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Case Study No. 1585: Sarnia Public Librarian

45 Year UFO Mystery Solved - June 12, 2012
Well .. solved for me! (read further / show more) New UFO app for IPhone we developed: http://www.project UFO article from Sarnia Observer, March 29, 1966: For over 45 years, I've wanted to go back to my hometown of Sarnia, ON, Canada & search through the old newspaper records to find & read the account of the strange things I saw one night up in the sky, in the mid 1960s ... the evening of Mon Mar 28, 1966.

Today was that day ... son Mark, his friend Christina & I, drove to Sarnia, headed to the Sarnia Public Library & started going through all the old newspapers on "microfilm" for a 3 year period 1964-66.

With the help of the librarian, we hit "paydirt" ... we found the UFO stories that appeared in the next day issue - Tues Mar 29, 1966, "Sarnia Observer" newspaper:

Check out this video "UFOs Over Sarnia":

Newspaper links to the Sarnia & SW Ontario sightings in the Mar 27-30,1966 time period:

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http://ufo-joe.tri 1966mar29ham.html

http://ufo-joe.tri 1960s.html

(will add some more newspaper clippings here shortly)

Current day sightings Sarnia area:

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UFO sightings photos 2012:

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Canadian Government acknowledges UFO incident in Nova Scotia: Shag_Harbour_UFO_incident

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City of Sarnia:

The Sarnia Observer Newspaper:


