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Case Study No. 1573: Staff of the Library of Gno

Let's Play Silver Part 3 The Great Library of NO!
A huge strangely constructed Library called No! Or is it Know? Either way, this world is weird....
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[the player approaches a large building surrounded by a moat]
DAVID: So this is the great Library of Gno ... Do you know much about this place?
GRANDAD: The library was once a school that taught the magical arts. But since Silver outlawed magic, the school has been closed.
DAVID: Something seems wrong.
[the camera pans over to show two red imps dancing in front of the entrance to the library, then they quickly run inside and close the door behind them]
DAVID: Who, or rather, what were they?
GRANDAD: They appear to be some type of imp. They looked devilish. Be wary.
DAVID: But they are small, insignificant against our swords.
GRANDAD: And if there are a hundred more imps inside?
DAVID: I'll destroy them all!
GRANDAD: We'd better hurry, then.
[the player walks up to the entranceway, as Grandfather tries to knock the door down]
GRANDAD: I'm not as young as I used to be ... I can't force the door open!
DAVID: Step aside, let me try.
[he runs into the door and forces it open]
GRANDAD: Fortunately for you, I must've stressed the lock when I forced the door myself.
DAVID: Yes, Grandfather ...
[cut to inside the library, where a group of imps surround an elderly man]
THE PROFESSOR: Somebody! Anybody! Help me!
[the player defeats the imps, as the man tries to run towards the door]
DAVID: Hey! Hey, wait there!
THE PROFESSOR: Sorry, I quite forgot myself ... How rude I must seem! Thank you for helping me with those, uh, those creatures. How could I ever repay you?
GRANDAD: Well, the Duke led us to believe that there is a telescope within the library. If you could help us locate it, we would be very grateful.
THE PROFESSOR: Yes, yes of course! There is a telescope in the observatory that's right at the top of the library ... Oh, but--
DAVID: But what?
THE PROFESSOR: Teronus the Diabolist is there. Uh, I'm sure he'd help, but he can be quite ... uncivil. And unfortunately, now isn't a good time. I'm afraid he's unwittingly opened a portal to another dimension, allowing those little imps you so efficiently disposed of to enter ours. He must close it before we're completely overrun!
GRANDAD: If necessary, we could help close the portal.
DAVID: As long as we locate Jennifer and the ship first.
THE PROFESSOR: Please, just be careful.
[the player starts to walk up the stairs]
THE PROFESSOR: I'll try to be of some use and run for help!
[he runs out the door, as the player makes his way through the library, killing imps before finding one of the creatures (wearing glasses) sitting in a room reading a scroll]
EINSTEIN: Oh, your skills leave a lot to be desired! I have a book you should read, "Bullseye: Your Catapult, Your Friend!"
DAVID: I defeated your playmates, didn' I?
EINSTEIN: You insult me! Those illiterate barbarians have nothing to do with me! Ugh!
[the player clicks on the imp again]
EINSTEIN: Why should I talk to you? You placed me on a par with those ... those idiots!
GRANDAD: Sorry, my grandson is young and proud ... You wounded his ego.
DAVID: But Grandfather, I--
EINSTEIN: Yes, I can see that. But judging by his performance, his ego could do with a trim! Now run along, you've wasted quite enough of my valuable reading time!
[the player clicks on the imp again]
EINSTEIN: You're not very bright, are you? In words of two syllables and less, I asked you to go! Shoo! Vamoose!
[the imp continues reading his scroll, as the player continues to make his way through the library and defeating imps]
GRANDAD: They have a potent dropkick ... My head's still spinning! The imps are becoming much more formidable.
DAVID: Fortunately, I'm becoming quite the virtuoso.
GRANDAD: In the art of exaggeration!
[the player continues through the library, finding another old man surrounded by imps (which are quickly defeated)]
PROFESSOR WHITTLE: I can't thank you enough! Thank you, thank you!
GRANDAD: You're welcome, but please ... Try to calm yourself a little.
PROFESSOR WHITTLE: Yes, yes of course, I ... I'm fine. Uh sorry, where are my manners? Professor Whittle, philosopher of life and ponderer of all unanswered questions, pleased to meet you! They get everywhere, don't they? Pesky devils, heh heh! But the flying imps are the worst, especially if they get in close. Much better to get them before they get near, don't you think? You should go, I fear your staying here will only place you in even more danger!
DAVID: But what about you? Will you be alright on your own?
PROFESSOR WHITTLE: Oh please, don't worry about me! You've done more than enough as it is.
[the player clicks on the professor again]
PROFESSOR WHITTLE: Well, go on then! I'll be fine ... Out of sight, out of firing range!
[the player continues through the library, when they corner a yellow imp in one of the rooms]
