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Case Study No. 1562: Reference Bear

Reference Bear
Happenings from the library Universe.
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[scene opens in the Kern County Library, where a human patron (with a smiley face for a head) walks up to the reference desk and takes to the librarian (a cartoon brown bear)]
REFERENCE BEAR: May I help you?
PATRON: Yes, I need a bibliography ... about someone famous.
[a large red question mark appears over the bear's head, as a thought balloon appears with various possiblities (George Washington, Malcolm X, Audrey Hepburn)]
REFERENCE BEAR: We have a large selection of "biographies" about many different people.
[cut to the bear getting out of its chair]
REFERENCE BEAR: Let me show you where those are located.
[he leaves (as the patron just stands at the desk and starts whistling to himself), so the bear peeks back into the scene]
REFERENCE BEAR: I can show you where the biographies are, if you'd just follow me ...
[the patron gets an angry look on his face]
PATRON: Can't you just bring some to me?!
[a black thought balloon appears over the bear's head (signifying impatience)]
REFERENCE BEAR: I don't know who you want to learn about ...
[the patron smiles]
PATRON: Oh ... Anyone under a hundred pages is fine.
[they both stare at each other for a moment]
REFERENCE BEAR: Okay ... I'll be right back.
[the bear leaves, and the patron starts whistling again]
[cut to the bear sitting back down at his desk, holding an issue of Oprah Winfrey's "O Magazine"]
REFERENCE BEAR: Okay, I'm back ... Here ya go.
[he hands the magazine to the patron (who gets a big read question mark over his head)]
PATRON: Oprah? This looks longer than a hundred pages.
REFERENCE BEAR: Don't count the ads.
[cut to the bear sitting alone at his desk, as he speaks directly to the camera]
REFERENCE BEAR: I know, I know ... Bad librarian, bad!
[he starts whistling, as "The End" appears on screen]

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