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Case Study No. 1566: "The Librarian's Book"

The Librarian's Book
Trevor gets sucked into another world by the means of a mysterious book he got at the library.
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The Librarian's Book
A Molver Productions Film

[scene opens with the "female" librarian (really a young boy with huge pillows under his shirt and a kerchief over his head) typing on a calculator as if it were a computer, when a young male patron enters]
TREVOR: I'm here to learn! Yeah ...
[he starts browsing the shelf]
TREVOR: Huh ...
LIBRARIAN: It's gonna be like ten minutes before the library closes, so you need to hurry up!
TREVOR: Okay, god ... take my time!
[he continues browsing, then stops at a large book sticking out of one of the shelves]
TREVOR: Ooh ...
[cut to Trevor bringing the book to the librarian]
TREVOR: Hey, I'd like to ... uh, take this book out.
LIBRARIAN: Um, you can't, sir.
TREVOR: What, why?
LIBRARIAN: This is really dangerous.
TREVOR: It was on the shelf!
TREVOR: It was on the shelf!
LIBRARIAN: Well, I was gonna do it! I was gonna take it off and put it here when it closed!
TREVOR: [pause] It was on the shelf!
LIBRARIAN: But this book is pretty dangerous!
[she points at the cover]
LIBRARIAN: It might say "How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way" ... but it's not! It's before Christ, this book! And there's a lotta mean spells in it.
TREVOR: Spells?
LIBRARIAN: And you go into a different world. You might die, because there's bad things there. I was there once when I was a kid!
TREVOR: Okay, okay ... So it's a crazy librarian here!
[cut to another shot of Trevor, as he appears to acquiesce to the librarian's demands]
TREVOR: Okay, then ... I'll just get another book, if that's okay with you.
LIBRARIAN: Yeah, it's okay.
TREVOR: Yeah, okay.
LIBRARIAN: That makes me very happy--
[he turns as if he's going to leave]
TREVOR: Well, yeah, I'm just gonna grab a book really--
[he turns back and grabs the librarian's "chest", causing her to drop the book, which he picks up and then runs out of the library]
TREVOR: Woo hoo!
LIBRARIAN: You rapist! You're a rapist, man!
[cut to Trevor taking the book into a dark closet, as he uses a flashlight to begin reading]
TREVOR: Oh ... Oh, wowie!
[the Wicked Witch's theme song from "The Wizard of Oz" suddenly plays, as the lights switch on and off while Trevor tries to keep the book from "eating" his face]
TREVOR: Ahh! Ahh!
[the lights go out, then Trevor "awakens" to find himself in an unfamiliar room]
TREVOR: Oh man ... Oh. Oh, whoa, what is this place?
[he looks up at something off camera]
TREVOR: What the fuck?!
[the camera pans up to show a man wearing a large cat mask]
WHISKERS: Can I give you a paw, sir?
[he helps Trevor to his feet]
TREVOR: Whu ... Uhhh, what are you?
WHISKERS: My name is Whiskers! I'm a cat ... Meow!
TREVOR: You're a walking talking caaaa--
[the "cat" starts stroking Trevor's face in an affectionate manner]
TREVOR: Uh, uhhhh ...
[he slaps his hand away]
TREVOR: What is this place, Whiskers?
WHISKERS: Well, this is the land of Foodywoodywikkarah!
TREVOR: "Foody Woody Wikka" ...
TREVOR: "Rah?"
TREVOR: Whiskers, I ... I need to get outta here! How do I get home?
WHISKERS: Oh, you wanna get home?
WHISKERS: Oh, that's easy! All you do is walk that way!
[he points behind him]
TREVOR: That ... Really? That, that's it?
WHISKERS: That's it! You just walk that way!
TREVOR: Oh ...
WHISKERS: You walk that way until you get to the place you need to go!
TREVOR: Oh, thanks!
WHISKERS: That's how it works in the land of Foodywoodywikkarah!
TREVOR: Well, thanks Whiskers ...
WHISKERS: You're welcome!
TREVOR: Okay, I ... You're not comin', are you?
TREVOR: Okay--
WHISKERS: I'm gonna stay here and play with yarn ... because I'm a cat!
[cut to Trevor walking down the hallway]
TREVOR: Aww, I am totally lost! Whiskers told me this direction, aww!
[he stops and enters a room filled with Smurfs toys and memorabilia]
TREVOR: Whoa ... Ooh, talk about your Smurfs!
[he looks around, then a man (actually the same kid who played the librarian, except he's wearing a hat and carring a curtain rod) emerges from a closet behind him]
EVIL ONE: I'm gonna kill you!
TREVOR: What? Why? Uh ... What? Who are you?
EVIL ONE: Me? I am the Evil One of this world!
TREVOR: And you're just gonna kill me?
EVIL ONE: That's my job! Alright, ready to die?
TREVOR: Uh, no ...
EVIL ONE: I'm gonna kill you!
TREVOR: No, please ... I don't know, I don't know what I did--
EVIL ONE: Drop down, right now!
TREVOR: I don't even know where I am! I don't even know ...
WHISKERS: [from off camera] Meow!
[a "sword" (i.e. another curtain rod) flies in from off camera and Trevor catches it]
TREVOR: Whu ... Whiskers! Alright!
[they begin to "duel" (as Morningwood's "Best of Me" plays in the background), when Trevor knocks the Evil One's sword away and pushes him up against the wall]
EVIL ONE: Please have mercy!
TREVOR: Uh, I think not!
[he runs the curtain rod across the Evil One's throat, "killing" him (as the "Game Over" theme from the original Super Mario Bros. videogame plays)]
[cut to Trevor walking down the hallway, when he comes upon a flight of stairs]
TREVOR: That must be it ... That must be the exit of this world, and back into mine! I'm almost there!
[he runs up the stairs]
TREVOR: Goodbye, land of Icky-whatever ... fuck you!
[he opens the door and runs in]
[cut to Whiskers peeking out from behind the corner]
WHISKERS: Mee-owww ...
[cut to Trevor asleep in the closet, with the book over his face, as he wakes up with a start]
[he takes the book and starts flipping through it]
TREVOR: Whu ... Oh. I'm going back to that library!
[cut to the librarian typing at her calculator, when Trevor enters and slams the book down on the table in front of her]
LIBRARIAN: [calmly] Hello, sir.
[he stares at her, then grabs her chest again before running off]
TREVOR: Woo hoo!
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's face, as she picks up the book]
LIBRARIAN: I told everybody, but they don't listen ...
[she laughs maniacally]

The Librarian's Book


The Librarian/Evil One



The End

Nine Inch Nails, K's Choice, Gary Jules and Morningwood

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