SLINK: Spare me, please! I'll make it worth your while! I'll take you to my secret place!
[the player kills the other imps in the room]
SLINK: Please don't hurt me! I'm sure you'll be pleased with my secret hoarde!
GRANDAD: Why would you show us your treasure?
SLINK: You spared my life! I'm grateful! Now please, come quickly! Hurry!
[the player follows the yellow imp into a secret room]
SLINK: We'll have to get past those guards!
[the player defeats the other imps in the room]
SLINK: Come on! It's through there!
[the player follows the yellow imp into another room]
SLINK: I could never let you have my treasure! You don't deserve it! It's mine! All mine!
[the yellow imp takes the potion that was in the room and runs away, which summons a group of other imps into the room (that the player quickly defeats)]
GRANDAD: What a cheating little--
DAVID: Well, for his sake, I hope that potion heightens bravery.
GRANDAD: I hope that's all it does!
DAVID: Come on, before he gets away!
GRANDAD: We're not that lucky ...
[the player chases after the yellow imp, who drinks the potion and transforms into a giant imp, which the player is able to defeat]
GRANDAD: He was huge!
DAVID: Well obviously, size isn't everything ...
GRANDAD: We've lost a lot of time already ... We should try to get to the observatory as quickly as possible!
[the player climbs the stairs to the top floor, where a wizard is shooting lightning bolts at a group of imps]
TERONUS: Stupid little imps with their ineffectual little punches ... Well, you weren't very much help, were you?
DAVID: You seemed to have--
TERONUS: Yes yes, whatever. Now quick, what do you want? My time is precious!
DAVID: I'm David, and this is my grandfather.
TERONUS: I have neither the time nor the inclination for tedious interruptions.
DAVID: Uh, well, we were hoping you'd be able to help us operate the telescope.
TERONUS: Then I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. I couldn't help you use the telescope even if I was suitably inclined to do so.
GRANDAD: But we were led to believe that you would!
TERONUS: Ordinarily yes, but the telescope is powered by an old boiler situated in the caves beneath the library. Unfortunately, this hasn't had power since, uh, since I have misguidedly opened up a portal into a demonic dimension, heh. The caves are being used as a lair by a rather formidable demon. The demon acts as a nexus, a link between our two worlds. Kill him, and the connection will break. Only then will the portal close.
DAVID: Could you take us to the caves?
TERONUS: I could, but thater's something you'll need first ... Follow me.
[they climb up a flight of stairs, where a treasure chest sits on the floor]
TERONUS: Come on, quick! Look in the chest.
DAVID: Why? What's in it?
TERONUS: Something very special. I think you'll find it rather inspiring.
[the player opens the chest, and an Ice Wand is added to his inventory]
TERONUS: I'm sure you'll make good use of it. It's relatively fool-proof.
DAVID: Why, what is it?
TERONUS: It's an Ice Wand. Fortunately, I've not had to use it myself, but if used correctly, it's very powerful!
[he creates a portal]
TERONUS: Are you coming or not?
DAVID: Where to?
TERONUS: Back to the entrance hall ... Please hurry, I have no patience for time wasters!
DAVID: You have no patience at all.
TERONUS: Excuse me! I thought you required help, not cosseting!
GRANDAD: Hurry, before the teleport closes!
DAVID: Come on then!
GRANDAD: No no, I'll leave this magic malarkey to you ... I'd feel much better using my own two feet.
[the player enters the portal, then cut to David and Teronus standing at the front entrance of the library]
TERONUS: Where is your grandfather?
GRANDAD: He decided to walk. He's weary of anything magical. He doesn't trust anything he doesn't understand.
TERONUS: I suppose it does take a superior intellect to decipher the complexities of magic.
DAVID: Talking of magic, what seals that door?
TERONUS: Oh yes, that. I had to use one of my spells to minimize the spreading imp infestation.
[they make their way towards the magically sealed side door, as David's grandfather appears from the stairwell]
TERONUS: Hurry, we've wasted too much time already. The caves are this way.
[Fuge and his guards suddenly enter the library]
FUGE: So, this is where you've been hiding. It's ironic that it's duty that finally compels me to finish what I started all those years ago ...
DAVID: What does he mean? This is the second time he's mentioned your past!
GRANDAD: David, please go! Now is not the time!
TERONUS: Listen to your grandfather! We should leave before it's too late!
FUGE: You are not going anywhere! You're charged with treason against your emperor, and the mandatory sentence is death! Guards, kill them!
[David's grandfather defeats the guards]
FUGE: I see you're not quite as decrepit as you look, old man ... I'll just have to kill you myself.
[Fuge strikes him down]
GRANDAD: David, run! Now!
[Fuge shoots lightning bolts from his hands, disintegrating the grandfather]
