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Case Study No. 1586: Unnamed Male Librarian (Dinosaur in the Library)

ESL: Dinosaur In The Library (Heavy)
JAM Systems Inc.

JAM Story Time 256
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["Dinasaur in the Library" appears on screen, then cut to a drawing of children reading inside a library]
LIBRARIAN: The library will be closing in fifteen minutes. Any books to be checked out must be brought to the front desk now.
NARRATOR: The librarian made the announcement.
[cut to another drawing of people leaving the library]
NARRATOR: Several children and a few adults started to leave the library. Some of them put the books back on the shelves and some of them took their books to the front desk.
[cut to another drawing of one little boy staying behind in the library and reading]
NARRATOR: One boy who was sitting behind the last shelf at the back of the library didn't hear the announcement. He was too busy looking at the book about dinosaurs which he held in his hands. They looked so real!
[cut to another drawing of the boy imagining a blue Tyrannosaurs Rex]
NARRATOR: He was imagining what it would be like to stand at the feet of a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex. Would he be frightened? Would he run away?
[cut to another drawing of the boy imagining himself riding the tail of the T-Rex]
NARRATOR: No! He would quietly sneak behind the dinosaur and climb up onto his tail. He wouldn't even need a ladder, he was a good climber.
[cut to another drawing of the boy looking over his shoulder, as the shadow of the T-Rex covers him]
NARRATOR: Suddenly there was a big "Thump!" behind him. Slowly he turned and he saw ...
[cut to another drawing of the boy dropping his book, as the dinosaur's huge foot nearly steps on him]
NARRATOR: A huge scaly foot with long dangerous looking nails. Was it a real foot?! Yes, it was connected to a real leg ... As his eyes traveled higher and higher, what do you think he saw?
[cut to another drawing of the boy running away from the foot]
NARRATOR: A Tyrannosaurus Rex! The dinosaur didn't see the boy and, as he lifted his huge foot and brought it down with a crash, he almost stepped on him!
[cut to another drawing of the boy climbing onto the dinosaur's tail]
NARRATOR: The boy jumped up and ran behind the dinosaur and climbed up onto his tail.
BOY: Wow! I'm actually riding on a dinosaur! What would my friends say if they saw me? Who would believe me?
[cut to another drawing of the T-Rex walking through a jungle]
NARRATOR: As the dinosaur moved, the boy saw that they were now near a jungle. He had to hang on tightly to the tail or he would fall. He gripped the tail tighter and tighter.
[cut to another drawing of the boy hanging off the tail, as the T-Rex turns its head]
NARRATOR: The dinosaur suddenly stopped. Slowly he turned around, and saw the boy on his tail. He let out a great roar and started to run around in circles.
[cut to another drawing of the T-Rex running around in circles]
BOY: Help! Help!
NARRATOR: Cried the boy.
BOY: I can't hold on much longer!
NARRATOR: The dinosaur went around and around, like a puppy chasing his own tail.
[cut to another drawing of the boy falling off the tail]
NARRATOR: The boy couldn't hold on any longer. He lost his grip on the tail and he flew through the air. He was flying, flying, straight into the dinosaur's mouth!
[cut to another drawing of the boy about to fall into the T-Rex's mouth, when someone off panel reaches in and grabs him by the hand]
NARRATOR: The dinosaur opened his jaws wide and the boy could see his tongue and sharp teeth.
[cut to another drawing of the boy back in the library, as the older male librarian (grey hair, glasses, yellow polka dot tie) is holding his hand]
BOY: Help!
NARRATOR: In a flash, someone's arm shot out of nowhere and pulled the boy away from the dinosaur's open mouth.
LIBRARIAN: It's closing time. Are you going to check out that book?
NARRATOR: Asked the librarian.
[cut to another drawing of the boy running out of the library, as the librarian picks up the "Dinosaurs" book he was reading]
NARRATOR: The boy jumped up and ran out of the library without looking back. The librarian picked up the book the boy had dropped and said ...
LIBRARIAN: This book again? How many times has this happened? I'll have to find a safer place for it.

Dinosaur in the Library
Directed by Yoshifumi Saeki
Illustrated by Yuko NINO
Narrated by Calton Bolick
Production of JAM Systems Inc.



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