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Case Study No. 1570: Staff of Unnamed Library (10 O'Clock Live)

Lauren Laverne on Libraries
Lauren Laverne in defence of libraries on 10 O'Clock Live, 3 February 2011.

http://www.chan 10-oclock-live/ video/series-1/ episode-3/save-our-libraries

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[scene opens with a young woman walking through the studio, speaking directly to the camera]
LAUREN: In Egypt this week, we saw young people organizing themselves around the library at Alexandria to protect the books from looters. It was incredible, and yet in Britain, one in five of our public libraries faces closure, which is bad news for libraries, but good news for fans of massive hacking cuts to libraries ...
[someone hands her a coat, as she heads for the exit (still keeping the cameraman in front of her)]
LAUREN: Thank you, Emily ... So the fight is on, and this Saturday it's "Save our Libraries Day," but why should we bother saving them? Well, in the words of the Manic Street Preachers--
[she walks out of the studio, then cut to her walking down the street (still speaking directly to the camera)]
LAUREN: Libraries gave us power! Bookshops and online bookstores, they're all very well, but libraries are different ...
[the camera ducks down behind a car parked on the curb, then when it comes back up we cut seamlessly to a different shot of Lauren walking through a different part of the city]
LAUREN: I'm proud to have a place in my neighbourhood where anyone can walk in off the street and order any book for free! And with one in six of us in Britain struggling with literacy, do we really wanna start snatching books out of people's hands?
[she grabs a book out of a passerby's hands and throws it behind her, then cut to a shot of Lauren stopping in the middle of the street and throwing her hands up in the air]
LAUREN: A library is a town's way of saying "We are not a shithole ... or at least we're a shithole that cares about reading!"
[she walks behind a tree, then cut to Lauren on the rooftop of a building]
LAUREN: And I'm not talking about reading a Kindle on the bus! Go to a library, and suddenly you're not a worker or a shopper. You're not chatting or shouting at the TV. You turn off your phone, Facebook, Twitter, and finally ...
[she stops and looks out at the horizon, raising her arms and yelling]
LUAREN: Everything is calm!
[the camera zooms in on her back, then quickly zooms back out to reveal that Lauren is now standing in the middle of a public library (with several unseen patrons shushing her)]
LAUREN: [whispers] A library's a place where you can spend some quality time with some ideas, hang out with some books, enhance your word power ...
[she walks through the stacks, then grabs a book from one of the shelves and starts reading]
LAUREN: Huh, so that's what "menstruation" means ...
[cut to Lauren walking up to the front desk, where a red-headed female librarian in a striped shirt (with her back to the camera) is scanning a book for a male patron]
LAUREN: So come on, Britain! Soon you'll only hear about libraries in museums ... until they close the museums!
[she stops in front of a male librarian (balding, beard, dark suit, back to the camera), but continues speaking directly to the camera]
LAUREN: Get out and borrow ...
[she puts the book down on the desk, then leans in to whisper to the librarian]
LAUREN: Looking for a book by Katie Price ...



Clip from Series 1 | Save Our Libraries | 1:20

Lauren joins the cause to save our libraries. WARNING This clip features adult humour

"10 O'Clock Live" is a weekly, live comedy and current affairs show hosted by David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr, Charlie Brooker and Lauren Laverne.

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