DAVID: Noooo!
FUGE: Your grandfather was no real challenge ... I will take greater time and pleasure in killing you.
TERONUS: David, don't let him goad you ... Your grandfather's already dead! If you stay and fight, his death means nothing, for Fuge will kill you too!
[the player runs for the magically sealed side door]
FUGE: That's it, run like the coward I know you to be!
[the player follows Teronus through the side door]
DAVID: I can't believe he's dead. He should be at my side.
TERONUS: I'm not very good at things that require sympathy and understanding. I've never really had anyone ... close, but I'm sure he's with you. Somewhere.
DAVID: Well Grandfather, if you are, I promise you this ... Fuge will die by my sword! Vengeance will be my power!
[the player exits the room, leading to the outside of the library (with several more imps)]
TERONUS: Dear me, the imp infestation is escalating out of control! I should re-evaluate my calculation methods ...
DAVID: Teronus, I really don't think now is the appropriate time for re-adjusting multiplications.
[the player defeats the imps]
DAVID: You left me to fight the imps alone! You just stood there and watched!
TERONUS: Surely you're not suggesting I use my magic for any purpose other than self-defense.
DAVID: Well, in between getting kicked and punched, yes! Yes, it did cross my mind!
TERONUS: It would be morally corrupt of me to use magic for anything other than safeguarding my own well-being.
DAVID: Didn't you find it even slightly immoral to do nothing while I risked my life defending us?
[the player enters the backdoor, leading to another section of the library (full of imps)]
DAVID: This should be easy enough.
TERONUS: If you say so ... but please, hurry! The lift is just through those doors.
[the player defeats the imps, then enters the next room]
TERONUS: Use this lift, it will take you down into the heart of the caves.
[the player walks up to the elevator entrance]
TERONUS: Well David, good luck.
DAVID: What? Aren't you coming with me?
TERONUS: I'm sorry, I can't. One of us has to stay and pull the lever. Go on, you'll be fine without me.
DAVID: Well, I've managed so far on my own ... but what about the demon?
TERONUS: Did I say "demon?" Heh heh, no, he's more like a ... like an, um, incubus? Now hurry and get in the lift!
[the player enters the elevator]
DAVID: What's an incubus?
TERONUS: Oh, it's a ... um, demon.
DAVID: What did you say?
TERONUS: Nothing, bye.
[he pulls the lever, then cut to the player being lowered into the boiler room]
[the player exits the elevator, then two imps run out of a nearby room and into the darkness ... the player enters the room, where a large man is cowering in the corner]
DAVID: Hello? Is there anybody there?
JANITOR: No! Go away, strange creature! No one be livin' here!
DAVID: Don't worry, the imps have gone.
JANITOR: They were wantin' to hurt the ol' janitor! Is that what you be wantin'?
DAVID: No, no of course not! I just need you to start the boiler.
JANITOR: Can't! Too many bad creatures! They makes the janitor scared!
DAVID: If I get rid of all the creatures, would you start it then?
JANITOR: Me would! You be nice to the ol' janitor, would you like this? I-I found it out there, it's a key!
[a Silver Key is added to the player's inventory]
DAVID: Thanks!
JANITOR: No pleasure, anytime!
[the player exits the boiler room and makes his way into the caves, defeating various enemies before reaching the incubus and killing it]
[after defeating the incubus, the professor and Teronus enter the cave, followed by the Duke and his gang of rebels]
THE PROFESSOR: I did it! I found the Duke! Are we too late?
TERONUS: Don't be a fool. Look around you, of course we're too late!
THE DUKE: Teronus told us about your grandfather ... I'm sorry.
DAVID: Thank you, but now I just wanna get back to the telescope as quickly as possible.
TERONUS: Well, come on then! What are we waiting for?
THE DUKE: You two stay here with the professor. Some of the imps may still be lurking within the smaller caves.
[David, the Duke, and Teronus exit the cave, then cut the janitor activating the boiler]
[cut to David, the Duke, and Teronus in the observatory]
TERONUS: Well, go on then, the telescope's up there! What're you waiting for?
DAVID: Are you this pushy with everyone?
TERONUS: No, just you.
[the player activates the telescope]
DAVID: The ship is sailing at speed towards Rain.
THE DUKE: Then we have no time to waste! We must return to Haven. There we can devise a plan to intercept the galleon.
DAVID: We have no time for plans! We should go to Rain now!
THE DUKE: No, it's mistakes we have no time for. If we charge to Rain ill-equipped, we face certain death. The galleon will be heavily guarded, and we need more men.
DAVID: Okay, but we must hurry!
THE DUKE: Thank you for all your help, Teronus, but I'm sure you're anxious for the restoration of peace to your library. So, we'll bid you well and take our leave.
TERONUS: Good luck. Take care, David. Godspeed.



