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Case Study No. 1556: Unnamed Male Librarian (Aaahh!!! Real Monsters)

Let's Play Aaahh! Real Monsters 04: Scare Tactics
The end of the school level take us to the library to face the boss... A kid. Joy.
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Aaahh!!! Real Monsters is a platform arcade style video game developed by Realtime Associates and published by Viacom New Media in 1995 for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and SNES based on the American cartoon series of the same name on Nickelodeon.

In order to graduate from Monster Academy, three young monsters, Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm, need to pass their Monster Midterm Exam. This test has them scaring a number of people that their headmaster, the Gromble, orders them to in order to pass the exam.

Game Mechanics
Playing as Ickis, Oblina, or Krumm, the player explores various locales collecting specific items and scaring specific people the Gromble instructs the player to. The characters starts out in the sewer, and progresses through levels above in the human world. There are 25 levels and 5 bonus sections.

Players can switch between each character at will and each has their own special ability that often can be used to solve puzzles or overcome obstacles: Ickis can fly for a short time, Oblina can reach high ledges, and Krumm can scan off-screen areas.[2] The monsters can also perform team moves, such as stacking on top of one another to reach items normally out of reach. The characters' main weapon is trash, which they can hurl at enemies. Collecting garbage sacks gives a limited amount of stronger ammo, fish bones. Collecting "monster manuals" will allow them to perform a "scare" which defeats any enemies on screen, or takes a certain amount of hit points off a boss’s health. Each monster's scare is unique and based on their favorite scare tactics from the series: Oblina pulls large amounts of garbage from her stomach and tongue, Ickis grows tall and more ominous, and Krumm makes a stink cloud. The goal of the game is to finish all levels and find all the items to pass the exam. Between each level, the Gromble appears next to a projector, showing the name of the next level. Some of the Gromble's actions can be controlled at this point. The game contained small samples of speech at some points, possibly taken from the series. The Gromble speaks at the projector, and the characters speak during their scare, and when hit.



"I am the Gromble... You may call me 'Your Headmaster Grombleness Sir.' Your performance so far at the Monster Academy has shown you to be a disgusting pile of worm-ridden filth - and I'm darn proud of you. BUT - you're going to have to prove yourself on your Midterm Exam if you want to call yourself a REAL MONSTER!

ICKIS! OBLINA! KRUMM! You three will work as a team on this exam. You will stay together at all times and will receive a single gruesome grade on your frightful performance.

For each portion of your exam, I will assign you a delightfully tasty bit of trash to find throughout the City and an unsuspecting human victim for you to scare. Your assignments will become increasingly terrifying, and to receive a passing grade you must eventually scare even the surprisingly fright-free MONSTER HUNTER!

Remember, you terror-trainees, collect only the finest trash and brush up on your most heart stopping poses to be on your scary best behavior. I'm expecting a lot from you and your monstrous abilities. Any questions? Nooo? Then get out there and petrify someone!"



Level 2
The Human School

Your assigned prize here is a red sneaker, and your victim will be the school's librarian, but somehow you've ended up in the gymnasium!

Kids with water balloons, basketballs, tennis balls, and paper airplanes are running everywhere - and you thought YOU were the monsters! Defeat them with your trash, or scare them away if they start overwhelming you. Watch out from basketballs and volleyballs throws from off-screen, and keep moving from side to side when you're climbing ladders.

* Trampolines are always fun to play on, but be careful where you land.
* Springboards can be pushed to different locations, and you can even use them to shoot yourself into a basketball hoop - for two points, of course!
* Watch out for steam, and stay out of the showers, for Krumm's sake!
* Some toilets are a quick means of transportation: just press DOWN when you're on one.

Once you make it through both gyms, you'll have to brave the school halls. Kids are running everywhere and are especially fast when the school bell rings. Duck into the air ducts or hop up on the lockers to get out of the way.


As soon as you fly out of the toilet, jump to your left, over the stall. Go left and jump over the first hole opening that you encounter. The next drop in the floor has the Tennis Shoe, so get it, but watch out because steam will spray out from the sides in this opening. Now, keep going left. You'll find, yet another, place to drop under the floor. Go under the floor and jump out on the next side.

Proceed left. While journeying left, you will confront a Nerdy Ned. Be careful when you are walking under the bookshelves because books will fall off and hit you. When you travel so far left, you will get to a humongous bookshelf. Books will start to continuoulsy fall from this shelf. This is the boss of Level 2. We shall call him... No, no, no. It is not Minnie Me, but The Male Librarian.

To defeat The Male Librarian, use all of the Monster Books that you have. If you run out of Monster Books, just throw trash out him. The attacks of The Male Librarian are simple. He will either fling books at you, or tell you to be quiet. When he throws books at you, jump over the books, or duck under them. When he places his index finger over his mouth, as in telling you to be quiet, you will be pushed away. I guess it is because of the air that he is blowing out.

Defeat the librarian and the red sneaker is yours!

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