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Case Study No. 1577: Mr. Mortman (Protocol Entertainment)

Goosebumps-The Girl who cried Monster
Here is the Episode, The girl who cried Monster, bout a girl trying to tell everyone tht her Librarian is a monster, i will be uploading more episodes
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[scene opens with Lucy scaring her little brother Randy with monster stories, as her mother tries to intervene]
MRS. DARK: Lucy, don't you have "Reading Rangers" at the library? Why don't you go and bother Mister Mortman for awhile?
[cut to Lucy in the public library, as she slides a copy of "Black Beauty" towards the older male librarian (balding, glasses, brown sweater, grey undershirt) at the front desk]
MR. MORTMAN: Well, what did you think?
LUCY: Two thumbs ... down.
MR. MORTMAN: But Lucy, "Black Beauty" is a classic.
LUCY: It would've been better if the horse had two heads, and big ol' gnarly fangs!
[he sighs]
MR. MORTMAN: Why don't you go pick another book?
[she goes and starts browsing through the stacks, as her friend Aaron joins her]
AARON: Hey Lucy, what're ya gettin'?
[she pulls a book off the shelf]
LUCY: "Frankenstein!"
AARON: Cool!
[she brings the book back to the librarian]
MR. MORTMAN: Are you sure, Lucy? "Frankenstein" is a classic as well.
LUCY: Yeah, but this one's got a monster!
AARON: Wouldn't it be cool if there were real monsters?
MR. MORTMAN: Well, I'm not so sure, Aaron. Most people like to be frightened in movies or stories ...
[he loudly stamps the book]
MR. MORTMAN: Not in real life.
[cut to Lucy and Aaron walking outside of the library]
LUCY: Aaron, you ever notice anything weird about Mortman? Like his creepy beady little eyes!
AARON: And his sweaty little hands!
LUCY: When he gave me my book, it was so slimy, I almost dropped it!
AARON: Yeah? Eech!
[she suddenly stops]
LUCY: Oh, my blades! I forgot 'em at the library.
AARON: Aw man, I gotta get home.
LUCY: Oh, no big deal. I'll see ya later.


[Lucy is able to sneak into the library through the front door after hours, as she finds her roller blades ... but then hears the librarian humming somewhere off camera]
LUCY: [whispers] Probably a classic ...
MR. MORTMAN: [from off camera] Oooh, it's time, my plump little beauties! My my, my little friends, I do believe we've put on a little weight.
[she slowly makes her way towards the voice to investigate, and finds Mister Mortman looking at a glass case full of spiders]
MR. MORTMAN: Coochie coochie coochie coochie? Don't be shy!
[he puts some crickets into the case, then gives a creepy laugh]
MR. MORTMAN: Ah, it's dinnertime, my furry friend! Oh, aren't you hungry? Munch munch!
[he grabs another handful of crickets]
MR. MORTMAN: Some crunchy crickets, my little friends!
[he starts eating the crickets himself, then suddenly transforms monster (with green bumpy skin and giant black eyes on stalks)]
[cut to a closeup of Lucy, as she quickly runs out of the library (the sound of Mister Mortman's laughter echoing behind her)]


[scene opens with Lucy back in the library during normal business hours, handing the copy of "Frankenstein" to the librarian (and determined to get proof about her latest monster story when her family refused to believe her)]
MR. MORTMAN: Didn't you think that the monster was the most sympathetic character in this story?
LUCY: Do you believe in monsters?
[he pauses, then takes off his glasses]
MR. MORTMAN: Perhaps we all have a little monster in us, Lucy ... Why don't you go pick another book while I tidy up?
LUCY: Okay.
MR. MORTMAN: I'll see you tomorrow, then.
LUCY: Yeah, right. See ya.
[he begins stacking books into neat piles on his desk, while Lucy pretends to exit the door but instead hides in the stacks]


[after hours, Mr. Mortman is once again feeding his spiders]
MR. MORTMAN: It's dinnertime, my furry friends! Don't forget to chew!
[he eats one of the crickets and once again transforms, as Lucy takes a camera out of her backpack]
MR. MORTMAN: My favorite!
[he begins to eat one of the spiders, as Lucy takes a picture (but forgets to turn the flash off)]
MR. MORTMAN: Who's there?
LUCY: [whispers] Stupid!
[she starts to run]
[he laughs menacingly]
MR. MORTMAN: Keep running, little one! I love fast food!
[cut to Lucy as she runs through the library]
MR. MORTMAN: [from off camera] My mouth is watering! Lucy, I know you're in there ...
[she stops behind one of the bookcases to catch her breath, but the librarian reaches through the shelf from the other side and tries to grab her, causing her to scream and drop her camera]
MR. MORTMAN: You're just making me hungrier, oh ho ho! Dinner is served!
[she ducks down and grabs the camera, then crawls in between his legs to get away]
MR. MORTMAN: Come back! Come back! Come back!
[he laughs again]
MR. MORTMAN: You can't get away from me, you little cricket!
[cut to Lucy as she bursts out of the front door and runs all the way back to her house]


