow! This thing really works! Huh? There's one book still left on the floor.

[Cecilia approaches the book; suddenly, it speaks to her mind]

Innocent One...
Let go of your ego...

I am...
trapped within the...
[Sealed Library]...

[The book promptly disappears.]

Cecilia: A book spoke to me. The same voice as in the dream. What is the [Sealed Library]? I wonder if it's located somewhere in the abbey?

[Cecilia goes to speak to the librarian in Sister Mary's classroom]

Librarian: Cecilia, thanks for your help.

[Cecilia talks with Sister Mary.]

Sister Mary: So, a book is calling you to the [Sealed Library]?

Cecilia: Yes, it's not a dream. A shadow spoke to me and asked me to release him from the book. Sister Mary. I thought you might know.

Sister Mary: A book which speaks. And a large shadow? A library in which many forbidden secrets are stored does exist. Where the [Sealed Library] is... That I cannot tell you. You were summoned by the Guardians to search for the [Sealed Library]. If you are the chosen one, you must do this on your own. The [Sealed Library] may hold many monsters. Please be careful. May the Guardians be with you.

[Cecilia speaks with the librarian, the one she helped earlier.]

Librarian: This is just a rumor. A [Light] is supposed to be the key to opening the door. A warm, powerful [Light]. I don't know what the light is.

[Cecilia speaks with her friends in the classroom]

Classmate 1: Did you finish your rounds already? The [Sealed Library]? I've heard of it. I don't know if it really exists. Ask Sister Mary or one of the older instructors. Sister Mary, the head chef, and Lila the motormouth might know of the [Sealed Library].

Classmate 2: The abbey is very old. There are many strange rumors and tales about it. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a book like the one you talked about.

[As the first suggested, Cecilia heads off to speak with Lila, who is sick in bed]

Lila: I'm not the only one who knows this. The [Sealed Library] is a popular rumor around here. Something acts as a key to open the door or something.

Girl upstairs in the hallway: I don't know about any [Sealed Library], but I do know that the two statues in the courtyard have secret switches. I want to push them so baaaad!!!

[Cecilia heads north to a girl looking into the courtyard]

Girl: There is something strange about the courtyard. For some, the two statues become as light as a feather. For others, they are as heavy as a mountain. Something about those statues is real spooky.

[Cecilia heads to the courtyard; determined to solve the puzzle, she moves the statues so that they face each other. At the end, she shines the light of the teardrop between them. Flashing lights emerge and fly northward into the abbey, creating a teleportation symbol on the wall.]

I am the Eternal Darkness.
Come to me, Innocent One.
Bring me your inner light.

[Cecilia uses the teardrop and is warped to the Sealed Library; upon entrance, a voice speaks to her.]

The three books act as a door.
They are called the [Books of Doors].
The key is the [Flame].
Open the door and light the path.

[Afterwards, Cecilia throws the three books in the room into the fire; a passageway reveals itself. She makes her way down and comes upon a suspicious-looking book lying on the desk in the underground room. She approaches it; the pages start to turn, and a black crystal floats out from it before bursting into a giant demon!]

The Book Monster: A human who wants to touch the forbidden book! I shall grant your wish and make you a part of my story!

Cecilia: You're not the shadow that calls me, are you?

[A battle starts.]

The Book Monster: Daughter of the way of magic! Become my flesh and blood inside the forbidden book!

[Cecilia defeats the monster Nelgaul; a light bursts from the book and takes shape.]

Cecilia: The shadow figure from my dream.

The Shadow: I am Stoldark, the Guardian of the water. For ages, the demon Nelgaul has locked me in this terrible book. I have waited a long time for the Innocent One who would receive the Guardian Spirit.

Cecilia: The Innocent One? Me?

Stoldark: The world is at the turning point of darkness again. Innocent One. can you hear the anger of the land and the wind? The screams of the sea and the sky?

Cecilia: ...

Stoldark: Wear me as your armor, Innocent One. I shall protect you in your fight for life. The battle for Filgaia begins again. Everything begins with [Lolithia].

[The Guardian Stoldark shrinks into a rune, which is deposited into Cecilia's hand; she acquires the water rune.]

Cecilia: [Lolithia]... What does that mean?

[Cecilia is teleported back to the Curan Abbey, where she is intercepted by Sister Mary.]