Silver, released in 1999, is an Action RPG for Microsoft Windows, Dreamcast and Macintosh OS. The game was produced by Infogrames initially for Windows, and later on the Dreamcast. The story focuses around a young warrior called David and his quest to retrieve his wife from the clutches of the villain Silver. On his journey he gains a number of followers and visits many different landscapes. The game sold over 400,000 copies.

The game features polygonal 3D characters drawn against a pre-rendered 2D background. The character design is inspired from Manga/Anime culture. The battle system of Silver is notable for being completely real-time opposed to many similar light role-playing games, which usually have turn-based combat. The player may choose any character in his adventuring party to control, and the rest of the characters are handled automatically by AI. The story focuses largely on collecting eight magic orbs representing different elements, which are Fire, Ice, Health, Earth, Acid, Lightning, Time and Light. Each orb is located at an area themed around the orb, and the player may use the collected orbs to cast different kind of spells against his enemies.

The game was distributed with PCs sold by Tiny Computers, a computer company based in England, founded in 1990 which went into administration in 2002, and was very well received by players.

The Scene
'Silver' takes place in the island region of Jarrah, commonly known as the 'Wheel Of Life' for the fact that it is shaped like a wheel. It consists of seven islands, but nine locations in all.

Verdante - Verdante is in the top-right corner of Jarrah. It's even more fertile than Haven, but its forests have been burned away or turned into swampland by battles against Silver. David's house, a monastery, and many forests await here. It is home to the Lightning orb.

Haven - Haven lies on the center of Jarrah. It is a very fertile island, and has a lot of flora and fauna. In the center lie the Oracle's Tower and the Rebel Camp (you can change your party here). Later on in the game, the Time orb is found.

Gno Gno - is an island which houses nothing more but a big library with a large telescope at the top of it. This library (the Library Of Gno) also has caverns underneath it, and, in the beginning of the game, has a lot of trouble with imps.

Rain - A large, dark city sits on Rain. It always rains here. Important places here are Chains, Silver's dungeon, and the pub. The fire orb is found in a wizard's tower and the Acid/Poison orb is found in the sewers.

Winter - Winter is covered in snow and ice and is a key area in the game, although not a large one. It houses two orbs (Ice and Earth) and has caverns underneath, and a big castle (property of Glass, Silver's daughter).

Spires - Spires is an underwater cathedral near Rain, which is Atlantis-themed. The enemies in Spires look like amphibians. The Healing Orb can be found here while battling a poison dragon.

Deadgate - Deadgate is the barren realm of the dead. When a person dies, their ghost will be sent to Deadgate until their deaths are avenged.

