Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Case Study No. 1593: Unnamed Female Librarian (Super Dude at the Library)

Super Dude at the Library
Dodge Center Public Library
PO Box 430
Dodge Center, MN

Super Dude just saved the world from a giant meteor. Upon landing his boss, lays him off officially due to there no longer being any danger, therefore his super hero services are no longer required. Nice.

The Local Librarian takes notice and gives Super Dude a tour of the Dodge Center Library, explaining how the local library may help him get his career back on track.

Super Dude and his situation are meant as a metaphor for returning veterans who have given so much for their country, only to find a very slow job market, and economy upon returning home. Perhaps libraries can help the heroes who have helped us.

This is part of the Power to the User contest.
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[a stereotypical looking superhero (yellow skin, crewcut, ripped muscles, blue tights) is holding a giant meteor above his head, when a man appears next to him]
BOSS: Thanks for saving the day, Super Dude, but since we're no longer in need of your services, we're laying you off.
SUPER DUDE: I just saved the Earth, only to be out of a job! Now what will I do?
[a female librarian (black hair, glasses, black dress) appears]
LIBRARIAN: Relax, Super Dude, the library has got your back. Your local library is jam packed with epic-level career resources at your disposal, totally for free!
[Super Dude drops the meteor right on top of his old boss]
SUPER DUDE: Show me how this could be!
[cut to inside the library, as the librarian shows Super Dude a computer terminal]
LIBRARIAN: Your library has free access to the internet, meaning you can search all those job-posting websites, keep up with your friends and contacts via email, send resumes to companies in need of a superhero, and you can conduct research on firms to get ready for that big interview when it finally comes.
[cut to the librarian and Super Dude walking through the stacks]
SUPER DUDE: This library if chockful of knowledge, ready to be uploaded to my brain! Within these stacks of books, I may find a veritable fortress of solitude for study!
LIBRARIAN: With your local library's help, you can get back to being that superhero you were meant to be in no time!

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