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Case Study No. 1600: Emilia

Let's Play Suikoden 2 - Part 59 - I feel like a schoolgirl
Enrolling in the Greenhill academy in hopes of learning the whereabouts of Teresa

108 Stars of Destiny:
Emila - After the tour of the school, tell her who you really are and she will join (though it will not tell you she joins)
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[the player and his party are outside the city-state of Greenhill, going "undercover" as students enrolling at New Leaf Academy (but really searching for the missing Teresa Wisemail), when they are stopped by a guard]
GREENHILL GUARD: Under orders from the Commander, those that have no business in Greenhill may not pass]
FLIK: We do have business here ...
[he hands the guard some enrollment papers given to him by Fitcher (which are three years out of date)]
GREENHILL GUARD: Wha ... ? You're here to enroll in the Academy?
FLIK: Yeah, we got our papers like three years ago ... and, uh, there was the war, you know? So we got, uh, delayed. And, well, we came all the way Kanakan.
GREENHILL GUARD: Uh-huh. And you are ... ? You don't look like a teacher.
[the guard looks at the rest of the player's party]
GREENHILL GUARD: These kids. They can't be ... your children?
FLIK: What, are you kidding? I'm working for their parents ... I'm these kids' bodyguard!
GREENHILL GUARD: Well, your papers seem to be in order. You may pass ... You better not cause any trouble, though!
[the player and his party enter New Leaf Academy, and speak with the young female librarian (who also apparently acts as the academy's receptionist) standing behind the front desk]
EMILIA: Oh, well, hello, children! What a strange time to be enrolling. Let me see ...
[Flik hands her the enrollment papers]
EMILIA: You say you were delayed by the war?
[Flik says nothing]
EMILIA: Well, it does seem your papers are in order. Welcome to New Leaf Academy, pride of Greenhill! Allow me to show you children around. By the way ...
[she moves in front of Flik]
FLIK: Wh, what?
EMILIA: These children, are they yours?
FLIK: C'mon, be serious. I'm their escort, their escort!
EMILIA: I see... of course. All students live in the dormitories at the west end of the campus. The first two weeks of schooling are orientation, during which your attendant may stay at the lodging house east of the dorms.
[she moves in front of the children]
EMILIA: Remember, students that prove to be problematic during orientation will be expelled ... so be good.
[the player selects "Yes, ma'am!"]
WAKABA: Yes, ma'am!!!
HIX: Yes, ma'am!
LUC: Yeah ...
EMILIA: Ah, fine replies. I think you children will do fine. Come with me, I'll show you around.
[she leaves]
NANAMI: Um, um, I guess we are a little nervous -- it's our first time at a school.
FLIK: Hey, hurry up or we'll be left behind.
[the player catches up to Emilia in another room]
EMILIA: Down here we have the blacksmith, Runemaster, and appraisal classrooms. You'll find trainees in each; be sure to talk with them. Up on the second floor are the study halls. During orientation, you may go anywhere on campus, to decide what your major will be. Do you understand?
[the player selects "Yes, ma'am!"]
WAKABA: Yes, ma'am, I understand!!
HIX: I see!
LUC: Naturally ...
[a young man enters the scene, as Emilia turns and stares at him]
EMILIA: Oh ... Lord Shin.
[the man looks in their direction]
EMILIA: These are some new students, and their escort.
SHIN: I see ... excuse me.
[he leaves]
FLIK: Who was that?
EMILIA: That was the acting mayor's attendant, but she's been missing since the assault ... Teresa, that is.
FLIK: Missing, huh ...
EMILIA: It's getting fairly late, so be sure to go straight to the dorms after you walk around the school a bit. Well then, everyone, I must be going. I trust you will all become fine students at our Academy!
[she leaves]
FLIK: All right, let's look around. We might be able to find some clues as to Teresa's whereabouts.
[they return to front desk]
EMILIA: Good afternoon, Player. What is it? Is there something you don't understand?
[the player selects "Um, is school really difficult?"]
EMILIA: Hmm... I wouldn't call it easy, but there's nothing terrible about it. Well, there might be right now, with the occupation and all.
[the player selects "Uh, about that guy named Shin ... "]
EMILIA: You want to know about Lord Shin? Why, whatever for?
[the player selects "We're searching for Teresa ... "]
EMILIA: Oh my, are you sure you can be telling me this? Tee-hee, I thought you were up to something. That person named Flik has been nosing around quite a bit ...
[the player selects "Well ... actually, we're ... ", as the screen fades to black (signifying that the player is explaining their true mission)]
EMILIA: I see. Please, find Lady Teresa. I know she's alive somewhere. Best of luck to you. I'll do whatever I can to help ... I promise.
[the player leaves, then returns to the front desk]
EMILIA: Hard at work? Don't worry, I'm your ally!



Emilia is the Chisui Star from Suikoden II. She is well studied and her mind is highly analytical. Thus, she is able to spot the strength and weaknesses of enemies at a glance. Pretty useful in wars. She helped Teresa escape when Greenhill was captured by Highland by dressing up as Teresa and acting as a decoy. She later helped Riou find where Teresa was hiding. After the war, she became the principal of the New Leaf Academy.

Character Details
Emilia is the castle librarian. She is also a military unit with the ability Investigation.

Once you first enter Greenhill after it is captured, confide in Emilia your true reason for being there. If you do then she will join you after you escape Greenhill. If you do not you'll have to wait until you liberate Greenhill to recruit her.

Old Book Locations
* Old Book Vol. 1 - Genkaku's room when you visit Kyaro. (missable)
* Old Book Vol. 2 - Chest inside Sindar Ruins.
* Old Book Vol. 3 - Rare find at item shop in South Window.
* Old Book Vol. 4 - Bookshelf in Muse Meeting Hall where Jess gives you the Highland Uniforms. (missable)
* Old Book Vol. 5 - In the 2nd room on the left on the first floor in Greenhill Academy.
* Old Book Vol. 6 - Speak to a person in Forest Village trading post.
* Old Book Vol. 7 - Find in the room dedicated to Tir McDohl in Gregminster Castle.
* Old Book Vol. 8 - One of the houses in Tigermouth.
* Old Book Vol. 9 - Treasure chest in Crom Mines.
* Old Book Vol.10 - Speak to the guy in the basement of the dorms in Greenhill Academy after the liberation.
* Old Book Vol.11 - Basement in Rockaxe item store after the liberation.
* Old Book Vol.12 - Speak to a person in the Muse Pub after Muse is liberated.

Richmond Investigations
* Secret: #1

Name: Emilia
Age: 29
From: Greenhill City
Position: Strategist's Retinue
Note: None

* Secret: #2

"In war, the unit Emilia is in will be able to see their attack percentage before they attack."

* Secret: #3

"She's a smart lady all right. But in the love department, she's still illiterate. That's why she reads so many romance novels."

* Secret: #4

"The newest bestseller is "For Love of the Empire", by Millich the Flower General."

Cook-Off Introduction
"She loves sweet food, but worries about her figure. That lovely librarian, Emilia!!!!"

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