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Case Study No. 0318: Lex and Professor Codex

BookWorm Adventures Deluxe Awesome Words + Ending.
My Best Words at BookWorm Adventures plus Defeating Codex and Ending....
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[Lex the Bookworm faces Professor Codex in the Great Library]
CODEX: Recalcitrant verminous annelid! You have not defeated me! The stories within the Great Library are brimming with villains to unleash and heroes to enslave! I'll simply build an even greater army. Your precious Cassandra will never be free and sadly your timer has reached "zero". Any last words, gullible grub?
LEX: Actually, yes ...
[he spells out the word "hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian"]
LEX: I've got just the one!
[his word score gives Lex the power to shoot an energy bolt out of his mouth at Codex, causing him to disappear and the captured Cassandra the oracle to be freed]
CASSANDRA: You did it, Lex!
LEX: Sure did! What did I do exactly?
CASSANDRA: You defeated Codex, trapping him in his magic pen. Not only that, all the creatures Codex trapped have been freed and returned to their books! With Codex gone, you are now the Guardian of the Great Library!
LEX: Protect every book ever written? After the last three books, I'm ready for more! Count me in!
CASSANDRA: That's my little hero! Farewell! The Great Library is yours!



Green bookworm Lex, the mascot of the previous Pop Cap game Bookworm, is back for more word-creating action in Bookworm Adventures, but with RPG Elements added to the mix.

Lex's adventures begin with a quest: save his friend Cassandra, who has been kidnapped by an unknown evil. With the aid of Professor Codex's magic pen, he jumps into the books of the Great Library to search for her, defeating enemies along the way with words created from a grid of letters. The longer the words, the more powerful Lex's attacks are.

As Lex progresses through each book chapter, the monsters (in the first Book World based on Greek Mythology, with the second themed of 1001 Arabian Knights and the third of Horror) get more difficult, with a boss fight at the end of every chapter. Fortunately, Lex also becomes stronger; he occasionally levels up in HP, attack, or defense and obtains a nifty treasure at the end of every chapter with various beneficial effects. Additionally, every book has optional minigames, unlocked once Lex has completed a certain number of chapters, that can be played for prizes.

Reveal: Lex learns near the end of the game that the Big Bad who kidnapped Cassandra wasn't Dracula but Professor Codex, who used his imprisonment of Cassandra (and Dracula's apparent kidnapping of her) to maneuver Lex into fighting the books' monsters and unknowingly breaking the chains of fiction that kept them in the books. Thanks to Lex doing such a great job with these monsters, Codex can now control them as his minions.



Professor Codex was an anthropomorphic bird and the main antagonist of Bookworm Adventures. He helped Lex in Books 1 and 2 but in Book 3 he finally revealed he never wanted Cassandra to be saved. He is the final boss of the first Bookworm Adventures game.


Book Barrage - Cuts and Damages Lex
Book Slap - Smashes tiles, Locks tiles, and Plagues a tile
Power Surge - Heals and Purifies enemy, Boosts enemy's attack, and Weakens Lex
Pen Blast - Poisons, Burns, and Freezes Lex
3+4 Letter Immunity - Enemy is immune to 3 and 4 letter words

Codex appeared as Lex's senior and the Head Librarian in the Great Library. He has a magic pen which can be used to transport individuals (including Lex) into various books in the library.

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