[cut to Aaron in his room, talking to Lucy on the phone]
AARON: If Mortman's such a terrible monster, how'd you get away?
[cut to Lucy in her room]
LUCY: I think the flash blinded him ... but I got the picture, I got my proof!
[cut back to Aaron]
AARON: You're forgettin' something, Lucy ... Your library card has your address on it. Mortman knows where you live.
[cut back to Lucy]
LUCY: So what?
[cut back to Aaron]
AARON: He could be on his way to your house this minute!
[cut back to Lucy]
LUCY: That's not funny, Aaron.
[cut back to Aaron]
AARON: If I were you, I'd get outta there right now!
[cut to Lucy running down the stairs and opening the front door, only to find Mister Mortman (in human form) calmly standing right there behind the screen door]
MR. MORTMAN: Good evening, Lucy ... May I come in for a minute?
LUCY: No ...
[she quckly locks the screen door]
LUCY: My parents aren't home right now. I mean, they'll be home any minute! I mean, they're in the bathroom!
[she quickly turns and pretends to call for them]
LUCY: Mom? Is Dad still cleaning his rifle?
[he simply smiles]
MR. MORTMAN: It's okay, Lucy, it's really you that I've come to see ... You left your backpack at the library. I have it right here.
[he holds up the backpack, and Lucy gives a nervous laugh]
MR. MORTMAN: This is yours, isn't it?
LUCY: Could you maybe just leave it on the doorstep? Please?
MR. MORTMAN: Um, wouldn't it be easier if you open the door and let me hand it to you?
[she shakes her head]
MR. MORTMAN: I'll just set it down here.
LUCY: Thank you.
MR. MORTMAN: Oh, it's no trouble. It's on my way ...
[he turns to leave, then stops]
MR. MORTMAN: I look forward to our next little chat.


[cut to Lucy's parents pulling up in the driveway, as Lucy runs over to their car with the roll of film in hand]
LUCY: Dad! Mom! He was here! Mortman was here! We've gotta get this film developed right away! I took a picture that proves he's a monster!
MRS. DARK: Calm down, Lucy!
LUCY: He followed me home today!
MR. DARK: He followed you home? For no reason?
LUCY: Well, I forgot my knapsack in the library, and he brought it over, but--
MRS. DARK: Well, that was very nice of him. He lives all the way across town, it wasn't on his way at all!
LUCY: Come on, we're wasting time! The photo place is gonna close!
MR. DARK: Now Lucy--
LUCY: Please!
[cut to Lucy walking out of the Timberland Falls Photo Depot, as her little brother runs over to pester her]
RANDY: Let me see! Let me see!
[she opens the envelope and looks over the developed photos]
LUCY: I knew it!
[Randy reaches to grab the photos out of her hand]
LUCY: Let go ...
[he ends up knocking the photos out of her hands and onto the ground]
LUCY: Nice work!
[cut to their parents waiting in the car]
MR. DARK: Randy, get into the car please!
MRS. DARK: You heard your father ...
[Lucy bends down to pick up the photos, when Mister Mortman suddenly appears and snatches one of them away]
MR. MORTMAN: You're quite the photographer ...
LUCY: Mister Mortman, what're you doing here?
MR. MORTMAN: Have you been thinking about monsters again?
[her father waves to the librarian from the car]
MR. DARK: Mister Mortman, thanks very much for bringing home Lucy's backpack today.
MR. MORTMAN: Oh, uh, it was nothing. It was on my way.
MRS. DARK: Mister Mortman, why don't you come over for dinner tomorrow night?
MR. DARK: Lucy's been talking a great deal about you, it'd be nice to get to know you better.
MR. MORTMAN: Well, that would be lovely. Thank you ...
[he looks at Lucy]
MR. MORTMAN: It's been so long since I've had a home-cooked meal.
[he chuckles to himself, then turns and walks away]