Atro Atro - is the northern exterior of Deadgate and it is an industrious realm where the final orb is found (light) after defeating the lady of light and her invisible minions, it is by far the most minor and unknown location in all of Jarrah.

Metalon - The last island visited in the game, and the location of Silver's palace. As its name suggests, the city that covers the entire island is made completely out of metal, with the exception of Silver's palace. The island is pitted with rivers of blood, the source of Silver's power. The player can only reach this island by being teleported there by Silver's daughter, Glass. Once the player is teleported there, they cannot leave.

Major Characters
David - The protagonist. He lived with his wife Jennifer and his grandfather until his wife was kidnapped by Fuge and the soldiers under his command. He is also a skilled fighter and learned the way of fighting from his grandfather. His father and grandfather are both killed by Fuge. During the game, he joins the rebels, sets off to find the eight magical orbs that will aid the player to defeat Silver.

Grandfather - David's grandfather and a very experienced fighter. He accompanies David when his wife was kidnapped, together they travel to Haven and Gno. In the library of Gno, he sacrifices himself so David can escape from Fuge.

Silver - The ruler of Jarrah and the main antagonist of the game. He has his palace in Metalon and he has two children, Fuge and Glass. His palace is also his source of power with the magic source and the blood river. He kills his wife with the excuse of being cheated and lets all the women in the age of giving birth bring to his palace. He has a great lust of power, so he planned to form an alliance with the evil god Apocalypse.

Duke - The leader of rebels that have their camp in Haven. Later, he is captured by Silver's troops and David sets off to rescue him from Silver's dungeons. He is a patient, careful man and a good strategist.

William - One of the most important men of Duke. He is impatient and weak, so he betrays Duke and forms an alliance with Silver to save his love interest. After Silver is done with him, he kills him.

Fuge - Silver's son. He is an extremely powerful fighter and even his name causes fear in all around Jarrah. He follows his father's orders very strictly and is extremely loyal to him. He killed David's father and grandfather and is killed by David.

Glass - Silver's daughter. She is a powerful sorceress, has an ice palace in Winter, possesses the Earth orb and an ice dragon, which is defeated by David. After the death of her mother, she hated her father and even aided the rebels by teleporting David and his companion to Metalon.



The Library of Gno is a veritable maze of shelves. It is populated by imps, through whom you have to fight through to make it to the Observatory at the top. There is also a set of caverns beneath the library, which is home to a minor demon. There is a door in the Library Entrance that can only be opened later in the game with the Gold Key. Behind it you'll find the Hurricane special move, as well as a Scroll of Golem Summoning.

You'll find yourself outside of the library. You see several small red imps as they run into the bastion and shut the doors behind themselves. Batter the doors down and enter the library. Right away you will see an old professor beset upon by those imps. Kill them quickly (they are rather puny) and the professor will tell you that your goal is in the Observatory, but first you will need to aid Teronus with his little imp problem. Go up the stairs and to the left. Watch as the professor leaves the place, and go down the hall.

Walk down both flights of stairs and watch as the yellow imp runs from you. At this moment red imps will pour out of both exits from this room - at the top and the bottom of the stairs. Kill them quickly and save your game when the Chronicler appears. Leave through the bottom door.

There is a swarm of red imps to be killed here. Then head south and into a room with another swarm of the things. Here you'll find two that use Catapults (slingshots in reality), so you'll have to watch out for the ranged attacks too. Kill the one that is using one from the ground, then equip it and deal with the one on the shelves. Kill the rest of the critters, then talk to Einstein, a smart looking imp, then go up the stairs. You'll find yourself in a small hallway where a couple of imps run off. Kill the imp on the treasure chest, then open it up to find some bread and gold. Pick up the cheese that one of the imps dropped, then save your game before leaving through the north door.

You'll find yourself on a narrow ledge about twenty feet up in the air. Here you'll fight the worse imps yet - those that can fly! Try and get them before they hit you - you'll have to pay attention to the shadows beneath them, as well as their position near you. Try to strike where you think they will be next. The large right and left slashes are useful here, since they hit a large area. Backslashes are good for it too. After you are done with them, follow the ledge and leave the area.