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[scene opens with a man driving in his car, speaking to the handheld camera pointing at him from the passenger seat]
ROB FREEMAN: Okay, so today we're heading to Sarnia, Ontario. As you know, I'm from London, Ontario. So is Mark, and um, we're heading to Sarnia, Ontario because I was telling him last night about a story when I was a kid. I was in scouts in Sarnia, Ontario ...
[he pauses]
ROB FREEMAN: Where I was born and raised, and after scouts I had seen something up in the sky. And there were kids outside on the street, they said, "Look, there's something in the sky, it's a helicopter!"
[he points off camera]
ROB FREEMAN: And I looked closely, and I thought, "That's no helicopter" ... It wasn't making any sounds, but it was kind of like a white light and it was going from the north, over the river, to the south and then back again.
[he moves his free hand back and forth]
ROB FREEMAN: And I was looking and looking at this thing, and I thought, "This is no helicopter" ... And I was waiting for my mom to pick me up. It was after scouts was over, and I was standing out there in the road all by myself.
[he smiles]
ROB FREEMAN: And I'll tell you, when I watched this thing ... I was getting goosebumps and shivers!
[he runs his free hand along his arm]
ROB FREEMAN: I was gettin' kinda scared, because eventually these kids took off. They really had no interest in it, and I was watching this thing, and it seemed to be watching me. It was getting a little bit lower, it seemed to be up at about nine hundred feet or a thousand feet, and it was getting lower. And as it got closer to me, it was really a spooky thing but it appeared to be spinning sort of so fast and going the other way ...
[he twirls his finger around]
ROB FREEMAN: And there appeared to be almost like a big lens in the bottom of this thing, and I saw things moving around behind the lens ... And it was kinda blurry, and I'll tell ya, it was spooky!
[he smiles]
ROB FREEMAN: And then, just then my mom arrived to pick me up, and I was telling her about this ... And she says, "Oh Rob, don't be silly, it's probably an airplane or a helicopter." And I said, No, it wasn't, Mom! It was a UFO!"
[he smiles]
ROB FREEMAN: And I hate to use that word, because everybody associates UFOs with ... people that are a little bit wacko.
[he makes the "cuckoo" hand sign with his finger next to his right temple]
ROB FREEMAN: But I was about, I'm gonna say twelve or thirteen years old, and it was very vivid what I saw. And so when I told my mom, she said, "Let's just go home, don't worry about it" ... and that was that.
[he shrugs]
ROB FREEMAN: So, I told my brother when we got home, and y'know, nobody really seemed to believe me about this. So anyway, next day when I got home from school, my mom said, "Rob, look, there's something in the paper about what you saw last night!"
[he smiles]
ROB FREEMAN: And she got the paper out, and she described how the ... the Selfridge Air Force Base in, uh, Selfridge, Michigan.
[he waves his hand]
ROB FREEMAN: On the other side of the river, we live right by the States there on the Canadian side ... They had scrambled these jets and were chasing this--
[he makes air quotes with his fingers]
ROB FREEMAN: So-called "unidentified flying object" ... And then finally, it took off at a high rate of speed, and that was it.
[he looks out his window]
ROB FREEMAN: So, it was a good feeling knowing that I was validated, what I had seen, that it was real. It wasn't just made up. And I didn't cut the thing out of the paper, I wish that I had've.
[he smiles]
ROB FREEMAN: And so last night, when I was telling Mark about all this, he said, "Why don't we go and get it from the paper?" So I called the Sarnia Observer, they said that it's in the library on microfilm, I think. It's not digitalized, so we can't do a Google search.
[he shrugs]
ROB FREEMAN: So, we're on our way now to Sarnia, we're gonna go to the library, and we're gonna try to look this up ... I'm gonna think that's it's somewhere in the Nineteen Sixty Four to Nineteen Sixty Six, Nineteen Sixty Seven time frame. And we're gonna look through the newspapers, I know it was May of that year, and we're gonna see if we can find the article. I'm gonna show you the article, and I'm gonna take you behind the church where we had scouts--
[he points off camera]
ROB FREEMAN: Where it's across the river, and I'm gonna show you exactly where it is and where I saw this happen. So we're on our way to Sarnia now, and we'll check in with you in a minute, when we get to Sarnia and the library.
[cut to footage of and old church, as Rob (no longer behind the wheel) is now holding the camera and walking across the street]
ROB FREEMAN: [from off camera] So here we are in Sarnia, and this is the church where I went to scouts at ... Saint Andrew's Presbyterian Church back in the mid-sixties, when I was around twelve.
[he focuses the camera on two teenagers climbing around a tank in the Royal Canadian Legion's parking lot next to the church]
ROB FREEMAN: [from off camera] There's Mark over there and his girlfriend Christina, they're checking out that tank ... But anyway, this is where I came out, and there were kids here.
[he turns the camera and points it towards the sky]
ROB FREEMAN: [from off camera] And they told me to look at the helicopter in the sky ...
[he points at the sky]
ROB FREEMAN: [from off camera] And that was right up about there ... and I told them it wasn't a helicopter, and it was slowly travelling from the north to the south up in the sky.
[he turns the camera again]
ROB FREEMAN: [from off camera] That building wasn't there at that time, because this is like ... what? Uh, forty some odd years ago?
[he points at the sky again]
ROB FREEMAN: [from off camera] But it was right up there, travelling from the north to the south, and then getting lower and lower until it was like eight hundred feet up or something. And it just scared the heck outta me.
[he lowers the camera, as the two teenagers are now standing next to him]
ROB FREEMAN: [from off camera] Okay, we're gonna go to the newspaper now and see if we can find the article ... You guys ready to go?
ROB FREEMAN: [from off camera] Let's check it out!
[cut to Rob standing outside of the Sarnia Public Library, speaking directly to the camera]
ROB FREEMAN: So we're at the Sarnia Public Library here, and this is where we're gonna go through the old microfilms of the Sarnia Observer newspaper, and check out the event from the mid-sixties and see if we can find it.
[he bends down to pick up his backpack]
ROB FREEMAN: So let's head in!
[cut to the two teenagers looking through a drawer full of old microfiche cartridges, as Rob points the camera at them]
ROB FREEMAN: [from off camera] Mark and Christina are helping me, we're going through the microfiche here from three years ...
[he closes the drawer, as Mark grabs three of the boxes containing the cartridges]
ROB FREEMAN: [from off camera] Sixty Four, Sixty Five, and Sixty Six ... and we're gonna take a look through them.
[cut to Christina sitting at the microfiche reader, as an older female librarian (red hair, floral pattern dress) helps her load in one of the cartridges]
ROB FREEMAN: [from off camera] So this is the old microfilm or microfiche system ... microfilm, I guess.
LIBRARIAN: So first of all, you line it up on this--
[she places the cartridge in the machine]
LIBRARIAN: It goes in there, and underneath these two wheels here ...
[he zooms in on the librarian feeding the film into the machine]
LIBRARIAN: Slide it in a ways, be sure it's gonna go in, and then push this blue button.
[she presses the button to turn on the machine]
LIBRARIAN: And let it wind itself onto the other side ... Once you have four zeroes here, you can make it go both directions with this.
[she turns the dial as old newspaper articles appear on the screen]
LIBRARIAN: You go clockwise to go ahead, or you can go counter-clockwise ... The small spider legs is the zoom focus, and the larger one is to fine-tune the focus.
[she touches another level to make the image on the screen spin around]
LIBRARIAN: And up above it is a thing like a jar lid, that's the thing that I use to spin it around.
LIBRARIAN: If it's not facing the direction you want.
ROB FREEMAN: [from off camera] So, we gotta go through three years for the month of May, for Nineteen Sixty Four, Five, and Six, so we got a little bit of work ahead of us ... Thanks so much!
[cut to Rob zooming in on an article on the microfiche reader ("Night Sky Lights Still Mystery")]
ROB FREEMAN: [from off camera] So we've actually found the article! This is from Tuesday, March Twenty Ninth, Nineteen Sixty Six, and you can see the headlines here ... The lady at the library made a couple calls and I guess, um, to her reference department, and she found this date so we went right to this article. So now we're gonna print this off.
[cut to Rob standing outside]
ROB FREEMAN: [from off camera] So I've walked down by the river, this is actually showing you a better view of what the river looks like.
[he pans the camera around]
ROB FREEMAN: [from off camera] This is a park they have down by the river, and of course ...
[he points the camera down at a flock of ducks walking around]
ROB FREEMAN: [from off camera] Look at this, we have a ton of ducks! Hi guys!
[he brings the camera up and points it at the teenagers nearby]
ROB FREEMAN: [from off camera] There's Mark, of course, and Christina, getting some shots, and we're gonna get some fries later.
[cut to the teenagers walking as Rob points the camera at them]
ROB FREEMAN: [from off camera] Well, after our successful find of finding the UFO article ...
[he turns the camera behind them]
ROB FREEMAN: [from off camera] We came down by the bridge here in Sarnia ... There's actually two bridges, and as you can see, this is the Saint Clair River. It's at the bottom of Lake Huron, and it's quite a nice day, so we're just gonna go for a little walk and then head back to London.



Sarnia Observer article detailing what I saw in the sky in March, 1966.
5:38 PM - 12 Jun 2012

The Sarnia Observer
Vol. XLVIII - No. 112

It's a Balloon... It's a Meteor.., No, It's a UFO!

Everyone - or so it seems - has witnessed either flashing, twinkling or multi-colored lights in the night sky recently - but what are they really?

Guesses range from swamp gas to an invasion from outer space.

Some feel the objects or lights are weather balloons reflecting the sun's rays. Others believe they may be man-made satellites or space debris long forgotten but still floating in the void.

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