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Case Study No. 1602: Unnamed Female Librarian (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

KFC Maxi Twist -- Bibliotekarka
Kampania "Prawdziwy kurczak, prawdziwy smak."
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[scene opens in a public library, as a man in a chicken costume (yellow feathers with a hoodie to simulate the chicken's "head") sneaks up on a young female librarian (short blonde hair, glasses, pink blouse, purple skirt) standing on a ladder shelving books, then surreptitiously pushes some books on her cart onto the floor]
[she gets down from the ladder and bends down to pick up the books, then the man quickly emerges from his hiding spot and bends down to pick up the books for her (as if he just happened to be in the area and was helping her out of the goodness of his heart)]
[cut to a closeup of the two looking into each other's eyes as romantic music plays]
[cut to the two on a date (the man still in his chicken costume), as the librarian seems entranced by the play they are attending ... while the man seems to be falling asleep due to boredom (but when the librarian grips his hand, he quickly sits up in his chair and acts as if he too is enraptured by the performance)]
[cut to a closeup of the man, as he pretends to wipe away a tear ... but when the librarian looks back towards the stage, he leans back and adjusts the earbuds that he's wearing (which are covered up by the sides of his hoodie)]
[cut to the librarian reading "Hamlet" in her home, while the man sits in a chair next to her, reading another copy and smiling]
[cut to a shot behind the man, revealing that he's using his copy of "Hamlet" to hide a male body-building magazine]
[cut to the two walking down the street arm-in-arm, as the libarian stops at the window of a jewelry store and stares at the diamond ring on display]
[cut to the two inside the store, as the man (rather than buying the ring for her) tries on some lavish gold chains instead ... as the saleswoman starts coming onto him]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian, who turns to see this flirting (as the romantic music stops with a record scratch)]
[cut to the librarian (by herself) in a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, eating a KFC Maxi Twist chicken wrap and smiling]
[cut to various closeup shots of a Maxi Twist being prepared, as "KFC Maxi Twist" appears on screen]
MALE ANNOUNCER: Mmm, so good!



Client: KFC
Agency: McCann Worldgroup
Director: Jose Antonio Prat
DOP: Wojtek Zielinski
Demo Director: Tomek Siatkowski
Demo DOP: Marek Rajca
Art Director: Marta Boltowicz
Costume Designer: Maria Gorska
Make-up Artist: Anna Nobel-Nobielska
Postproduction: Delapost Warsaw
Sound Studio: Rytmika
Editor: Jacek Tarasiuk


From personal correspondence with charlie.librarian:

Librarian [0:10] I was sure that this is destiny
Librarian [0:10] That we are are learnig about each other
Librarian [0:21] We share the same passions
Librarian [0:29] But I realized that he was shallow, empty. Fake one.
Librarian [0:31] And I want the authenticity, so I choose the rich inside of Maxi Twist from KFC
Librarian [0:37] The richness of ingredients and two pieces of chicken
Librarian [0:40] KFC true chicken, true taste

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