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Case Study No. 1563: Staff of Unnamed Library (The Magicians)

Barry and Stuart's Psychic Librarian - The Magicians Episode 5 Preview - BBC One
More on this programme: http://www.bbc.co.uk/ programmes/ b00yc51f

Barry and Stuart ask a member of the public to choose a library book. Can they influence her thoughts and can Angela Griffin reveal the title of the book?
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[scene opens in a public library (where various patrons and staff can be seen milling about), then cut to the magician team of Barry Jones and Stuart MacLeod speaking directly to the camera]
STUART: What we're performing today is all about prediction, something that Angela's been good at ...
BARRY: She's so good at that, that she doesn't even need to be here today to do that prediction ...
[cut to the duo sneaking up behind a female patron using one of the computer, as Stuart points a mini-megaphone at the back of her head and talks into it]
STUART: Excuse me ...
[she jumps in fright and covers her face with her hands]
STUART: Sorry, that's a bit inappropriate ...
BARRY: Yes, isn't it?
[she starts laughing]
BARRY: Do you mind if we have a sitdown with you?
[she covers her face and laughs again, so they both sit down next to her]
BARRY: Let's have a sitdown, I think that means "yes" ... We would like to show you an online miracle.
STUART: What we want to do is send you an email, from us to you, with a link in it.
[he hands her a cell phone]
STUART: So if you'd type your email in the "To" bit, right there ...
[she types in her email address]
STUART: We send it there ...
BARRY: Get your emails up onscreen. Go to your inbox.
[cut to a closeup of the computer's screen, as the email pops up in her inbox]
BARRY: There we go.
STUART: What we need you to do, before we look at the email, is for you to go and get ... six, seven, eight books from around the library.
PATRON: Get any books?
STUART: We'll come with you.
[she gets up, then cut to a montage of the patron walking around the library and grabbing random books from the shelves]
PATRON: This one.
STUART: That one?
[cut to another shot of the patron grabbing a book]
PATRON: Harry Potter ...
[cut to another shot of the patron grabbing a book]
BARRY: One more?
PATRON: Right ...
[cut to the magicians each holding the books that the patron has selected]
STUART: We've got enough ...
[cut back to the computer terminal, as the patron sits back down]
STUART: Right here ...
BARRY: That's great.
[they each pull up a chair and sit next to her]
STUART: We'll put the books over here ...
[they put the books down on the table next to the computer]
BARRY: What we want you to do is decide on one of these books.
[she points at one of them]
PATRON: "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."
[Barry picks up the book]
BARRY: "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" ... excellent.
[Stuart pushes the other books off the table onto the floor]
STUART: Let's get rid of these.
BARRY: That's the one ... Is it because you've read this book?
PATRON: No, just like tattoos.
[she laughs]
BARRY: You just like tattoos.
STUART: Now remember, we sent you this email ...
STUART: Into your inbox before we even started here.
[cut to a shot of a group of patrons and staff watching the proceedings, then back to the magicians]
STUART: We want you to open that email.
[cut to a closeup of the computer's screen, as she opens the email]
STUART: Okay, so in there is a link to a video. For the first time, click on that link.
PATRON: This one here, yes?
[a YouTube video starts up (at the URL "www dot youtube dot com slash watch?v=z3wyHGFjt5A") featuring British actress Angela Griffin]
STUART: And this is "Angela Griffin's Video Prediction" ...
[cut to an over-the-shoulder view of the patron watching the video, which shows Angela speaking directly to the camera]
ANGELA: [via the computer] Hello, and welcome to my YouTube prediction. I am Angela Griffin ...
[cut to a split-screen, showing both Angela on the computer (holding a large envelope) and the patron watching the video]
ANGELA: [via the computer] And inside this envelope, is the book that I think you are thinking of ... Are you ready?
[she pulls the same book out of the envelope, as the patron covers her mouth in shock]
PATRON: Oh my god!
ANGELA: [via the computer] Stieg Larsson ... "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."
[cut to just a shot of the patron]
PATRON: How did you do that?
[she laughs]
PATRON: I'm a bit baffled!
STUART: Look, she even posted this four days ago ... On the tenth of December, you can see.
PATRON: Oh my god!
[cut back to a shot of the computer monitor]
ANGELA: [via the computer] Ah, you're impressed, aren't you?
[cut to the patron speaking directly to the camera]
PATRON: How she knew I'd be here and I would think of that book is beyond me ...
[cut to a male patron speaking directly to the camera]
MAN: Couldn't work it out ... Couldn't work it out at all.
[cut to an older female librarian speaking directly to the camera]
LIBRARIAN: It just doesn't seem possible ... How could she do that?
[cut back to the patron as she talks to the magicians]
PATRON: If I'm gonna get married ... I would like her to predict that.
BARRY: She knows magic, not miracles.
PATRON: [pause] Thanks ...
[everyone laughs]
PATRON: So what're you saying? I'm never gonna get married?
BARRY: That's up to her ...
PATRON: That's nice, that is ...
[she laughs]


From wikipedia.org:

The Magicians was a British family entertainment television show, first broadcast throughout January 2011 on BBC One.

The show features magicians performing a number of magic tricks with guest celebrities, to decide which pair will face a forfeit trick at the end of the episode. In the first series, this was decided through audience participation, however, for the second series, a phone vote was introduced. The first series was hosted by Lenny Henry, and featured magicians Luis de Matos, Barry and Stuart and Chris Korn. At the end of series 1, Luis de Matos was deemed series champion.

Each episode features three magicians, each of whom are paired with a different celebrity. They must then perform a series of tricks to decide which pair will face a forfeit trick at the end of the episode.

In series one, the tricks were as follows:

* Grand Illusion - The pair perform a grand illusion in front of the audience, inspired by the episode's set theme.
* Street Magic - The pair go out on to the streets to perform in front of the general public.
* Celebrity's Choice - The pair perform a trick that the celebrity has always wanted to perform.


From bbc.co.uk:


Lenny Henry hosts as three of the world's greatest magic acts team up with celebrities to bring us jaw-dropping illusions and classic tricks with a contemporary twist.

Illusionist of the decade Luis de Matos is partnered by Neil Morrissey; winners of Best Comedy Illusionists at the World Comedy Awards, the dark and twisted Barry and Stuart, team up with Angela Griffin; and the king of close up magic, Chris Korn, is joined by George and Larry Lamb.

They all perform three magic acts in a bid to impress the studio audience and avoid the fearsome forfeit - but who will be tackling the extreme feat of courage and test of trust this week?

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