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Case Study No. 1580: "That library monitor over at the counter"

One ~To the Radiant Season~ (PC) Longplay - Part 26
Alright, this is my longplay of One ~To the Radiant Season~ (One: Kagayaku Kisetsu e) redone, since the original was recorded on a rather crappy PC...

About the game, ONE is an adult visual novel (Only the PlayStation port is for all ages) developed (and originally released) by Tactics for the PC on May 26, 1998 and later re-released as a full voice version on January 1, 2003 and on June 1, 2007 being compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Kouhei spends the afternoon with Akane and Mio in the park and the next day he decides to go to the library with Misaki.
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[scene opens on December 16th, as Kouhei is sitting in class]
KOUHEI: [to himself] The chime rings throughout the quiet classroom, announcing an uneventful (results aside) end to another day of exams. Slinging my empty bag over my back, I walk out into the corridor on my own.
[cut to the empty corridor outside of his class]
KOUHEI: [to himself] I walk down the corridor, still occupied with lingering memories of the exams. Further down the corridor, I catch sight of a familiar figure.
KOUHEI: Senpai.
[a young female student appears]
MISAKI: Ah, Kouhei-kun.
KOUHEI: [to himself] It's Misaki-senpai, whom I seem to be running into a lot lately ... Senpai turns to face me with her usual smile, and we exchange greetings.
KOUHEI: Are you going home now, Senpai?
MISAKI: Nope, I'm about to go to the library.
KOUHEI: [to himself] So saying, she shows me the book in her hands. It seems she's on her way to return it.
KOUHEI: This is ...
MISAKI: Yep, it's a book in Braille.
KOUHEI: [to himself] A book written in Braille for people who can't see.
KOUHEI: [pause] Senpai, you can read Braille?
[she smiles]
MISAKI: I couldn't until recently, but I've been picking it up lately.
KOUHEI: [to himself] "I studied really hard," she says with a faint smile.
KOUHEI: And now you're on your way to return that book?
MISAKI: Yep. The due date was last week.
KOUHEI: "Was"? ... You mean it's already passed?
KOUHEI: [to himself] She nods before adding, "Just by a little bit."
MISAKI: What about you, Kouhei-kun? What are you going to do?
[the player selects "I was on my way to the library too."]
KOUHEI: Because I've got nothing to do.
MISAKI: Don't you need to study for your exams tomorrow?
KOUHEI: In that case, how does "I'm going to the library to study" sound?
[she smiles]
MISAKI: Yes, that's good.
KOUHEI: [to himself] She nods cheerfully.
KOUHEI: Great. Let's go together, then.
KOUHEI: [to himself] And so, we set off in the direction of the library.
MISAKI: [pause] The library's this way.
KOUHEI: [to himself] Misaki-senpai points the opposite way down the corridor.
KOUHEI: [pause] It is?
MISAKI: Could it be that you've never been to the library?
KOUHEI: Now that you mention it ... no, not even once.
MISAKI: That's unusual.
KOUHEI: Yeah, maybe it is ...
MISAKI: It's this way. Come with me.
KOUHEI: [to himself] Senpai takes me by the hand and pulls me along.
[the screen goes black]
KOUHEI: I-is it really okay for us to be running like this?
MISAKI: I like to run.
KOUHEI: [to himself] She turns to smile at me before dashing off down the corridor ... "You wouldn't think that she was blind at all," I think while being pulled along by Senpai's hand. But the thing she's holding in her other hand is, without a doubt, a book in Braille.
[cut to another corridor]
MISAKI: Here it is.
KOUHEI: [to himself] Guided by Senpai, I arrive in front of a room decorated with a plate that reads "Library."
KOUHEI: So, this is the library ... I had no idea it was ten floors underground.
MISAKI: We're three floors above ground.
KOUHEI: And there's a secret door, too ... there's no way anyone would notice it.
MISAKI: There's no such thing.
KOUHEI: [pause] Shall we go inside?
[cut to inside of the library, as there are several tables and shelves filled with books]
KOUHEI: [to himself] Guided by Senpai, I step into the library for the first time ever.
KOUHEI: Wow, this place is pretty fancy.
KOUHEI: [to himself] I raise a cry of admiration at seeing our library for the first time.
KOUHEI: [to himself] I'm immediately bathed in accusing glares from the students who are busy reading.
[Misaki appears with a look of concern]
MISAKI: Keep quiet inside the library ... is what it says on the wall, right?
KOUHEI: [to himself] Misaki-senpai whispers in a voice only I can hear.
KOUHEI: Yeah, there's a sign like that ... in at least three places that I can see.
KOUHEI: [to himself] The notices are carefully written in an easy-to-read font with liberal use of red marker. Pasting a fake smile onto my face, I step inside ... "Suddenly, I get the feeling I'm not going to like the library," I whisper.
[she smiles]
MISAKI: Now now, that was your own fault, Kouhei-kun.
KOUHEI: [to himself] She admonishes me in a quiet voice.
MISAKI: After all, it is the exam period.
KOUHEI: [to himself] We continue our exchange while sitting down at a random desk.
MISAKI: Wait here for a second. I'm going to return this.
[she exits the scene]
KOUHEI: [to himself] Giving a little wave with the book in her hand, she heads for the returns counter.
KOUHEI: [to himself] Looking over, I can see Senpai speaking with one of the library monitors. Surely they won't be angry with her for being just one week late? ... Not that I'd know, since I've never borrowed anything.
KOUHEI: [to himself] "Are they acquaintances?", I wonder, leaning back in my chair ... Having finished their conversation, she comes jogging back to me.
MISAKI: Thanks for waiting.
KOUHEI: Were they angry with you?
MISAKI: Nope, not at all.
KOUHEI: Well, you were only late by a few days, right?
MISAKI: Yep ... but even they got angry that time I was half a year late.
KOUHEI: [to himself] She tilts her head while looking somewhat apologetic.
KOUHEI: Don't tell me you're a regular offender when it comes to late returns?
MISAKI: Yeah, maybe I am ... I always make sure to bring them to school before the return date, but I keep putting them in my desk and forgetting about them. I'm kind of forgetful, you see.
KOUHEI: You seem so level-headed, though.
[she gives a confused look]
KOUHEI: Yeah. How do I put this? ... There's this air of calmness about you.
KOUHEI: [to himself] At least as far as her appearance goes, I'd add.
MISAKI: Hmmm, I see. I had no idea.
KOUHEI: [to himself] She seems impressed.
[she continues to give a confused look]
KOUHEI: [to himself] "Come to think of it ... ", I ask, suddenly remembering.
KOUHEI: Do you know that library monitor over at the counter?
[she smiles]
MISAKI: Nope, she's a complete stranger. Although I might have at least passed her in the corridor before.
KOUHEI: Really? From the familiar way you were talking to each other, I thought you were acquaintances.
KOUHEI: [to himself] Senpai gently replies to my question.
[she smiles again]
MISAKI: It's because I can't see. The only way I can get to know someone well is by talking to them. By exchanging words with someone, I can understand them and have them understand me.
[she looks at him]
MISAKI: Because words are all that I have ...
KOUHEI: I see ...
[she smiles again]
MISAKI: But in the end, the most important reason is that I just like talking to people.
KOUHEI: [to himself] So saying, she narrows her eyes in a faint smile ... Her eyes may not be able to see, but they're kind.
MISAKI: Oh, I know. Tell me your address, Kouhei-kun.
KOUHEI: Hmn? What are you going to do with something like that?
MISAKI: I'm thinking of writing you a New Year's card.
KOUHEI: A New Year's card, huh ... So, it's that time of year already.
MISAKI: Yep. Not long to go now.
KOUHEI: [to himself] It might just be my imagination, but she looks a little sad as she speaks ...
[she smiles]
MISAKI: So, tell me your address.
[the player selects "Ask for her address too"]
KOUHEI: In that case, tell me your address too.
KOUHEI: [to himself] We exchange addresses before leaving the library.
[cut to an exterior shot of the library]
KOUHEI: [to himself] Leaving the school, I walk Senpai home (which is, of course, just across the road).
KOUHEI: See you later, Senpai.
[she smiles]
MISAKI: Bye-bye, Kouhei-kun.
KOUHEI: [to himself] She waves ... and with that final goodbye, she goes inside.
MISAKI: I'm really looking forward to your New Year's card.
KOUHEI: [to himself] I guess I'd better go home too ... Taking another look at the door of Senpai's house, I set off on the road home.



