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Case Study No. 1561: Dead Grove Village Librarian

Let's Play Albero and the Great Blue Emblem #7 - Bowlerflies, Dead Grove Village, Massive Library
Episode 1: http://www.you tube.com/ watch?v=OHIFyOZh-Ro
Episode 8: http://www.you tube.com/ watch?v=Fi4Tp4AKs6M

Download the game and read a review of it here: http://www. gamemaker games.com/ ?a=view&id=3311

Download XP mode to play this on Windows 7: http://www.micro soft.com/ windows/virtual-pc/ download.aspx
And here's a video showing you how it works:
http://www.you tube.com/ watch?v=eNFczLYBtrA

In this episode, I return some Bowlerflies and explore Dead Grove village... and that's it. They have a LARGE library and I have to read everything :P

ALSO, I got to the point of no return, where I'm stuck, the next video is the last one unless someone can help me. I might even try downloading the game again and seeing if it works then, or maybe even try playing on a computer with less lag to see if that's the issue.

This is my debut let's play, so I hope you enjoy it!
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[the player enters Dead Grove Village, and speaks to the villagers inside the giant tower]
VILLAGE RESIDENT 1: Welcome to Dead Grove Village, the world's former largest producer of nuts!
VILLAGE RESIDENT 2: This tower was originally built for a famous battle many years ago, now we use it as a hangout place!
VILLAGE RESIDENT 3: That tunnel goes off to the Dead Grove Village Library, biggest Library this side of the planet!
[the player enters the tunnel and makes his way to the library, where a librarian (i.e. a small green blob like the rest of the village's residents) is standing at the entrance]
LIBRARIAN: Welcome to the Dead Grove Village Library, feel free to read!
[the player checks the first book shelf]
ALBERO: [reading] "'The Two Moons of Novus Vita' by Golden Enjit Publishing ... Our planet, Novus Vita, has two moons, Lunari and Azarath. But, unlike most moons, these two disappear when you get within several miles of them. It is believed that the great Guru who created this planet made the two planets as the afterlife. Lunari was designed to serve as a place of relaxation for those who were good in their life. Azaroth was designed to serve as punishment to those who served on the side of evil."
[the player checks the second book shelf]
ALBERO: [reading] "'Marble Man, issue 22' by B. Rad ... When we left our hero he was in Orange Glaciers fighting to save Monochromia. The Crazy Blue Painter had joined forces with the Citrus Snowman to destroy Marble Man. 'So Marble Man, you thought you could beat the two of us combined?' said Citrus Snowman. 'I know I can beat you, punk' said our hero with true words of sheer confidence. The two villains merged together to form an ultimate supervillain. 'Try to take us on now!' cackled the blue and orange titan. Marble Man jumped up and headslammed into the villain. To be continued."
[the player checks the third book shelf]
ALBERO: [reading] "'City in a Nut Shell, San Verde' by Witherbee the Nabba ... San Verde, one of the more greeny cities of the world, what can I say? The city is home to a very old Lighthouse and home to the first Item Locker. Refreshment wise, make sure to visit Lemonade stand at the East end of town, brilliant flavor! However, its not perfect, recently its had its had its share of problems. It has creatures who continually show up stealing objects and kidnapping people. All in all, great city, but come with caution."
[the player checks the fourth book shelf]
ALBERO: [reading] "'The Creation of Novus Vita' by Golden Enjit Publishing ... Novus Vita was created by a all powerful creature (called a Guru) fleeing his planet of destruction. He created four sons to help him construct the planet, but soon died to be one with the planet. The four sons each has a specialty. Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. Together they worked together and created the great planet of Novus Vita. Novus Vita was named as it meant 'New Life' in the language of the Great Guru."
[the player checks the fifth book shelf]
ALBERO: [reading] "'The Great Blue Emblem' by Golden Enjit Publishing ... The Great Blue Emblem was one of the few relics brought to Novus Vita by the Great Guru. It was passed down to one of his sons, the Air Guru. The Air Guru then passed it on to one of his children, Anuki, creator of a city in the sky. Anuki gave the Great Blue Emblem to the Malbios of the Island as a source of Energy and Magic. The Great Blue Emblem today sits on a tower atop of the island in the sky by two Malbios."
