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Case Study No. 1589: La Bibliotecaria

The Librarian (The Movies)
This is a movie created with the pc game "The Movies.
Description: Sally has strange dreams about death and the librarian that works at the high school. Maybe this is a premonition of what the future could bring.
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The following motion picture
The Librarian
has been approved by someone without any authority to do so,
whose resemblance to anyone living or dead is merely a coincidence.

Lionhead Movies Presents

A Estudios Gune! Production

The Librarian

Portia Gibson as La Bibliotecaria
Matena Grattia as Sally
Cliffski Harris as Tony

[scene opens inside a dimly lighted library, as a young woman is trying to pull a book off a shelf, when a elderly librarian (with no pupils in her eyes) appears behind her]
[cut to the young woman activating a secret passageway by pulling the book, which leads down to a room filled with men wearing red masks (which quickly morphs into a scene of the librarian standing next to a demon)]
[cut to the young woman lying down, quickly followed by a closeup shot of the librarian plunging a knife downwards]
[cut to the young woman and a man kissing, then the sound of thunder strikes and the image changes to the man kissing the elderly librarian]
[cut to the young woman bolting upright in bed, apparently waking up from her nightmare]
[cut to a the interior of a high school, as a group of young female students are talking to each other]
SAM: Guys, you'll never guess what I found in my bag today ... A shit!
[the other girls laugh]
SALLY: Last night, I dreamt the librarian killed me. How terrible!
[the other girls laugh]
SAM: I bet she rubs her face with shit every night.
[the other girls laugh]
SALLY: That's why she has a beard!
[cut to inside the high school library, as the librarian is feverishly writing something on a piece of paper before sealing it in an envelope]
[cut to Sally and her friends entering the library, as the librarian spies on them]
SALLY: Look! Johnny has sent me a greeting card.
[they all look at the card and laugh, then cut back to the librarian talking to herself]
LIBRARIAN: Fuck! Here comes that bitch again! I'll give her a few well-chosen words ...
[the librarian walks up to them and begins yelling]
LIBRARIAN: Shut up or I'll kick you out of the library!
[Sally just laughs in her face]
LIBRARIAN: You must keep silent at the library!
[she moves menacingly towards Sally, who pushes her away]
SALLY: I can't be bothered!
[cut to Sally's boyfriend entering the library]
SALLY: Oh my god! Johnny has just arrived!
[cut to Sally and Johnny kissing in the stacks, as the librarian catches them]
LIBRARIAN: For goodness sake!
[the librarian looks around and suddenly sees several other infractions (a boy smoking, a cheerleader running in the halls, Sam talking on her cellphone, etc.)]
LIBRARIAN: Unbelievable!
[cut to later that night, as Sally is walking home by herself]
SALLY: Shit! I forgot my notes at the library.
[she runs back, then cut to inside the library, as the librarian is sitting in a chair (by herself with the lights off) when she throws her book down on the floor]
[cut to Sally trying to sneak around inside the library, when she looks around with a concerned look on her face (like she's remembering things from her dreams)]
SALLY: How strange!
[she looks for her notes on the shelf, but pulls a book and reveals a secret passageway behind the nearby bookshelf]
[she slowly enters the passageway, when the bookshelf slams shut behind her, then cut to the librarian advancing upon her while holding a knife]
SALLY: Ahhh!
[Sally falls backwards trying to escape, and becomes impaled on a spike sticking out of the floor]

All events and characters in this movie are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

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