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Case Study No. 1597: Kim from Newport

Scared Screaming Librarian | Wipeout
Librarian left in stunned silence by our obstacles.

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Wipeout is a reality game show series in which contestants compete in what is billed as the "world's largest obstacle course". Wipeout is hosted and commentated by Richard Hammond, while Amanda Byram acts as the "on-location" presenter.
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[scene opens with a young female librarian (red hair in a ponytail, green t-shirt, black shorts, yellow tights) standing on a rotating platform]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Kim from Newport, she's a librarian.
[as Kim continues to slowly spin around, she puts a finger to her lips and shushes the camera]
KIM: Shh ...
[cut to a closeup of Kim (standing still on the ground), then to another shot of her shushing the camera before "storming" off]
KIM: Shh!
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Sorry ...
[cut to Kim being interviewed by co-host Amanda Byram]
[she smiles, but then immediately places a finger to her lips and shushes her]
KIM: Shh!
[Amanda slowly lowers her microphone and stares down at the ground]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] That wasn't awkward at all ...
[cut to Kim (wearing a life jacket) running the "Qualifier" portion of the Wipeout obstacle course]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Silent steps now onto the Hammond hurdles ...
[she gingerly makes her way across some platforms suspended above a giant pool]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Silence is golden ... and her tights are golden, as well.
[she tries to step from one platform to another, but her legs end up going in opposite directions (with a "ripping" sound effect played for comedic effort) as she loses her balance and falls into the water with "0:38" on the clock]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Well, they were.
[cut to a replay of of Kim doing the "splits" whilst briefly suspended between the two platforms, as the "ripping" sound effect plays again]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Just hope that's the sound of her tights ripping, a-and not like tendons.
[cut back to a shot of Kim in her green t-shirt, as she looks at the camera and shushes]
KIM: Shh ...
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Sorry, just saying!
[cut back to Kim (now covered in mud) as she proceeds to the next stage of the Qualifier]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Proceeds silently to the Big Red Balls ...
[she jumps from the platform to the first giant ball suspended over the water]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Ooh, almost demotivated!
[she jumps from the first ball to the second ball]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Ball one ... transferred to ball two!
[she continues her momentum to the next ball]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] And three!
[she stops and starts to slip]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Oh, hang on ... hang on!
[she screams and then falls into the water]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Oh no ... Now she's making some noise, and falling off!
[cut to Amanda speaking directly to the camera]
AMANDA BYRAM: Did you see her face?
[she contorts her face to mimic Kim's expression before falling into the water]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Yeah!
[cut to a replay of Kim as she slips off the ball and hits the water]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Oh dear ...



Total Wipeout is a British game show, hosted by Richard Hammond and Amanda Byram that first aired on 3 January 2009. Each week, 20 contestants compete in a series of challenges in an attempt to win 10,000 pounds. These challenges are based in large pools of water or mud and generally involve large assault courses that participants must cross.


Series 5, Episode 6 (Shown as Episode 8)
22 September 2012


Final Winner: Daniel Levy



Total Wipeout February 2011 (A personal account)

On the morning of 4th. Of February 2010 I boarded the train from Dalmeny Station and arrived at Kings Cross that afternoon. I was told to find a private hire car on a street around the corner which I dually did and sat with fellow contestants Tom, Sophia and Lisa.

We passed some conversation on the way to Heathrow and I asked if they had been doing any training. It turned out Tom was up in the morning 5 days a week on circuits. He was dedicated. Lisa is married to a man called Dean Macey, a decathlete who has competed in the Olympics and won a Commonwealth Gold for England. Sophia was there for a laugh. She was Italian with 2 passports and fluency in the language to prove it.

We arrived at Heathrow and I said to the driver "I'd give you a tip but I'm Scottish." There is always one Scotsman in the script. If you look at the old World War II films like the Great Escape or Bridge Over the River Kwai, even Chicken Run, there is always at least one Scotsman. It is obligatory. I'm sure it was an attempt by the studios to keep things ethically mixed. These days the whole spectrum of ethnicity throughout the U.K. is represented proportionately in the show. However, I'd like to mention that if there are 20 contestants, according to the population of the U.K. of around 60 million, and the Scottish population of 5 million, there should sometimes be at least 2 Scotsmen or women.

Gradually my fellow contestants began to arrive from all the other parts of the U.K. and started to natter. Everyone was very friendly, extroverts and show-offs from all walks of life. Odd-balls. We buzzed and chatted. I got involved but had a feeling that I was the only normal one there.

One thing we all had in common was that we were all out on a limb, by ourselves. We didn't know each other, and by the time we would arrive in Argentina, and come home, we still wouldn't really know each other. So there wasn't enough time to form any cliques or have a bust up, which was good.

Luisa, one of the assistant producers, showed up at Heathrow as did Seena. I spoke freely to everyone and sized them up, and I‘m sure they were all doing the same. Victoria was a model who once dated Rod Stewart. She said "I'm the only gay in the village." This didn't mean she was gay. It meant she was different from all the other types where she lived. She arrived with Liam from Bristol, who was a football playing lad working in an insurance firm. Caz was a teacher from Brighton. Kirsten was a Zoo-keeper. Leo with Phil who was a firemen. Leo was South African but did not speak or hear. Phil translated for him with sign language and lip reading. Ian was an Engineer from London, with three boys. Nick was an archaeologist. Siobhan was quiet and from Manchester with three kids. I didn't realise until after that we shared the same last name. Stephanie was another extrovert who did a bit of gymnastics. Glen lived in Winchester but was originally from the Philippines and worked in IT. Sarah was from the Merseyside area, I think, and sang in an ABBA tribute band. Dan was a photographer and into hip-hop. Kim was a librarian doing it by the book from Wales. Maja (pronounced Mia) was originally from Bosnia but now married to a French man and also living in southern Englandshire. She studied at Edinburgh University. I always thought that I'd seen her somewhere before. Powerful Pete from Portsmouth was the oldest ever contestant. He ended up being my room-mate. On that episode I was the second oldest contestant.

I was beginning to understand the reasons for the auditions and interviews. Each contestant was chosen for their individuality. That is what makes the show so successful. The other reason for the show's success is/was the back-room staff. The assistant producers the crew all played their part very well.

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