Sister Mary: Welcome back, Cecilia. Now you realize the responsibilities of the women in the Adlehyde family. The female descendants of the Adlehyde family share their thoughts with the Guardians. They must carry the burden of their destiny with them for the rest of their lives. No one can understand the pain and pressure which you must endure. But, they can help you cope with it and make your life easier. Cecilia, they will never understand the burden one's destiny brings. Walk proudly from the abbey. You must travel your own path from now on. Go! You are the Innocent One, the Guardians have chosen!

[And thus, Cecilia departs from the abbey to head back to Adlehyde.]


Vassim: It is possible to repair the arm... But, we are missing two key ingredients for the operation though... To reclaim the left hand, we need the [Life Force] Guardian. To regulate its powers, we need the [Illusion] Guardian. With both of these in place, we can finally apply the Guardian Blade to his left arm. Mariel and I will prep him for the operation. You warriors go and gather the two powers of the Guardians. The [Life Force] Guardian is sealed somewhere in the forest prison... I don't know where the [Illusion] Guardian is... There is a magical book called [De Le Metalica]. It's a book about alchemy and it is said the power of [Illusion] lives in it. To find one tiny book in this huge world I... You must do this. You are our last hope.

[With that said and done, your duo of Cecilia and Jack heads for the Curan Abbey in order to access the Sealed Library. Perhaps De Le Metalica lies there... And sure enough, it does - in the room where Cecilia fought her first boss. You try to read the book. ]

*The pages turn by themselves until it reaches a section on forbidden magic. As your consciousness wanes you begin to hear a voice from afar...

[Cecilia and Jack appear in the Illusion Labyrinth. They happen upon five bookcases, which correspond with five treasure chests.]

Bookcase 1:
*The pages turn automatically to a sentence.
Closed minds will lead Filgaia to its doom. [Closed]

Bookcase 2:
*The pages turn automatically to a sentence.
The Elws have gone to another world... [Closed]

Bookcase 3:
*The pages turn automatically to a sentence.
For a thousand years, people have torn apart the land, looking for the future they've lost. [Open]

Bookcase 4:
*The pages turn automatically to a sentence.
A foolish woman opened the box and all the desires of the world released. This is human nature in its purest form. [Open]

Bookcase 5:
*The pages turn automatically to a sentence.
What do you search for with those closed eyes? This is Filgaia, a dying world... [Closed]

[You head back to the closed door.]

*It's true, [Knowledge] is the real treasure. It can help people, as well as confuse them.

[The door admits Cecilia and Jack finally. After obtaining the last three "elemental" books - Nothingness, Sacred, and Illusion - Jack steps forward.]

Jack: So, I should adapt these characteristics into an attack. I'm gonna give it a try... There must be a bunch of different characteristics.

[You acquire a fast draw hint and head on your way. Then comes the infamous door puzzle! The stone tablet at the first set of doors reads...]

Tablet 1:
*I see knowledge as a guardian of the secret ways... Uninvited one... Go to the
left or to the right, for we shall not meet. [Left]

Tablet 2:
*The might of the demons is determined by the strength of their machines. So why does man follow the ways of the demons? Will the path to the left lead to horns? Will the path to the right lead to man? Choose the path you believe in. [Right]

Tablet 3:
*Visitors to book of [De Le Metalica]! What do you seek in this foreign world? The one who turns left here shall receive the power of Death. The one who turns right here shall receive the power of Life. [Right]

Tablet 4:
*[Guardian Blade]... Who is this that possesses unworthy powers? To forge a future for the world, choose the left door. To take the future from the world, choose the right door. [Left]

Tablet 5:
*People always speak of justice while using power to enforce it. What then is the meaning of justice? If you want justice as power, take the right door. If you want power as justice, take the left door. [Right]

[After successfully making it through that puzzle, you follow a circular path.
Finally, you confront a Guardian at the end of the path.]

Duras Drum: This is the realm of the forbidden knowledge. I am the keeper of all the knowledge stored here. Humans! You have successfully overcome the labyrinth. You have earned the right to possess the secret power of [Illusion]. Just remember, the power is a vehicle, not a driver. Warrior and the Shaman Princess, take my powers... Have faith in what you do.

[The Hades Rune is obtained. Now that both Guardians have been obtained, Cecilia and Jack head back to Vassim's Lab in the Elw Realm.]

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