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Case Study No. 1588: "Night of the Living Librarians"

Night of the Living Librarians Trailer
The trailer for the blockbuster hit about zombies, librarians and budget cuts!

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[scene opens with black and white footage of the El Dorado County Library]
NARRATOR: On an ordinary day ...
[cut to inside the library, as a female librarian is scanning books at the front desk]
NARRATOR: They came to work.
[cut to another female librarian shelving books, when she turns and sees a man standing in the middle of the library with his head down and his back to her]
NARRATOR: Now they're running for their lives.
[he walks up and puts a hand on his shoulder, as he suddenly turns and the screen cuts to black]
[cut to a shot of outside the library, as several children dressed as zombies shamble towards the camera]
NARRATOR: Every way out is becoming a trap.
[cut to a shot inside of a car, as zombies surround the vehicle and claw at the windows]
[cut back to inside the library, as three female librarians stand at the front desk]
LIBRARIAN 1: What are they? Why do they come here?
[cut to a shot of zombies outside the library, banging on the door and windows, then back to the librarians]
LIBRARIAN 2: It's something they used to do in their old lives, but library funding was cut ... Look what they've become!
LIBRARIAN 3: What're we going to do?
[cut to the librarians huddled around a radio]
RADIO ANNOUNCER: Biologists in Stockton California have released reports focusing on the phenomenon, specifically for that trance-like state.
[cut to more footage of the zombies outside, then back to inside the library]
LIBRARIAN 3: They're so slow, we could just walk right past 'em ...
[cut to the librarians running up the stairwell towards the roof]
NARRATOR: They are our last hope ...
[cut to the librarians emerging on the library's roof, as they look down and see more zombies surrounding the building]
LIBRARIAN 2: This isn't happening! This can't be happening!
LIBRARIAN 1: Looks like there's been a change of plans ...
[cut to the librarians back at the front desk]
LIBRARIAN 2: We fight 'em with what we have!
[cut to one of the librarians grabbing a book and holding it up in a menacing fashion]
[cut to the librarians running through the library, as a group of zombies follow them]
[cut to one of the librarians twirling a "bo staff" before using it to hit one of the zombies in the face]
LIBRARIAN 1: This used to be a nice library!
[cut to another librarian hitting a zombie in the face with a book]
[cut to another librarian using her bo staff to pin a zombie against the table before hitting it across the face]
NARRATOR: They have not come this far ...
[cut to a closeup of the library's elevator, as the doors open to reveal the three librarians standing inside]
NARRATOR: To give up now.
[cut to a shot of the front desk, as a group of zombies approach while the librarians stand ready with their books and bo staffs]
NARRATOR: This summer, you will see ...
[the scene cuts to black, as "Night of the Living Librarians" appears on screen]
[cut to one of the librarians looking at something off camera, as she puts her hands to her face and screams]
[the scene cuts to black, as "Coming Summer 2011 ... or not, since library funding is being cut. Don't you realize when funding is cut the zombies will show up in your neighborhood! How will you survive?" appears on screen]

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