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Case Study No. 1606: Latim City Librarian

Genesis LP Episode 6: Of Librarians and Mercenaries
We find a bajillion items hidden in a library and have a deadly confrontaion with NotGary.
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[scene opens in Latim City, as the player watches three men (one of whom is the player's father) enter a large building, then a young woman bumps into the player from behind]
SONYA: Oh, excuse me!
[she pauses]
SONYA: Ah, you're the young trainer I met in Felridge, aren't you? Did you happen to see some men enter this building in front of us?
[the player selects "Yes"]
SONYA: Really? Oh, well I must hurry then, excuse me please!
[she runs through the door, as the player walks up to the building and reads the sign outside]
NARRATOR: "Latim City National Library ... Serao's Largest Library"
[the player enters the library (as "National Library 1F" appears on screen) and walks up to an obese male patron browsing the stacks near the front desk]
MALE PATRON: I'm only here to get out of the rain!
[the player speaks with the female librarian at the front desk]
LIBRARIAN: Hello, how may I help you? Oh, you're looking for someone? Three men followed by a woman? Yes, I remember, one of the men said they were going to Floor Ten.
[the player checks the computer next to the librarian]
NARRATOR: It's all complicated words and numbers that make no sense ...
[the player takes the stairs, then stops on the eighth floor and speaks with one of the patrons]
FEMALE PATRON: Latim City is a big city but we don't get many tourists here. Maybe we need to have something more exciting than just a library.
[the player heads up to the tenth floor, where the young woman is spying on the three men in the stacks]
SONYA: Shhh! Oh, it's you again. You're probably wondering why I'm following these people around, right? I'm kind of a mercenary. The government hired me to follow this group of men around. Particularly the dark-haired one.
[an exclamation point appears over the woman's head, as she turns to watch the men again]
SONYA: Look, they're doing something! I think it's safe to get a little closer.
[they move forward to eavesdrop]
SONYA: Hmm ... looks like they might be here for a while. I'm not really sure why I've been asked to follow these men. So far they haven't done anything overly suspicious. Do you think these people look suspicious?
[the player selects "No"]
SONYA: Hmm ... Interesting.
[she pauses]
SONYA: Shh! I think they're saying something.
[the camera pans over to focus on the men, as they huddle around one bookcase in particular]
SCIENTIST: Come on, Rick! Have you got it yet?! We don't have much time!
DAD: Just give me a couple more seconds, okay? This is incredible ... who knew so much power could exist inside a single Pokemon?
[he pauses]
DAD: Okay, I've got what I need now, we can start phase two of Ark now. Let's head out!
[the camera pans back to the woman and the player]
SONYA: Damn! They're about to leave. Look, it'll mean bad news for both of us if they see us. I'll have my Bronzong teleport you outside ... Oh, I almost forgot, my name is Sonya.
[cut to the player standing outside of the library]


From pokecommunity.com:

Pokemon Hacks Showcase: Pokemon Genesis

Code Base: FireRed [BPRE]
Author: Thrace
Language: English

* New Region - The beautiful and rugged region of Serao will be home to many different kinds of Pokémon
* Decision Based Storyline - Your decisions in-game will affect the direction of the story
* New Tiles - Realistic and beautiful new buildings in each city
* Berry Trees - The old berry trees from GSC will be present but what is their significance?
* D/P/Pt Pokémon - 31 newly inserted Pokémon from the 4th Generation
* Judeo-Christian References - Religious references in names and events will foreshadow future events
* Travel Between Different Regions - Visit old and foreign lands, meet new and familiar people

"In the beginning, there was only a churning turmoil of chaos. At the heart of chaos, where all things became one, appeared an Egg. Having tumbled from the vortex, the Egg gave rise to the Original One. From itself, two beings the Original One did make. Time started to spin. Space began to expand. From itself again, three living things the Original One did make. The two beings wished, and from them, matter came to be. The three living things wished, and from them, spirit came to be. The world created, the Original One took to an unyielding sleep..."

You are the child of the newly promoted lead scientist of Serao's largest corporation, Uriel Enterprises. A company previously praised for its many contributions to charity and emphasis on fair trade has now become shrouded in controversy due to unexplained spending of investors' assets. One day your father asks you to get a parcel waiting for him in the neighboring city. You visit your lifelong best friend to borrow a Pokémon for protection on your trip. When you arrive you meet a strangely familiar woman who suspiciously leaves abruptly. Who is this mysterious woman? Why is your father associated with a seemingly corrupt company? What does the future hold for the young protagonist? When the border between good and evil becomes blurred, which side will you choose?


From wikia.com:

Pokemon Genesis is a ROM hack of the official Nintendo release of Pokemon Fire Red, featuring all 493 Pokemon, giving trainers an easier way to "catch 'em all."

Pokemon Genesis is a game for the Nintendo Wii and features an online Wi-Fi Battle and Trading System, motion controlled battling for experienced players, hundreds of new items and characters, and much more.

This game is rated T for Teen for Mild Sexual Themes and Violence.

Aravea is the continent on which Pokemon Genesis is set. It is situated slightly to the northwest of Orre and Citadark Isle. All Pokemon originated from Aravea, but some are now much rarer than others. There are over 27 environments to explore.

40 years after the settlement of the "Miracle Continent" of Aravea, trouble is brewing. Team Enigma, a terrorist group that opposes Pokemon United, is steadily becoming more of a threat. Determined to fight back against the nefarious schemes of Enigma, Pokemon United prepares for a counterattack. They send in Agent Moh to eliminate the threat, but he fails miserably. Pokemon United is now facing defeat, but at the same time, the Junior Pokemon United member Jackal/Panther leaves on his jouney. As Jackal takes down Gym Leaders and his Rival countless times, he sets his eyes on Team Enigma and ends up saving the day for everyone.

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