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Case Study No. 1547: Staff of Seahaven College Library

Library Scene
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From byui.edu:


Truman and the lovely dark haired young woman meet in the campus library. The library scenes were filmed in the Fort Walton Beach Campus Library, a facility shared by the Okaloosa-Walton College and The University of West Florida. A real librarian served as a consultant and as an "extra" who portrayed the librarian, but her scene was cut from the final version of the film.


From marianuniversity.edu:


[In the school library, TRUMAN, 21, sits with MARLON, 21, and wife-to-be, MERYL, 21, doing a final cram for a test. The STUDENTS begin to pack up their books. Meryl gives Truman a peck on the cheek.]

MERYL: Let's go.
MERYL: You can study later. C'mon.
TRUMAN: No. I gotta' commit this to memory.
MARLON: C'mon, Truman. Let's go for a brewski. C'mon. C'mon.
TRUMAN: You're going to hafta' copy off me so be careful.
MERYL: No? Better person than I am. I'll see you later, kay? Bye.
MARLON: [punching Truman in a chummy way on the arm] See ya' later, loser.
TRUMAN: Ow! Shhhh! *sigh*

[Truman looks up from his books. The library is almost deserted. He spies a GIRL's hand around the table divider. Truman musters the nerve to poke his head over the divider. He finds LAUREN on the other side, buried in a book.]

TRUMAN: ... Hi.
LAUREN: [smiles]
TRUMAN: ... Konichi-wa? [nervous laugh]
LAUREN: [blank look] What?
TRUMAN: [referring to the Japanese text in front of her] Oh, you take Japanese.
LAUREN: Oh yes! Yeah ...
TRUMAN: Lauren, right? It's on your book. [points to "Lauren Garland" sticker]
LAUREN: Lauren. Right. Right.
TRUMAN: I'm Truman Burbank.
LAUREN: Yeah, I know ... I-I know, Truman. I'm not allowed to talk to you.
TRUMAN: Really? Yeah, well, I can understand it. I'm a pretty dangerous character.
LAUREN: I'm sorry, it's not up to me.
TRUMAN: A girl's gotta be careful. [smiles]
LAUREN: [looks around nervously]
TRUMAN: You have a boyfriend, right?
LAUREN: No, it's not that.
TRUMAN: Of course. Is it, was it Meryl, the girl that was with me? We're not, we don't, we're not, we're not fr-, we're just, we're friends.
LAUREN: It's nothing like that.
TRUMAN: It's how I look? Not your type?
TRUMAN: [notices the "How's it Going to End?" pin on her sweater]
TRUMAN: I like your pin. I was wondering that myself.
LAUREN: [laughs]
TRUMAN: Would you wanna maybe possibly sometime go out for some pizza or something like Friday? Saturday?
LAUREN: I can't.
TRUMAN: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday?
LAUREN: [writes "NOW" in her notebook]
TRUMAN: [surprised] We have finals tomorrow.
LAUREN: Yeah, I know ... [leans in and whispers] If we don't go now, it won't happen. Do you understand? So what do you want to do?

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