As soon as you enter the next area, you will see a bunch of imps scare off another professor. They all run to the south. Head south and into the next room. There are alot of imps to kill here, as well as a wizard imp that keeps summoning more! Kill it first and then deal with the rabble. Talk to the professor, then leave by the way you entered the room. Equip your Catapult and head east. Kill the pair of imps on the shelves, then kill the ones that come from both sides with your sword. Then climb the eastern steps.

When you enter the next room, you'll see one of the yellow imps make a report to a wizard imp. He then teleports to safety when you get to the bottom of the stairs. Attack the wizard imp before he has too much time to summon red imps. When you have killed them all, open the chest to get some bread, cheese, gold and a health potion. Then go back up the stairs and the spiral stairs. Leave the room via the northern exit.

Watch as the yellow imp speeds away and open the chest for two apples, some bread, cheese and gold. Then save your game and head east. You'll finally corner the yellow imp, Slink, in the next room. He promises to give you his treasure if you show him some mercy. Kill the red imps and the soldier imp that are in the room, while protecting Slink from harm. If you are too slow, he'll dart up the stairs and alarm a wizard imp, and you'll have more imps to protect him from. If he dies, reload your last game. If he lives, follow him from the room.

Slink leads you to a small room with two imp soldiers. Kill them and head to the north. Slink grabs a potion and then runs away. He leaves you with a chest full of food. When you open it, red imps appear and you have to kill them. Pick up your treasure, and save your game. Return to the room where you cornered Slink to corner him again. He drinks the potion and grows! He stomps his feet every couple of seconds causing a shockwave that will damage you for only a couple points. Use you lunge to kill him the quickest. Exit the room via the door atop the stairs.

In the next room you'll finally meet Teronus. He zaps a trio of imps, then tells you that to get the telescope working, you have to kill a demon and start the boilers. He then tells you to follow him up some stairs, where he gives you the Ice Wand and teleports David and himself to the Library Entrance. Grandpa takes the stairs. Guess who's waiting for you when you reappear? None other than Fuge. Your grandfather attacks him and dies. Quickly run to the northeast and through the formerly sealed hallway.

From here head east and pick up the magic potion. Then return to the last room. Now head down the stairs and you'll find yourself outside. Attack the imps with your Catapult, and kill the one with the horn. If he spots you, he'll summon more imps to do battle with you. Save your game after the battle.

Head through the eastern door and kill the two imps that attack you. A horn imp runs by and summons some of his friends - two waves of flying imps. Head east after you have killed them. In the next room kill the soldier imp and his cohorts. Open the chest, take the treasure, then return outside and take the western door.

In the next room you'll be attacked by all sorts of enemy imps. Just kill them all with the Ice Wand and head into the eastern door. Go to the northeast and into the elevator. Teronus pulls the lever and down you go! You'll find yourself in the Caves.

You'll arrive just in time to watch some imps exit from a hidden door in the boiler. Enter it and talk to the janitor inside to get the Silver Key. Leave and then head to the west. Go down the stairs and kill the three rock golems that you find. Use the Ice Wand to get them from a distance, but remember that after a couple a uses, it has to recharge. Then save your game and enter the door at the bottom.

In the following room, you'll be attacked by several rock golems. A wizard imp keeps re-animating them if you kill them, so pay attention and kill it first. You can even attack it when it is invisible! Then kill all the golems with the Ice Wand and your sword. Then exit through the right door. Upon entering, you will meet Dr. Buzuki and hi imp friend, Frink. Open the northern door with your Silver Key and get the chaos potion from within. Then return to the last junction and head into the left door.

Head down two areas - going through eight or nine golems - and save your game before heading into the small doorway. Two red imps summon the demon before your very eyes. Kill the two imps, then equip the Catapult and fire a stone at the demon. It'll do zero damage and it'll laugh at you. Pull out your Ice Wand and fire at it to make it hurt. Then hide behind the rock. The demon shoots fireballs at you that deal either a little or a lot of damage, so be prepared to heal if you need to. Watch out for the red imps that appear every few seconds - they live to annoy you. It takes four or five shots to kill the demon. When you've killed it, you'll gain a level and reinforcements will arrive a second too late. You'll all go to the top floor and use the telescope to discover that the ship is going to Rain. The whole party heads to the Rebel Camp, then to Rain, where they are split into pairs. Sekune is paired with David.

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