[Lucy slaps one of her pictures down on the kitchen table (which just turns out to be of an empty library)]
LUCY: Don't you see he's a monster? The fact that he's not in this picture proves it!
MRS. DARK: I don't care if he's a drooling werewolf, he's coming for dinner!
[the doorbell rings]
MRS. DARK: Remember, your best behavior!
[she opens the door, as the librarian is standing there smiling]
MR. MORTMAN: This is very kind of you.
MRS. DARK: Oh, it's nothing. Our pleasure, really.
[he enters and addresses the children]
MR. MORTMAN: Good evening, Lucy ... Nice to see you again, young Randy. Will you be joining us for Reading Rangers next year?
[he cowers behind Lucy]
RANDY: Can I sleep on it?
[the adults laugh]
MR. MORTMAN: Of course ... My, what a lovely house.
MRS. DARK: Lucy, offer Mister Mortman a meatball.
[she cautiously hands him a meatball on a toothpick, which he takes and eats in one bite]
MR. MORTMAN: Mmm, delicious! What's for dinner?
MRS. DARK: Well, it was going to be a surprise, but ...
MR. DARK: Since you asked ... You are!
[he suddenly stops and clears his throat]
MR. MORTMAN: Excuse me, I thought you said--
[cut to a closeup of Lucy's mother, who suddenly has a pair of fangs]
MRS. DARK: That's right ...
[cut to a shot of Lucy's father (also bearing fans and hissing), then back to the mother]
MRS. DARK: You! You are!
[both of Lucy's parents transform into reptilian monsters and attack Mister Mortman, who starts screaming]
MR. MORTMAN: Ahh! Ahhhh!
[cut to the Darks (back in human form but still with their fangs) after the two have finished with their "meal"]
MR. DARK: That was a close call.
[she takes a napkin and dabs him on the corner of the mouth]
MRS. DARK: Ahh ...
[he calmly turns to the children]
MR. DARK: Now listen, both of you. You can never, ever let anyone know that we are monsters.
[cut to a closeup of Lucy (who is strangely calm after witnessing both her parent turns into monsters)]
LUCY: We know that.
MRS. DARK: And we can't have any other monsters in town, either.
MR. DARK: And do you know why?
LUCY: Because they might tell other people about us.
[the Darks' teeth revert to normal, as Randy (who had been frightened silly of monsters up to this point) is also unusually calm]
RANDY: And they'd be frightened, and they'd chase us away.
MR. DARK: Or worse ...
[he takes some breath freshener and sprays it into his wife's mouth]
MR. DARK: Mister Mortman's the first monster to come around in twenty years.
[Lucy smiles (somehow acting as if the revelation that she's a monster is no big deal)]
LUCY: Besides us, of course.
MRS. DARK: That's why it took us so long to believe you, Lucy.
[Mister Dark sits down and starts calmly reading the newspaper]
MR. DARK: And when you two get bigger, you're gonna get your training fangs.
MRS. DARK: That's right. Before long, you and Randy will be able to transform just like your father and me.


From wikipedia.org:

Season 1, Episode 4 ("The Girl Who Cried Monster")
Directed by John Bell
Written by Charles Lazer
Original air date: November 10, 1995

Lucy Dark (Deborah Scorsone) loves to trick her brother Randy (Christopher Tuah) into thinking monsters exist -- until she discovers the dark side of the town librarian (Eugene Lipinski) during closing time.
This episode is based on the novella, The Girl Who Cried Monster in the original Goosebumps series.

Novel/Television differences
* Lucy only makes two trips to the library, one of which is to take Mr. Mortman's picture.
* Mr. Mortman's monster form differs slightly from the book. Instead of a swollen, balloon-like head with needle-like teeth and bulging eyes, the librarian's head grows scabby, pulsating skin, his teeth turn green, and his eyes grow out on stalks like a slug.
* Mortman eats tarantulas and crickets rather than turtles and flies, since watching a man eating a live turtle was thought, too disturbing for a kids' show. He also never eats fish from an aquarium (although there are two aquariums in his office).
* Lucy's friend Aaron is black instead of white.
* Lucy escapes from Mortman at the library by crawling between his legs as he stands over her, rather than by knocking a card catalogue over.
* Mr. and Mrs. Dark transform into snakelike monsters rather than simply growing fangs.
* Mr. and Mrs. Dark are revealed to have suspected Mortman's true identity for some time prior to inviting him to dinner, rather than becoming convinced when Aaron corroborates Lucy's story.
* Aaron arrives immediately after Mortman is eaten, wearing a monster mask, causing the Darks to briefly mistake him for another monster (however he takes the mask off and Lucy's parents don't eat him).

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