[the player checks the sixth book shelf]
ALBERO: [reading] "'McFin's Guide to Enjits' by McFin the Ble ... The Enjits are a very special species, each species seems to have a unique characteristic. There are four primary species of Enjits: gold, blue, pink, and black. Gold can transform, Blue can change colors, Pink can merge with others, and Black can regenerate. Mature Enjits are generally around 22 pixels high, and have a width of 14 pixels. One observable problem with the Enjits is they think of themselves better than others."
[the player checks the seventh book shelf]
ALBERO: [reading] "'McFin's Guide to Pinchis' by McFin the Ble ... Pinchis are creatures of both the land and the sky. There are two primary breeds of Pinchi, Yellow and Lava. Yellow Pinchis are more domestic and they generally have stripes or colorful patterns on their backs. Lava Pinchis are more often wild and more toward the evil side, they are black with red stripes. During maturity Pinchi's generally learn the ability to shoot lasers out of their mouths. Mature Pinchis are generally around 14 pixels high, and about 19 pixels long. Despite their wings, they have limited flaps before they have to land."
[the player checks the eighth book shelf]
ALBERO: [reading] "'McFin's Guide to Malbios' by McFin the Ble ... Malbios are small creatures without any defined shape. They can come in any color of the rainbow, and abilities usually do not differ between colors. Malbios have a strong connection with magic and can easily learn it. Mature Malbios are usually 7 pixels tall and 10 pixels in length."
[the player checks the ninth book shelf]
ALBERO: [reading] "'McFin's Guide to Bowlerflies' by McFin the Ble ... Bowlerflies are often associated with luck and magic. They can come in any color, but most often come in a plain White color. It is said to be lucky to come across a Bowlerfly. Mature Bowlerflies are usually 4 pixels tall and 4 pixels wide, with 3 pixel long wings."
[the player checks the tenth book shelf]
ALBERO: [reading] "'Blast Radius Wars Episode XVI' by Dexx Pictures ... 'Well here we go, into the great Robot city of Vesta' said SubZero. 'Yes, well, let's not get our hopes up. They may have set something up for us' said Zeth. In the midst of all the silence a shot is fired from the right. Meanwhile with Keep and Gear - 'I don't believe either of us are gonna die' said Gear. 'Oh?' said Jagged Blade. 'You see, even though you are more confident, Keep and I are just as strong' said Gear. To be continued."
[the player checks the eleventh book shelf]
ALBERO: [reading] "'The Book Without a Title' by Anonymous ... A valuable possession of mine has been left under this library somewhere. The entrance does not lie through the library. Find our golden friend, and the path is clear."
[the player checks the twelfth book shelf]
ALBERO: [reading] "'McFin's Guide to Copus' by McFin the Ble ... Copus in their natural form are very weak creatures, without their arms they are near helpless. However they can absorb energy and special powers from any creature. They are a dying breed, and very few have been spotted in recent times. Mature Copus are usually 26 pixels tall and a waist of 11 pixels."


From gamemakergames.com:

You play as Albero, a cute white Malbio that used to serve as the guardian to the Great Blue Emblem. The emblem is a great source of magic. It alone powers the sky and gives it its blue color. However, another guardian, also a Malbio, is one day consumed with a lust for power. As he begins to steal the emblem's power, Albero breaks apart the emblem, scattering its pieces throughout the world. Furious, the evil Malbio throws Albero from the tower.

Albero survives the fall, but now he must journey the world in search of the pieces of the Great Blue Emblem. On his journey, he meets and helps many inhabitants of the world. Many friends also later join him in his epic quest. As they search for the missing pieces, they learn of an evil, sinister conspiracy that threatens to corrupt the entire world.

This platformer is mostly about overcoming obstacles while avoiding monsters. You jump around, use special abilities, switch characters and collect items. It doesn't sound very intriguing on the surface, but the game offers a great deal of variety and many places to explore.

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