"One: Kagayaku Kisetsu e" (lit. "One ~To the Radiant Season~") is a Japanese adult visual novel, developed by Tactics, a brand of the joint company Nexton, and released on May 26, 1998 playable on the PC for Windows 95.

The gameplay in One follows a branching plot line which offers pre-determined scenarios with courses of interaction, and focuses on the appeal of the six female main characters by the player character. The game ranked several times in the national top 50 for best-selling PC games sold in Japan.

One is a romance visual novel in which the player assumes the role of Kohei Orihara. Its gameplay requires little player interaction as much of the game's duration is spent on reading the text that appears on the screen, which represents the story's narrative and dialogue. One follows a branching plot line with multiple endings, and depending on the decisions that the player makes during the game, the plot will progress in a specific direction.

The story takes place from November 30, 1998 through March 30, 1999, at a Japanese high school, and revolves around Kohei Orihara, a young man living a normal life.

Kohei Orihara (Voiced by: Kenji Nojima)
Kohei is a young man in his second-year in high school and the story's main protagonist. He lost his parents when he was very young, and is living at his aunt's house. He is a member of the light music club, but does not participate in club activities. He is always teasing his childhood friend, Mizuka Nagamori, and the new transfer student, Rumi Nanase, but deep down he is nice to girls. After his younger sister dies, he starts visiting the Eternal World, a mystical world parallel to the real world which is a major focus in the story. As time progresses, the people around him begin to slowly forget that he exists, and he starts trying to find someone to save his existence. He begins to confuse his childhood memories of his sister and Mizuka.

Misaki Kawana (Voiced by: Satsuki Yukino)
Misaki is an upperclassman of Kohei who lost her eyesight in an accident in elementary school. She meets Kohei on the roof of school during sunset. She has no caution toward those bearing the handicap of darkness and those who have blind reason, and she has a sociable personality where she can be unreserved with anyone. Her house is right in front of the school, so she can get to school even by herself. She used to play around in the high school even before she lost her eyesight, so she is used to it. She is a surprisingly big eater, and there is a scene where she eats several people's worth of curry at the cafeteria. She often shows up at the theater club to help her best friend Yukimi Miyama.

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